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Rockstar Games Says It Has “Nothing New” To Share On Grand Theft Auto V For Wii U

grand_theft_auto_five_protagonistsLast week, on January 31st, Rockstar Games announced that its upcoming action-adventure video game, Grand Theft Auto V, will be released on September 17th for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The publisher has yet to confirm if the game will hit other platforms, and according to GameSpot, Rockstar Games said there’s “nothing new” to share about whether there will be a Wii U or PC version of Grand Theft Auto V.

Rockstar says “nothing new” to share about Grand Theft Auto V for Wii U or PC.

-GameSpot said, via Twitter

150 thoughts on “Rockstar Games Says It Has “Nothing New” To Share On Grand Theft Auto V For Wii U”

    1. Hey Nintenfucker, you know.. you aren’t a nintendo fan you are a WII U fan, you’re like those stupid fanboys who say that their console is the shit knowing it isn’t.

      i mean just look at those Vita owners 2 years already and still giving the excuse that the vita is strugling because it just released (YEAH RIGHT)

      so go suck a cock mofo, i’ll buy more games for my 3ds and let nintendo learn their lesson this time that they can’t just betray us releasing a fucking gay ass controller as the main controller

      1. I don’t even own a Wii U yet you cock shit.
        What the fuck are you talking about?
        I’m just sad because the Wii U won’t be getting this major 3rd party game.
        Calm the fuck down
        Improve your fucking grammar also; It’s making you look like a total shit head

  1. The Troll Who Owns A 3DS (AND WII U!)

    I was kind of frightened, I was thinking they were saying they weren’t going to release it on the Wii U because they felt obligated to make something for the touch screen and they didn’t know what to put on it so they decided not to.

    1. The simple statement that they said that means that some negotations are in place and if it dosnt come is not for Nintendo not trying.

        1. im doubting either at this point. i mean the same thing happened with the pc version of red dead redemption…..and look at that non existent red dead redemption pc port!

          1. Every main GTA game was released for PC…. GTA IV for example arrived for PC 8 months later (yeah, you read it right). PC version will come 99% but im not so sure about the Wii U version, on desktop Nintendo consoles we never saw a GTA game….. so…

    1. It’s quite positive. Rockstar are definitely not writing off the chances of PC or Wiiu versions. I am putting my Money on GTAV coming to Wiiu about 3-5 months later than other versions.

      1. PC normally gets GTA ports 6 months down the tracks, If Wii U gets a port, it will probably be around that time too.

        1. Indeed. The reason I think it’s coming to Wiiu is this. For once Nintendo have a console that is compatible with the latest GTA. The gamecube was more than powerfull enough for the PS2 GTA’s but the discs were too small. The Wii wasn’t powerfull enough for GTAIV. But now with the Wiiu it’s easily powerfull enough to run GTAV and on one disc with the right development.

          I won’t hold my breathe , but It would probably be in Rockstars interest to put a good quality GTAV port onto wiiu it would sell a mill+ easily.

            1. I’m gunna buy it on 360 anyway. Unless they anounce a Wiiu version that launches on the same day or within 5months.

    1. Yes, If it is coming to Wii U and PC, we’ll hear at E3 now. So there’s little point thinking about it until then

  2. Well GTAV will have nothing new from the previous games, so its still a possibility.

    *sits back and waits for the stupid GTA fanboys*

    1. Actually , the whole 3 character dynamic sounds very very innovative and refreshing.
      Imagine , One guy is sticking up the guards , then you switch to the guy who is emptying the vault , then you switch to the guy is parking up the helicopter.

      Sounds interesting to me.

      1. Because i actually want to do that stuff /s

        GTA is boring and unimaginative, its basically a criminal simulator for fucking idiots, but even as a game, its boring, uncreative, and i have no sympathy or interest in anyone thats wastes their money on garbage like GTA

        1. Nobody expects you to have sympathy or interest in people who like GTA. I like the game , it’s not one of my favorite franchises by any means , it is mindless. But I like the driving around , doing stunts , flying helicopters , getting police chases etc. It’s just your opinion and nobody can question that , But I think GTA is pretty great ! San andreas and Vice city are the best GTA games.

          1. Well people can question the:

            ” its basically a criminal simulator for fucking idiots”

            I honestly never thought Dragon would stopp to that level. My respect for him his dropping.

            1. It was a bit harsh. I understand it seems like a criminal simulator , but it’s an excellent experience to have a game that offers such freedom and uncontrolled violence. It’s all completely fictional , so it doesn’t matter anyway. All video games are fictional nonesense at the end of the day.
              Zelda is no more sensible than GTA or Vice versa.

              1. Freedom?
                Uncontrolled violence?
                Infamous 1 and 2, among many others, offer both of those things on top of [close to] the same amount of size to their sandboxes, but with better storyline’s and combat options, IMO.
                Heck, even though it lacks guns, Skyrim could arguably be a better source of what you named.

                1. Exactly. Video games are Video games. Blaming Real life Gin violence on CoD is like blaming Mario because a man goes round jumping on peoples heads!

        2. Your opinion is not a fact.
          The GTA franchise is very popular all over the world for many different reasons. And whether you like it or not, GTA V is one of the most anticipated and most important games of 2013, if not THE most important game of 2013. Just because you don’t like it, it’s not a game for idiots.

          1. It’s the most overrated mindless piece of shit i have ever laid my hands on, id rather play Resident Evil 6, i dead fucking serious, at least i can get a laugh out of that in co-op.
            Every stupid motherfucker whining about Nintendo “rehashing” the same characters when GTA is the EXACT SAME FUCKING SHIT over and over, expect a different city and a different shit story.

            1. Someone seems to be mad.
              And if you hate GTA for those reasons, why don’t you hate most of Nintendo’s games as well ? They’re basically doing the same with many of their games, after all.

              1. Notice one word before story: shit. The story sucks. Also, the maps are very reminiscent of eachother. It ks very close to the same thing

            2. “It’s the same thing except in a different place with a different story”
              That can be said about “almost” every sequel that has ever been made… actually with a lot sequels even taking place in the same area.

            3. if its anything like 4, i wont be getting it. it would need to be really different and actually fun before i would get anothe gta game

            4. Dude, seriously, your opinion =/= fact. Stop thinking it does, yes you can hate GTA all you want and can voice your opinion, but stop thinking it’s fact. GTA is HUGE and popular whther you like it or not. I myself think Galaxy series is overrated, should people care? No! Why? Because it’s just someones opinion.

        3. Oh, so I’m an idiot am I because I like a game? I thought better of you Dragon. You’re acting as bad as UNation at the moment (Just less perverted).

          1. I dont care, GTA is an abysmal game.
            Read Dead? Good game
            Max Payne? Good game.

            I dont hate Rockstar, its just GTA is boring as fuck, its the same boring city, and all you do is shoot and drive.
            It not like theres good level design, or interesting things to do, its the same shit over and over. Yeah, Nintendo reuses its IP’s once or rarely twice a console, but every game is different, because the level design is actually interesting, and its fun. GTA is the most mindles shit i have ever played.

            1. Max Payne 3 GoOD GAME? ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? MAX PAYNE 1 and 2 are much much much much better than Max Payne 3 and you know what saves MP3? THAT FUCKING INOVATIVE TPS MULTIPLAYER, ONLY THAT. I agree GTA IV was nothing special, but SAN ANDREAS and VICE CITY are one of the best games ever made.

  3. Although this game would look good in the Wii U game library, I don’t really care for it. I found GTA 4 boring and the same goes for Assassin’s Creed 3 on Wii U.
    Lego City Undercover will probably be the last openworld game, which i will give a chance!

    1. GTA is a great game on any console, even just to mess about in hour slots of free time. Makes a damn change from FPSs. I think 4 could’ve been a bit less sluggish, but it was a great game. I honestly used to be a fan of FPSs before this generation, but their dominance /push on us has really dampened creativity and diversity in the industry, and very few of them even play as well as their ancestors

  4. Since my tag has been taken by trolls i will use my old wiiu daily profile icon. And i have a person here that i have on my 3ds from here that i added from wiiudaily.

  5. Just because they said “nothing new” doesn’t rule out the possibility of a PC/Wii U version. If anything, it implies that they aren’t ready to reveal any other versions yet and they’re waiting for a later date (likely E3) to confirm or deny any other versions.

  6. Before the haters jump about in celebration, they said there is no news on either the Wii U AND PC versions so really even the PC won’t be getting it.

    I’m still putting my bets on an E3 announcement of both the Wii U and PC versions

  7. I hope we get it, the last GTA game I played was San Andreas on ps2 since I don’t have a ps3 and I don’t use my brothers Xbox 360, I’ve never played any of the newer ones!

  8. I doubt it’s coming. Aside from Bully: Scholarship Edition on Wii, Max Payne on the GBA and GTA: Chinatown Wars on the DS…Rockstar hasn’t been known to fully get on board with Nintendo’s platforms. I can see a PC version coming, but Wii U? I doubt it, sadly.

  9. If they don’t know what to put on the gamepad they could just put the entire game on the screen like the Off TV Play feature that would be amazing!! :)

    1. I can think of a few basic things…im sure they could come up with a lot more.
      #1. Weapon Selection.
      #2. Map.
      #3. Cell phone.
      #4. Mini games.
      #5. Use it to break into cars(disable alarms) etc
      #6. Interact with vendors.
      #7. Radio station, Portable Tv

        1. I hear ya, the gamepad could freshen up the series, I played GTA 4 and it was fine, just starting to get little stale, thats all.

          1. Yeah it gets very boring in the end. But when You are first doing all the missions and a bit of rampaging it’s awesome.

      1. If Rockstar does bring GTA5 to the Wii U, I doubt they would put the effort into adding any meaningful extra features or functionality.

  10. I don’t care about a Wii U version since PC versions are better anyways.
    PC BF3 > console version
    PC Skyrim > console version
    PC Wii > real Wii
    PC Watchdogs > consoles version
    PC every multiplatform game > console version

    1. Watchdogs isnt out yet. Invalid statement.

      BF3…boring regardless of what system.

      Skyrim what a joke of a game way to many glitches for me to even be able to rate it.

      PC Wii? lol Motion Controls thats how Wii games are meant to be played not on a PC.

      Multiplats meh.

      No doubt graphics wise PC beats all. But thats the only thing PC has an edge on.

      1. First…..

        1. BF3 is not a boring game, its just your opinion or you never played the game (i mean MP)
        2. Skyrim looks better on PC version + modding community etc, so its better on PC.
        3. PC Wii with dolphin emulator aka 16:9 and full HD resolution + support for real Wiimotes or Xbox 360 controller etc (yes, you heard it right).
        4. Watchdogs not out yet, but the PC version will be the best ofc….
        5. Every multiplayer game is better on PC, you think its only about graphics? am i right? but you forgot one more thing….. add modding community to the list, add OFFICIAL support for Xbox 360 controller + mouse/keyboard and more than that, i can hook my PS3 and Wiimote controller easly on my PC.

        Conclussion: PC MASTER RACE!

    2. Mouse and keyboard have always been the best way to control games. However, I believe the gamepad has changed that, The ps4 and xbox 720 will have one as well, until the PC gets this overhaul it will be inferior to consoles.

      1. You can use ALL Wii controllers on PC and guess what. The PC doesn’t have super outdated and ancient hardware like Wii with graphics that get beaten by underpowered iPhones from 2010. Oh and Skyward Sword on PC doesn’t run at 30fps, doesn’t have all those jaggies, doesn’t flicker, doesn’t have the “I stop recognizing the motion” problem, has ANTI ALIASING, has ANISTROPIC FILTERING and gets redrawn in 2550*1440. Oh an If you make your own considerations and opinions to facts I may call it a fact that the Wii U is underpowered, overpriced and crappy manufactured. Also PC games that run in 1080p@120fps and 8*SSAA are will only be 720p@30fps without AA at all on Wii U. I got my Wii just because my Gamecube was broken but I realised that the PC can do all the GC and Wii stuff too but without limitations.

        1. How do you get the gamepad to work with the PC? Also, to intigrate the 2nd screen of the gamepad,do you just add your own code or does someone else code it for you?

          1. He is lieying, he would have to actualy write code for both games and the pad and have hardware capable of doing it check he would even have to make a new Bios.

            1. I was talking about Wii controllers and that is very easy.
              You just need a bluetooth on your computer. Go into Dolphin settings and connect the wiimote. For the pointer you need to get a wireless sensor bar or anything else that sends out infrared light.
              And the software plus written code to use the Wii U gamepad on the PC well…..what about this:

                1. And with the PC, GC, Wii stuff I was referring to the capabilities those systems had like downloading games, running GBA stuff, using motion controls, using GC pads (yes that’s possible! Ebay it…), the only bad thing is that there are glitches in certain must have games like Paper Mario the thousand year door.

  11. I do not thing grand theft auto will be on the wiiu, unless they dumb it down. I the wiiu is very underpowered so either if they dumb it down or have a game with horrendous frame rates like warriors or orochi and call of duty. So even if it was released you would have a game that is of less quality than its counter parts on other consoles, so nobody would buy it like they didn’t buy the original wiis third party games. It’s sad but very true. The wiiu just can’t keep up with current gen consoles let alone next gen consoles.

  12. rockstar isn’t exactly known for putting a lot of effort into their ports.. or any effort at all

    so this probably doesn’t come as a surprise since porting it to the wii U would actually require some work for a change

  13. The REAL reason why GTA V isn’t coming to the Wii U is because of the disc space and the Gamepad. Some Youtube user claimed that the Gamepad makes the Wii U casual. He said that it will make the game far too easy to beat, and it’ll be a kiddy version. So basically, Nintendo should’ve have made the Pro Controller the MAIN controller instead of the Gamepad (which in my opinion is a better idea.) So IF Rockstar decides to port GTA V, it’ll still be easy to beat.

    1. I can’t even comprehend what are you trying to say.. A screen in middle automatically make a game turn into a kiddy game?? and do you even know what format Wii U disc uses? it’s not something readily available to us end consumer. it’s proprietary, developed by panasonic. it holds about 25 gb “per layer”. don’t even talk about something you don’t know.

      a screen makes a game easy to beat. pschh. mindfucked.

      A game is casual if the developer made it so. simple as that.


      1. Xbox 360 DISC 8.5 GB
      2. PS3 DISC 25 GB and 50 GB.
      3. Wii U DISC CONFIRMED 25 GB (single layer), possible dual layer for 50GB

  14. gta is very casual most people playing it don’t do missions they just run people over fire guns at cops before going to play basketball

  15. the only thing that can make GTAV interesting is they made it similar San Andreas or more.. other than that, it’s not that much of a miss if its not on Wii U

    1. It really is more similar to GTA SA than GTA IV….. same city but better graphics, same vehicles and much more NEW vehicles, new characters and story (3 characters), you can do many things outside of missions etc.

      It really is GTA SA V.2 :)….. i cant wait.

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