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Wii U Exclusive Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge Listed For Xbox 360 And PlayStation 3


A Japanese retailer has listed Wii U-exclusive Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge for both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. The listing suggests that the features present in the Wii U version will come to the other HD formats, such as the additional playable characters like Ayane, Kasumi, and Momiji, as well as adjusted enemy AI. The game is apparently scheduled to be released in Japan on April 4th.

Thanks to those that sent this in.

38 thoughts on “Wii U Exclusive Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge Listed For Xbox 360 And PlayStation 3”

    1. If you “loled” at what I said I do not understand what is funny? What’s funny about developers giving out a game that ends up disappointing their fanbase?

      1. its funny because you’re right, razor’s edge is the game they should have gotten, but they got a really shitty version instead. it’s a compliment to your cleverness.

      2. Goodness, don’t give birth to a Llama… He was lol’ing because your statement is very true and the reality of it makes it funny. Why must people these days take every little thing as something harsh? -___-

  1. People were so pissed off about this game, so even though they are “fixing” it on the other consoles. I wonder how many people will even support this?? I doubt people will buy it again if they already sold it back to Gamestop…

        1. It would be nice because it would mean that Nintendo made it others deals whit tecmo so the could do this in other consoles.

  2. This is from the same people who said MonHun 4 Vita… so I dont know why you guys are posting this… cause right now its a load of poppycawk

        360/PS3 = NOT NINTENDO

        Do i really have to spell it out?
        Yeah, Nintendo spends money, and uses staff members to help the developers, and microsoft and sony are just gona swan in and nab it, i doubt it.

            1. Unless there’s news like this for the NA and European versions, despite being published by Nintendo, I wouldn’t throw yet another one-man party for yourself for the time being…

        1. It’s published by Tecmo-Koei in Japan, which is why it’s only coming out for PS3/360 in Japan. In America, it’s published by Nintendo so it’s not coming to PS3/360 in America.

    1. Publishers of games can change. It’s not a Nintendo IP. For example, Mass Effect was initially published by Microsoft, yet it was released on the PS3. Same goes with other games. Publishers vary from region to region and can change for re-releases of games.

      Famitsu confirmed that it’s coming to PS3/360 though:

          1. Oh none of the sites that say they got it from Famitsu, really mention its from the magazine, usually they have some kind of scan or something. They literally have no mention of it on the Famitsu website not even under the release dates of upcoming games for Xbox360 or Playstation or even in the news section.

            That seems like a bonehead business move on Tecmo’s part, cause being able to switch weapons was actually the best part. It would make allot more sense if they released it on the new consoles or do something better with it.

  3. Yeah, I call BS on this one, too. Nintendo didn’t publish the title just to have it re-released on other consoles. Even if it was a limited exclusivity, not even a 6-month time frame seems highly unlikely!

    1. It’s been confirmed. It’s not published by Nintendo in Japan.

      Why do people not read up on things before posting online and looking like morons? I don’t get it. It’s a disease: you people need serious help.

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