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Here’s The Resident Evil Revelations Trailer For Wii U

Capcom announced earlier today that former Nintendo 3DS exclusive Resident Evil Revelations is coming to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, and Wii U. Resident Evil: Revelations will be launching in North America on May 21st and throughout Europe on May 24th. Capcom says that the game contains “high quality HD visuals, enhanced lighting effects and an immersive sound experience”, plus additional content, including a “terrifying new enemy”, an extra difficulty setting, and additional weapons and skillsets for use in Raid mode – Revelations’ co-op arcade mode.

Thanks to everyone that sent this in.

113 thoughts on “Here’s The Resident Evil Revelations Trailer For Wii U”

    1. I’ll definitely be buying this on Wiiu. And whilst it is better with CPP on 3DS just go to the options and you can set the face buttons for aiming or even the gyro scope . Gyroscope is fun and works , but also a bit …………

      1. Yeah, I wasn’t using the CPP. It was just my regular circle pad on my system that wasn’t working properly. I had to send it in for repair twice within a month of getting the system. It was a bit of a headache. lol

        That’s why I rejoiced so much when Nintendo revealed that the Wii U was ditching the circle pads for the sticks. lol

        1. I jumped for joy when i heard the stick are similar feel to the Gamecube :’D
          Not like my Dualshock sticks -.-

            1. I’ve never been happy with the stick on any pad other that gamecube. They just down have enough resistance or accuracy, if i spin the right stick on a first person game the camera just goes ape shit rather than in a circle like it should, playing games like Max Payne 3 were just painful because of how inaccurate they were.

              1. the wii u’s analog sticks are pretty great, but if you want accuracey than you should be playing with a mouse lol. you’re never going to get as accurate with an analog stick as you can with a mouse.

                1. Oh i know that, thats just a given. Mouse and motion reticles are the leaders for shooters, cant be beaten, it was more about comfort and just having it work as best as it can for an analog stick

                  1. lol i see. well yeah, on another note, i can’t wait to try this out on a tv instead of a handheld. the game just felt like it was supposed to be a console game in the first place

        2. Indeed, I love the wiiu’s analog sticks too, they’re perfect. Like a combination between gamecube and wii with a rounded circle instead of pentagonal like older Nintendo analog sticks…

            1. Yes , Nintendo certainly make god sticks. The pliability feels in between Ps3 and 360.

              The sticks are just genuinely joyous to use and are definitely contenders for the best analog sticks ever.

              I can’t wait to get some 60FPS 3D mario action with these sticks!!!!

                1. D-pad is perfection. The gamepad and Pro controller have a very natural layout for fighting games aswell. The wiiu’s D-pad is perfect for wizzing through menu’s with lighting speed. Although the touchscreen takes care of most of that anyway. And Tekken Tag 2 is almost enhanced by the wiiu’s d-pad. litteraly…

                  1. Yeah. I mean for stuff like fighters, and rayman multiplayer, i’ll use the dpad, just because the screen function arent needed.
                    Might get TT2,
                    Duno, lots of other games id rather have

                    1. TTT2 is great as you probably know , and the wiiu exclusive features are a blast.

                      I Have a ”rental agreement” with my local Game store. It’s an independant store called Games Dojo and they will give me 60% back what I payed for it as Long as I trade it in within 3 weeks in perfect condition. So that’s what I did for games Like AC3 , Batman , Tekken .

                      It’s a great game and the exclusive wiiu features are outstanding. Tekken ball , Mushroom battle , Costumes , Off screen play , Touch screen commands (bit pussyish).

                      The online is good too…

  1. No, not this time Capcom. Fuck off.
    I’ll buy Remember Me if it’s actually good, but then i’m done, not putting up with your constant re-releases and laziness.

    1. I dont see whats the deal with re-releases from Crapcom, theyve been doing it since the SNES days so this was a given, thats why the Wii U / 3DS Monster Hunter 4 will probably end up the same way.

      Its just the way They work.

      1. Well the way they work isn’t good enough.
        They just fuck everyone over, and be lazy.
        I was one of the unlucky bastards that bought MVC3…and found it wasn’t only inferior to 2, but that in just 2 months time, Ultimate MVC3 was coming out, with all new content…which i couldnt even download…fuck Capcom and their bullshit.

          1. I’m not buying them anymore -__-
            Again, i’ll get Remember Me if it ends up good, but other than that, nope.

          1. I highly doubt that, caring about used games sales would mean Capcom cared about their consumers paying more money, which they certainly fucking dont.

          2. Nah, if they really cared about used games theu would just go digitally.

            I like gamestop :) its the only way i can play good and crappy Capcom games without giving a dime to Capcom. We all win.

      1. I am excited in many languages due to the love that the Wii U is getting. We said patience the games shall come. Question, are your bank accounts, wallets and allowances READY?

  2. Shake my head, no love for the Vita(nic). Reduce the price of that wonderful handheld Sony and us nintendo fans in our millions will purchase a vita and save it. That way I too can play Assasins creed liberation.

  3. Great, another HD game for my Wii U collection. Instead of getting the PS3 version, I’ll just wait for Project Versus J since that import will be expensive.

  4. Didn’t get the 3DS version, not going to get this version. Oh, I know! Maybe Capcom could make a new game involving a small blue robot insted of re-realesing the same game or putting their names on fanmade projects!

  5. The better add nunchuck and Wii remote control options for the Wii U version. That alone will make me pre-order the game.

        1. I’m just kidding :P . I just imagined a funny scenario where someones wife would be excited for Resident evil Whilst the Husband was more excited for Wii fit U..

          I get excited over both. But you can’t beat picking up an anticipated game on day 1 and unsealing it.

    1. We are all one big happy gamer family. Since yesterday comments have been humorous and people very civil and humble. Good going fellas.

        1. Was that directly at the WiiU though?

          If so, i doubt this is what they were talking about, seeing as this is on all consoles.
          But i suppose Capcom have just proved they dont give a fuck when it comes to exclusive content.

          1. I think it was regarding wiiu. ”We’re looking forward with Wiiu not backwards” something like that. Which Is positive but now they’ve gone an announced a year old 3DS game lol…

    1. They have not contradicted themselves. They said bringing new games to the Wii U for it’s generation and also for the two last Gen ps3 and xbox360. If the games were already in development for the two consoles from last Gen Capcom said they wouldn’t bring them over to the Wii U. Seeing that biohazard U-nveilled is a new IP on the ps3 and xbox360, Capcom are in the clear here.

  6. one of the best games for 3DS and I think the best Resi game, I bloody loved it, I reckon I might have to buy it again!

    1. Well said and put, I imagined how wonderful revelations would have been on the Original Wii. Having it on the Wii U is just sublime.

          1. “The 3DS have modern hardware.”
            The processor is an ARM11 MP Core, tue architecture is about 10 years old and for today’s standards weak and inefficient. The Pica 200 is also pretty old, it is from about 2006-07ish time, the onky thing that keeps it afloat are sime special capabikities and that it only has to render low res images. The screen has a resolution of 800*240 which gets splittet to 400*240 for each eye. The touchscreen has a resolution 320*240 aka qVGA. Both screens are low res and that’s another reason why the weak GPU isn’t that noticable. Ifbit would be modern tech the system shouldn have problems to render everything at 120fps (60fps per eye).

            1. So what is it equivalent to:Gamecube,N64,NES,SNES,PS1,PS2,PS3,Xbox,Xbox 360,Sega Genesis,Sega Saturn,Sega Dreamcast(i’m just coming up with any gaming system at this point).

              I don’t know that much about this thing called “hardware”,so would you tell what hardware is it equivalent to.

          2. Pull your head out of your ass and stop thinking 3DS is modern hardware. It is anything but modern. If 3DS is “modern” hardware, the Vita must be futuristic.

  7. The Nintendo Reviewer

    Interesting. I love the 3DS original. I might just buy this Wii U version depending on how well it uses what the Wii U can do. Speaking of Resident Evil my next review will be Resident Evil 0.

  8. I’ve been thinking about buying the 3ds game for quite a while but now I’m definitely getting the Wii U version.

  9. Oh look Aeolus you’re receiving a port, originating from the 3ds ( A Nintendo Console)! Too bad that xbox and ps3 resident evils sucks! That’s why nintendo always wins, (yes im aware that resident evil is a capcom franchise) resident evil is always better on nintendo consoles. Its a fact. Just take a look at those Re6 sales & suckish gameplay.

      1. Are you kidding me,do you even own it,RE:R is the best resident evil game since RE:4.You must be smoking some serious crack.

  10. I also believe that classic characters such as HUNK will be playable in Raid mode as part of the new additions (read in Kotaku article). Leon and Jill together? Yes please.

  11. Wow another old port you folks shoid be thrilled. Enjoy playing your year old game whole we ps3 fans are playing dead space 3 a new aaa game with better graphics and frame rate

      1. Enjoy your old shovelware. You are the ultimate fan boy buying a console with no games simply because it has the Nintendo name on it.

        1. Enjoy your Justin Bieber music. You’ll buy the ultimate fangirl with no taste of music simply because you’ll buy anything with that tranny’s name on it.

        2. Actually ignore that last comment. I meant:

          Enjoy your Justin Bieber music. You’re the ultimate fangirl with no taste of music simply because you’ll buy anything with that tranny’s name on it.

          Nobody likes that fag. So please, go suck on a chode and leave this blog.

          Cry me a river, feral child.

          Troll me, I WIN.

    1. “ps3 fans are playing dead space 3 a new aaa game with better graphics and frame rate”

      I am PS3 fan, but I’m going to get Dead Space on PC. So shove that ‘we’ up your ass.

  12. I owned the original on 3DS, and it was a fantastic title for what it was worth.
    Definitely superior, IMO, to most of RE5.
    Having it come to the Wii U is a nice feather in this game’s cap, as is the fact that it’s going multiplat.

  13. I Thought Revelations was a solid 3ds title…Was not a fan of the cheesy storytelling, so I’m kind of on the fence about purchasing this again for $50.

  14. Loved on my 3DS (till this day) but… like i said, its capcom they will port it as it is, a mere “upgraded” HD and will call it a day

  15. I think you are a chump if you buy this game right away. It is not worth a $60 price tag so don’t let Crapcom make an easy profit off you guys. This game is only worth about $30-$35 dollars max because it is over a year old and only has minor upgrades to the 3DS game which, IMO, looks just as good as this trailer. Crapcom is just trying to make easy money off their fans with lazy ports because they totally ruined Resident Evil 5 and 6 and turned away a lot of fans. Way to rip us off Crapcom!!!!

  16. I played through this game twice already on my 3ds. Why would I buy it again?
    Only people that should get this are those that don’t own a 3ds or haven’t bothered to buy it yet (to which i say, if you haven’t bought it yet, then you were never really that interested in it in the first place.)
    Conclusion: Only target market for this are the people who don’t own a 3ds.

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