Square Enix is now in the red after the company failed to meet sales expectations for the period of April to December 2012. The blame is partly thought to lay with the company’s Dragon Quest X which is currently available on Wii in Japan. MSN Japan says that sales of the game have failed to meet the company’s expectations. However, Square Enix says that sales of Dragon Quest X are making steady progress. Dragon Quest X comes out on Wii U in Japan next month.

“The slump is reportedly down to the company’s new online RPG venture, Dragon Quest X,” reports MSN. “While the disappointing financial turn for the company can be partially attributed to the burden of running the new online service, it is also down to game sales not meeting expectations. The Wii (and soon to be Wii U) game is however, making ‘steady progress’ according to Square Enix.



  1. Didn’t it sell close to a Million just in Japan on the Wii ? Not bad if you ask me. Maybe release it worldwide on Wiiu and you will get better sales ?


  2. I can identify a few probably factors.

    1) No international sales. Americans like MMOs too.
    2) People knew from day one that a Wii U version would be coming, and odds are that many, if not the majority, have held off for it.


  3. I wonder if this can have to do with the fact that everyone and their mothers knows this will not be the optimal version of the games and are showing the well known Japanese dicipline and wait until the real thing comes out.


  4. I love Dragon Quest, but hate the idea of a monthly fee. So I’m on the fence about this. Anybody know how much the monthly fee will be in the US ? Or how much they have to pay in Japan converted in $ ?


  5. I believe it still can meet sales expectations. The Wii U version should give life to hardware and software sales for Nintendo and Square Enix respectively. Once they localize it to a western audience, they could sell possibly 2-3 million copies of the game and that is my conservative estimate. Just give the game time Square.


  6. Gee, who’da thought that turning Dragon Quest into a MMORPG for Wii wouldn’t be a smashing success?


    After the Final Fantasy XIV debacle, it’s no wonder Square-Enix are struggling…


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