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Here’s The Amazing Spider-Man Ultimate Edition Trailer For Wii U

Activision has released a brand new trailer for the forthcoming Amazing Spider-Man Ultimate Edition which is coming to the Wii U on March 5th in North America. The Wii U version of the game features four previously launched Amazing Spider-Man DLC packs on the disc. Amazing Spider-Man Ultimate Edition launches across Europe on March 8th.

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137 thoughts on “Here’s The Amazing Spider-Man Ultimate Edition Trailer For Wii U”

    1. Gamecube graphics? Such a troll
      These are the same graphics as the other two (i played it on the xbox 360 and beat the game 100%)

    2. And i have absolutlely nothing against GameCube graphics. Would you rather have PC graphics and a bad game, or GameCube graphics and a good game?

      1. XD. it’s feels like after Spiderman games will be pouring out relentlessly onto the Wii U. Then every complaining critic shall be complaining about Nintendo depleting their wallets exponentially two ways; via the Wii U and the forever green 3DS.

  1. Was this game good on the other consoles? Because I remeber playing a great Spiderman on the gamecube, and if this is anything like it, I want it! :D

    1. Well its like batman arkham city armored edition only different thing is theres no high tech gadgets or armor. It has all the dlc and the gamepad is used on the gamepad. It is a pretty good only thing that bothered me was the fact once you do every mission and side mission you can’t do anything but swing around unless you start a whole new game and starts all over.

        1. Yeah they do have that but it’s based on a percentage scale. Once you get like a side mission to 100% percent thats it, you cant play that certain thing. For example the car chase once you keep stopping them when they show up it eventually stops because it got to 100%

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    1. Keep that beautiful work of technical engineering. Once Monster hunter is released ( this game is better than all games on any xbox console ever released ) and Zelda on the Wii U, you might cry for selling nintendo’s gaming machine.

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  3. I Hear it’s $40 in USA right ? so that is 2/3rd of the price ? So if they want my money in UK it’s gunna have to be £29:99 max….

    I’ll probably buy it if it’s that much!

    1. Heck yeah I’ll buy it for 40. I don’t expect it to be a masterpiece, but for 40 I can still be entertained. I think I’ll pick up Last Story and Pandora’s Tower too while I’m at it. I’m going to be spending so much money on Nintendo games in March haha

          1. wat like watch dogs , assasins creed 4, need for speed, mass effect3,batman arkham city,black ops 2,splinter cell blacklist…. im pritty sure these are top of the pile 3rd party i fart on ure ps4 m8

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  5. Wait, whys he beating Black Cat’s ass? Doesn’t he, well, beat that ass in a different way normal? xD i thought she was a spy/shield agent?

    1. Seriously this is ridiculous. This site is filled with perverted Nintendo fanboys, irrational trolls, and headache-inducing spammers. Does Sickr even realize or care about this problem?

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        I’d leave comments that explain their negativity with an intelligent stance behind their opinion alone, though.

      2. It’s not necessarily Sickr’s falt. People here never ignore trolls (including myself) no matter how negitive the comments may be. Just look at the comments on this article; there is always someone who feeds the trolls. I’m not sure about the fanboys though mainly because this site is all things Nintendo. And he (I’m assuming) has delt with spammers though. Hopefully these issues will be resolve :)

  6. Wow… That was one epic trailer! Made me look forward to it… I didn’t have the chance to play it on the other consoles, only played a demo on the 3DS (and I enjoyed it). Also, I’m a great fan of spidey! I think I will put it on my list as soon as I get a Wii U!

  7. 1) Now the games have started rolling in
    2) Ray-man legends is off my list of purchases, replaced by Watchdogs.
    3) nintendo stocks up and wonderful around the world
    4) spiderman with all DLC, cheap as cheap can be
    5) 3DS doing amazingly

  8. Trailer looks nice. Might pick this up. And for $40? U can’t best that.. Also, that Monster Hunter demo is NICE! I hope we get one for Lego City Undercover.

  9. And yet don’t care!

    Come on Nintendo you need just a few more games to get me.

    3D Mario
    Wind Waker
    Retro Game
    Mario Kart

    Just 5 more games!

  10. I find it interesting that this game included Rhino when Rhino will be in The Amazing Spiderman 2 played by Paul Giamatti. I wonder if Beenox knew about this……

    1. Well, yeah.
      Some of the guys who worked with the film’s story, got to say and aprove the content most related to the movie in the game. That’s why the game is sorta like a prologue to the next movie.

  11. This looks like a maybe if it uses the pad as map and inventory or something. I really hope Lego City is great and I am hoping Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is awesome. Otherwise, it looks like I will be waiting for Winderwaker for a good game on my Wii U.

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