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Bravely Default For 3DS Ships 300,000, Plus New Developments Teased


Bravely Default: Flying Fairy producer Tomoya Asano announced during a 4Gamer interview that the game has shipped 300,000 copies. Asano went on to say that he believes that by the end of the month, the game will have sold 300,000 copies in Japan. He also teased that he’s been thinking a lot about the future, and he mentions that there’s a lot of things that fans of the game should look forward to. Asano finished by saying that he will share more news once development starts again.

“Yes, I’d like to report to everyone that Bravery Default has broken over 300,000 copies shipped. I think by the end of the month, the sales numbers will achieve 300,000.”

“The official [Bravely Default] Twitter account has been in a silent state lately, partly because the consumer camp has been all out of information. However, from this year to about next year, I’m thinking there are a lot of things that I want to prepare for everyone to look forward to, so please continue to follow the Twitter account. I want to share information with everyone as soon as developments start again, so thank you in advance.”

65 thoughts on “Bravely Default For 3DS Ships 300,000, Plus New Developments Teased”

  1. Who cares? This is a retarded, unmanly, gay anime side scroller. Anyone who wants it is an anime virgin. HAHAHAHAHA
    ~THE REAL Bill~

      1. Take some reading comprehension course. An “anime virgin” is a virgin who likes anime. Because they do, they will never get laid.

    1. Saw a big Bravely default picture and was like ”LOCALIZATION LOCALIZATION” and it’s just some Douche from Square happy that he’s sold 300K in just Japan. How about selling another 300K+ overseas Sqaure enix ?

      1. I couldn’t even trust Square Enix to make me toast anymore.

        “Oh we’re trying really hard on FF Versus” “here’s linear Lightning Returns” “we might cancel Versus”

        Not like it matter anyway, Monolith Soft just made Versus irrelevant.

        The only thing that can save SE now is Kingdom Hearts 3, but we know that’ll never happen.

        1. Dream drop distance was awesome , but even that was far from perfect …. ”oh here we go again , dropping as usual WEEEEEEEE” /S

          1. I just cant be bothered with Square.

            I mean, actually going back to Versus. Maybe if they spent less money on a pretentious CG trailer, they’d get it out sooner.
            But even then, that game had linear paths fighting soliders, and slightly open area fighter reasonably big monsters.
            X is just immensely superior, fully open, massive monsters, mechs, its just a better game.
            And the music, considering we’re talking about the Chrono games composer, i dont think Versus could even touch it. But the worse thing is, Versus has been in production FOREVER. X has been in for 2-3 years, straight after Xenoblade.

            1. Xenoblade Chronicles shits on everything Square exin have done post Final Fantasy X. They ruled the roost before then but have been putting out a lot of shit and some good since then.

              Xenoblade Chronicles is my Number 1 RPG followed by Skies of Arcadia and Grandia 2.

              TBH , I just can’t be arsed with Final fantasy anymore, Which is why I really want to get my hands on Bravely default and Dragon Quest 10 and 7

              1. I have to agree that Xenoblade is probably my favourite. I mean i love games like Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, and the older Final Fantasy’s, but Xenoblade just has new ideas, and made combat fun, which i JRPG’s pretty much never do, or not as fun as they should. On top of all the other mechanics, like building a relationship with your team, it just felt really good.

                  1. Well firstly it used the classic controller, so now. Second, the graphics are actually pretty nice, despite obviously being in SD

                    1. Can’t clear World 1-1?! I’m so offended! Oh that hurts!

                      Fuck you kid. Little Nintendork mad cause his electronic brick (Wii U) doesn’t have any good games?

                    2. Wow,such ignorance.

                      Your more like Ness,Bill is like Aeolus ugly/ier sister.

                      And wow,you and Bill even troll at My 3ds blog and news,sad.

                1. To say I prefer any RPG from the ps1 era or before , I would be lying to myself lol. Although I am forgetting one RPG that I would have to put on Par with Xenoblade and that’s Pokemon . Cant forget about Pokemon i still like it today and my friends take the mick out of me for playing it but I don’t give a shit lol , it’s an extremely in depth RPG.

                  But yeah , Xenoblade made me think that HD doesn’t mean anything at all , that a game in 480P on the wii can drop your jaw more than most 360 and ps3 games did. Other Wii games did that for me too , but Xenoblade is a technical marvel.

                  And it does have a few niggles , it’s kinda overwhelming at the start and just throws you into the thick of it and it’s hard to try and learn all of this stuff it’s throwing at you , but once you get about 10 Hours in you pretty much got everyrthing down to a tee. For me it’s 10/10 regardless of flaws.

      1. Your point? People get turned on by the things they see, whether or not what you are looking at is tangible or not it can still be visually appealing. Look at a porno image of a chick with big boobs, turn on. Look at a rendered “fake” image of a realistic women with big boobs, turn on. It still triggers that part of the brain which senses pleasure. Its just psychology.

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