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Sniper Elite V2 Hitting Wii U This Year?

sniper_elite_v2_screenshotRebellion Developments’ Sniper Elite V2 is coming this year to Nintendo’s Wii U console, according to a couple retailers. GameStop and Amazon listed a Wii U version of the tactical shooter on their websites, and based on both retailers’ listings, the game will launch this May for Wii U. Sniper Elite V2 was released on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC in May 2012.

27 thoughts on “Sniper Elite V2 Hitting Wii U This Year?”

  1. 3.06 million Wii Us sold in under 2 months. If you are a Nintendo fan and you are complaining about that, then you have issues. That is better than the 3DS did in its first 3 months I do assume. Question is, how much did the Vita sell in three months? lol.

    1. The Wiiu will do awesome. NIntendo’s plan is simple. Build an installed base of around 10M before 720 and ps4 get here. And then drop the price and unleash Mario kart , Zelda , Smash bros , 3D mario , etc when they are launched.

      I’m confident Nintendo is gunna do some damage in gen 8.

      1. the damage is need to . here the list in my mind metroid,Fzero,Zelda,mariokart, the aminal Smash Bros. nothing else is need it . the rest is a bonus

    2. It’s maybe 200k sales ahead of the 3DS at that point. Of course, it probably won’t gain the insane momentum the 3DS gained after awhile, but is still on track to do pretty well.

      It’s just received a lot of criticism because it hasn’t sold out. I don’t understand how that’s a bad thing, Nintendo just sent out at least 1.5x more Wii U’s for launch than they did Wii’s and then sent out a load more just before Christmas. I have turned to ignoring the media since someone was stabbed at my school before I finished and the media made it sound like every child is a murderer.

    3. I still don’t see why people compare sales between consoles and handhelds, seriously, they both appeal to different markets, we may as well chuck PC and tablets in while we are at it. And like I’ve said before, unless you’re an investor, you shouldn’t care about sales a great deal.

  2. Well if they want my money , It better have graphical improvements , Gameplay improvements , Bonus content and features etc.

    1. this is kindof off topic from your comment, but i thought this game was announced for wii u a while ago, like a couple of months. coreect me if im wrong. oh and i think one of the “features” they should add is that when nintendo releases their inevitable wii u zappper (as seen in the e3 reveal trailer for the system” this game should totally support it.

      1. Yeah , It needs something like that Zapper to seperate it from a year old experience. The game looks amusing from some youtube footage , But I will only buy it if they demonstrate some major improvements to the game.

        1. I have it on xbox 360 and i will sell the money to get free online co op and multy player, ad the dlc and i am a happy re buyer.

      2. I believe it was Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 that was announced for Wii U.

        but nevertheless, I’ve played the PC version of this game, and on higher difficulties, you pretty must be an awesome shot to do headshots accounting for wind, elevation, distance and such without guide (lower difficulty setting gives you a visual guide where the bullet will hit).

        this is one of the better sniping game out there, although not perfect, but thrilling nonetheless.

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  4. Don’t care much about the graphics, but is it fun? The only military FPS I play is Battlefield. Anyone know if there’s a chance Wii U will get next installment?

    1. depends on how you define fun. it’s not twitch-based games like most FPS, so you don’t do run-n-gun shooting here. it can be fun, but also quite repetitive at times.

      killcam is also nice at times, but gets annoying as you go through the missions.

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