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New Mario & Donkey Kong Game Coming To 3DS (Trailer)

Nintendo announced during today’s Nintendo Direct presentation that a new game in the iconic Mario & Donkey Kong franchise is coming to the Nintendo 3DS. The game currently doesn’t have a title, but it’s expected sometime this year.

16 thoughts on “New Mario & Donkey Kong Game Coming To 3DS (Trailer)”

  1. Rehash after rehash after rehash. I guess unmanly Nintendo cannot stop making sequels to crappy games. They do not have any manly ideas for games. No wonder all elite gamers hate them.
    ~THE REAL Bill~

  2. Isn’t this an eShop only game as well?
    If i’m right, then i’m glad Nintendo taking a new approach to some of its games by releasing smaller and cheaper titles

  3. The Gameboy Advance one was really good and all but what the fuck is that? Never thought I would say this about a Mario game but that looks gay

  4. I never cared about the Mario vs Donkey Kong games. Even though I played a little bit of one of them and it seemed ok.

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