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Bayonetta 2 Clip In Last Wii U Nintendo Direct Featured Actual Real-Time Graphics


According to the upcoming action game’s director, Yusuke Hashimoto, the very last part of the latest developer video for Bayonetta 2 showcased actual real-time graphics, rather than being computer-generated. The brief clip, which was shown during last month’s Wii U-focused Nintendo Direct online presentation, is of a seemingly giant monster slashing toward the viewers. You can view the clip here. Bayonetta 2 is being developed by Platinum Games and published by Nintendo, and it will be released exclusively for the Wii U console.

179 thoughts on “Bayonetta 2 Clip In Last Wii U Nintendo Direct Featured Actual Real-Time Graphics”

    1. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…. no, you are not my friend. we know you are like a god of videogame consoles. so dont worry!

      1. Seriously, people need to realize that being rendered in real time and gameplay are two different things.

        You know what else is real-time? The MGS: Ground Zeroes trailer, yet in-game clearly didn’t look as good after that cutscene. Still a nice looking demo for that regardless.

        1. eehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh real time and in game are both being rendered in the same way. and ground zeroes looked pretty damn good in gameplay. but if there is a stark difference between the cutscene and gameplay, then the cutscene isn’t actually being rendered in real time. nice try though.

          1. Indeed. And I still think Current gen Graphics have a lot to offer. Some of the best looking games I played this gen were on the Wii and Made by Nintendo. Just imagine what they can do with a console that performs even slightly better than the ps3 and 360!

            The Wiiu is much more than just graphics , Nintendo is not interested in losing money to provide the worlds most cutting edge graphical experience anymore. Think about the 3DS , Does anyone really care about its specs ? It has nice 3D graphics. It’s the same with the Wiiu , it has Nice ,dual screen capabilities.

            Who gives a fuck how powerfull PC’s or the next playstation will be :/ . Not me.

            1. If the 3DS was a powerful as the Vita. Somehow I doubt I’d be using my Vita because the 3DS would of likely got games like AC3 and that on it.

              My PC is more than powerful to last me as it is so I don’t have to worry about it for a few years. I do care about how powerful the PS4 & 720 will be mainly to see if the Wii U will be a Wii again. Because if the difference isn’t actually that big and it’s even field, I might actually take Wii U as my main console this gen. But if PS4 has a significant leap I’ll still get a Wii U (Games I like are coming out on it)_ and use PS4 as my main console.

              1. I hear ya , But The ps vita power debate is moot unfortunately. A mediocre Assassins creed game ? Resident evil , Kingdom Hearts , Monster Hunter , Dragon Quest etc etc are all on the 3DS because it’s easiere to develop for than the Vita.

                That actually means by being less powerfull , the 3DS is gaining better third party support.
                Just look at CoD on the Vita for example , I’d rather have nothing than that.

              2. The leap if any isn’t going to be much. That really why I cant see Microsoft doing that well this gen. I think its going to be playstation and nintendo running the show simply because of exclusives. I can’t see many people sticking with Microsoft honestly.

          2. there was not enough their to be able to make a judge graphical power of the system or any thing so hopefully thay will have a game play video at some point

          3. As a PC owner I chuckle at Sony and Microsoft fanbois that take snipes at Nintendo’s GGGGRAAAAPHICS.

            Its like watching a 4ft 10 man call a little person a midget…. Sony fanbois cannot get anymore ironic and moronic than that… I take that back, they always do.

      1. I don’t know the difference between real-time graphics and computer-generated. So please explain to me how that is suppose to be impressive?

        1. Real time graphics are graphics generated by the console hardware itself. Computer-generated are like animated movies done in high-end pcs, turned into .fmv movies and put to play on a console. An example of these are the intro and FMV cutscenes for Final Fantasy games on the PS1. The Opening for Final Fantasy 8 for example.

        2. Real-time means it’s generated as it happens; good for unique gameplay. Computer-generated means that it’s already been rendered, and thus not so good for gameplay.

      2. I’m not seeing anything impressive in any particular way here. Maybe it’s impressive for you because you’re used to basically Gamecube visuals throughout the past decade.


            1. lol, the 360 doesn’t even have a game that comes close to the alpha screenshots of pikmin, let alone the screens from Bayonetta 2.

        1. “I’m not seeing anything impressive”

          That’s because you are a dumb ass, saying this, you just proves everything that I always said about you, like you pretending to know something but knows shit. You can’t discern what is good and what is bad, that’s why you are a nintendo hater, on a site with news about nintendo, you don’t have knowledge to argue with anyone. I have just remeber all the crap and lies that you have told about the 1080p on PS3 in games that don’t have it.

          and yes, I’m impressed, with the game and with your blindness, go sleep kid, you are not thinking straight.

          1. He has absolutely no idea wtf is going on anymore, he hears some news about the gpgpu and instantly believes what those tools have to say, but when presented with screens that show amazing graphics he won’t even believe his own eyes, he has been exposed as a “google genius” and now a blind hater, I doubt if he is even a gamer at this point.

          2. Virtually anyone with any experience with the current generation will agree it is not impressive in any particular way.

            Keep talking shit though, it’s only thing you can do when you’re too pussy to accomplish anything else. :P

            1. I have plenty of experience on “current-gen” platforms and I still see this as impressive. If it were on PS3 or 360, I wouldn’t be impressed in the slightest. But, since it’s running on the Wii U, I am impressed. We Nintendroids don’t see that kind of graphical showmanship on the Big N’s consoles… ever. It looks better than some “current-gen” titles at this early stage although it was just a one second snippet of video.

              I’m just looking forward to this game. Feel free to hate.
              Thank you.

                1. What judgement day? i have interests in PS4 games, not just specs like you. If Sony can make the same just like they did with PS2 and PS3 than i will buy the PS4 (mostly for exclusives), same goes for Wii U (again, mostly for exclusives) and finally PC MASTER RACE, what you will see on PC you wont see on he PS4/Xbox720 so pls shut up and open your eyes, if you want the best graphics than just buy a PC.

                  Im a gamer because of games, not specs…. thaty why i owned many platforms since NES days.

      1. “Fun fact”

        more like quite obvious to anyone who saw the trailer, since it’s nothing impressive in the slightest.


    2. Did you finally decide to grow some balls after seeing the “true power” of the Wii U today? Look at you, acting all high and mighty like you won something. You’re really pathetic.

    1. I’m love platinums dedication… And Nintendos funding capabilities XD… All in all I think Nintendo should out right buy the ip if they can… Sega own it right?

  1. I know people are pretending to not like how amazing the graphics looked in just that one scene but mean.. HOT DAMN! Its looking amazing, also… Wii U not next gen? Platinum Games begs to differ

          1. We will have to wait and see. If it’s running at 60FPS which is highly likely then it will be impressive. All though you can’t see much from that clip.

            I think Bayonetta 2 will end up graphically impressive @60FPS with much bigger levels .

          2. So, you just discovered the word ”hyperbole”, congratulations! It would help a tremendous amount if you’d actually knew what it meant, and in what context it is supposed to used.


            There you go =)

            So, read up before trying to come across funny and/or clever, you fucking shitcunt :”)

              1. “Looks better than most graphics I’ve seen on consoles so far.”

                This is an opinion, not an exaggeration, therefore it can not be considered a hyperbole.

                Had he said: “These are the best graphics I’ve ever seen”, then yes, it would be a hyperbole.
                Not the case, you and Aeolus are both wrong.

                I don’t even get how this could be up for discussion, but mmm’kay :”””)

                1. “Looks better than most graphics I’ve seen on consoles so far.”

                  Clear exaggeration since this implies he’s seen the hundreds (maybe thousands?) of games since the inception of this generation and the cutscenes they have being rendered in real time to outright say this, I’m having the utmost doubt he has, so coming up with the nonsense quoted is indeed hyperbole.


                  You are wrong. Delete your comment. Thanks.

                  1. ” this implies he’s seen the hundreds (maybe thousands?) of games since the inception of this generation and the cutscenes they have being rendered in real time to outright say this”
                    No, it doesn’t! :”) wtf dude.
                    It could also mean he hasn’t seen that many games on PS360, and that this looks better than most of those.

                    “You are wrong. Delete your comment. Thanks.”

                    (as for your other comment: opinions indeed can be hyperbolic, this one just isn’t)

                  1. He didnt imply that he seen all games… He actually I plied he seen few games “that I’ve seen” not “that has been”

        1. I think it is Unreal Engine v3.9.
          I see tessellated surfaces and what looks to be sub-surface scattering on the beast’s flesh.

      1. So really you are saying the it looks great? Wow, the first time I heard you say that in ages :D

        Hey everyone Aeolus likes the Wii U!!

      1. Yeah, I did notice some flaws with it but still looks good ^^ I’d say its better than current gen console graphics but only by a small amount but still that’s good if the Wii U can actually handle that type of power ^^

      1. Well, yeah, it looks as good as a current PS3 or 360 game… but those are consoles that have been around for many years, whereas the Wii U is not even half a year old yet. Games didn’t look nearly as good as that on the PS3 or 360 when they were that young.

          1. Yeah, i mean the fact that a game can look like that on current gen, just makes next gen seem pointless, they just need smoother hardware, UI, and NEW ideas

  2. Being Nintendo fans we can’t really worry too much about graphics. I personally think most of Nintendo’s games look awesome but of course we will always be left with more to be desired. But that has always been true. I think instead of buying each console this time I will just stick with Wii U and PC. With the Wii U I can get top notch Nintendo exclusives and with my PC I can get most multiplat games and PC exclusives with superior graphics over all. Building gaming PCs is some serious fun and I suggest you all try it!

    1. I have always bought all of the consoles on launch day, being able to preorder these days makes it a no brainer. However, this gen I might not do this, if the ps4 and 720 are only about power this time I might just do exactly what you’re thinking, WiiU and PC.

    2. That’s a decent attitude. Sony have enough exclusives these days to pull me in So I think I will go With Wiiu being my main console , PS4 being my multiplat secondary (don’t care if slightly worse than 720) and I get some PS exclusives. And then My 3DS is one of my main systems , and Will get a Vita soon.

      So for gen 8 I am going in order of importance


      1. Here’s my list of next gen consoles I’ll be getting/have already:

        Wii U – Already got it

        PS4 – Hopefully getting it at launch next year

  3. Can’t wait for more details on this. I love the development vid they put up for it; game looks gorgeous from what little they showed us, definitely up to par at the very least.

    1. *Video comes to the end, Bay’s ass appears on-screen as she is walking away*
      “You want to touch me?”

      At that moment, there was a collective shout of “Baby, we won’t stop at touching!” from every male Bayonetta fan on earth.XD

      1. Bayonetta is the ultimate woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        She takes ”sexy nerds” to a different level all together. I should probably leave now…..

      1. Eh, I’m not focused on faking the user. I just feel like commenting with the user’s name. If I was faking him I’d act all typical and what not.



    1. Doing shooters with twin sticks works very well (if you have skill). Don’t know about FPS but third person shooters (Starfox Assault) work very well.

    1. This isn’t really relevant, but…does anyone think they will use the gamepad in Wind Waker for a tingle tuner like they did the Game Boy Advance? Just wondering…

  5. its clearly imposable for bayanetta 2 to be visually impressive the wiiu gpgpu only has more sram than cell rsx and xenos combined and only has just short of 4x the edram of xbox 360…

    so clearly its N64 visuals…

      1. lol! You are typing off your computer or phone… Saracasm doesn’t exactly exist in text form. Unless you put (saracasm) in parentheses like this.

        1. probs

          hopefully they use it for the freaking pictograph, as that thing was a pain in the ass in WW.
          don’t even get me STARTED on that AWFUL pictograph sidequest. i’m a completionist and even i didn’t bother with that crap. they also need to raise the limit on the number of pictures you can hold at once to like, at LEAST 10. There shouldn’t even be a real limit, it should be 50 or something.

          Man, I am excited. WW HD is going to be one of the only HD rereleases I’m ever going to buy.

              1. just everything, go play cod, huh yea beast, it changes and is not the same unlike zelda, fags, right, im right, tell me, ughhhhh, owww, ughh whats wrong with me!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. According to this comment section, Bayonetta’s ass is the reason why graphics will have to matter for this game. Sorry, but it looks like your gameplay argument will have to take a backseat for now.

      1. WTF???? trolling much?

        He meant to say, he will play the game if the gameplay is good and it doesnt matter if it has good graphics or bad.

    1. Real time basically means graphics generated by the system as you’re playing using the games engine without any hidden loading or anything or pre rendered, which is where the footage is loaded then played, which is how cutscenes normally work, so gameplay footage is real time.
      There’s kind of a fine line between real time in gameplay and real time cutscenes these days though, obviously in gameplay a character wont have as many facial animations, but so many games have hidden loading screens, and smokes and mirrors and the fact most games use the games engine to make the cutscenes its had to say whats real time and what’s pre rendered.
      So yeah, its generally seen as when someone says real time, thats what a good will look like in gameplay.

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  7. And…?

    It’s hardly impressive for today’s standards. I was more impressed with Halo 4’s graphics being real-time when they demoed it at E3 last year. And even that, while impressive for for a 7 year old console, is hardly impressive for anything modern.

  8. So here’s my 2 cents.
    For Nintendo owners, this is a huge leap in graphics for us. I love the games, and the jump into HD.
    I also love the new gameplay introduced by the gamepad. This will become standard, it’s just a matter of time.

    xBox & PS3 owners have already been “wowed” by HD graphics. Sure WiiU is better, but not enough to inflict a significant “wow” factor.

    This means, the new gamers Nintendo have aquired, were those seeking a new way to game. Those not interested in trading their familiar, single screen game style, don’t feel there is much other reason to invest in Nintendo.

    That’s where exclusives come in. HD gamers who have wanted to play Nintendo IP’s, but didn’t want to leave the comfort of HD, will now give Nintendo a try.

    Gamers who don’t give a shit about Nintendo IP’s, don’t care about the gamepad innovation: they don’t see the point in the WiiU, and feel it’s there duty to troll Nintendo sites telling us how stupid it is.

    1. I agree with you and also wonder why there has to be such a huge war in the gaming world. Why can’t everyone get along? There are good parts about every gaming company…and there are some bad parts. People should just respect the fact that other people like DIFERENT things. I like Nintendo a lot. I am borderline hardcore gamer but mostly casual. I play games from Mario to Skyrim, from Animal Crossing to Resident Evil. I love all sorts of games and I get all sorts of experiences from a bunch of gaming devices. I own a Nintendo 3DS, a Wii, Wii U, Xbox, PSP and I will probably get the Xbox720(or whatever its called).I wish it wasn’t always “hardcore gamers trash on Nintendo and fans of Nintendo fight back, blah blah blah…” Seriously. People need to grow up and become mature.

    1. I can guarentee it’s not. How much of the game did you actually see? I believe they released like 5 seconds lol! I don’t think you can make any predictions on that!!!

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        1. Short version….. because you dont need to “wait”, its just real time aka the system is fast enough to render it in real time aka in seconds….. you start the game and play and you can see those visuals instantly. Thats why its called real time…. CGI cutscenes are prerendered or in other words, every system can show it but you wont see it in actual gameplay (just in cutscenes).

    1. You r comparing a game for a system that has taken 7 years+ of optimized code and graphics to get to this point a game that cost $50m+ to develop, to a game for a system that has a whopping 3 months+ under its belt get a clue.

    2. Well, you are judging the graphics and you saw only 1 second? WOW!

      If the Wii U is using a HD 4670 + eDRAM for AA etc (not exactly confirmed yet, google neogaf) its obiviously stronger than ATI X1800 (Xbox 360) and nVidia 7800gt (PS3). Yes, its not much better but its still a step up from current gen consoles and PS4/Xbox720 will have even a bigger step up from Wii U.

      1. they are only guessing as to what the gpgpu inside the wii u is comparable to it is highly advanced and infinitely customized over 30% of the chip they cant even say what it might be and then compare it to a run of the mill card is loco

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