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Inazuma Eleven Comes To Nintendo 3DS In Europe


This summer Inazuma Eleven comes to Nintendo 3DS with 2 titles that launched as Inazuma Eleven 3 Spark & Bomber on Nintendo DS in Japan. More details will follow as they emerge.

4 thoughts on “Inazuma Eleven Comes To Nintendo 3DS In Europe”

  1. AWESOME!!!! This one is supposed to be amazing. The 3DS is litteraly killing my wallet and bank. Just take my money now 3DS. And the Wiiu is gunna take up a fair chunk in the next few months.

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    The original ones from japan came out in 2010 as a pretty bad quality game and i have already seen inazuma eleven go and go 2 for 3DS and the graphics from that game are much better, i will expect a super result from nintendo, Keep up the good work guys!

  4. 27-09-2013 is comes out as bomber blast and spark lighting (or how to spell it :P ) level 5 announced that for all inazuma fans (like me to) now we finally know when it comes :D

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