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Pokémon X And Pokémon Y To Bring Significant Changes To Series?

xerneasDetails on the upcoming Nintendo 3DS-exclusives Pokémon X and Pokémon Y are scarce, as both of them were announced just last month. Nevertheless, there are plenty of rumors floating around the web suggesting that, when the two games arrive, they will bring significant changes to the series. For example, they are said to introduce a new key item called the ‘Whistle,’ which can supposedly be used once per battle to wake up a Pokémon or snap it out of confusion. Feel free to read numerous rumors on the two games in the list below. Pokémon X and Pokémon Y will be released worldwide in October.

  • Main characters are Jean and Jane; names are non-customizable
  • Trainer now appears in the bottom screen during battle, with a speech bubble interface holding the trainer commands inside
  • Trainers now have their own leveling system that affects how in-game NPCs react to you and grants various bonuses such as increasing capture rate and the rarity of Pokémon encountered
  • A new key item called the Whistle can be used once per battle with differing effects, such as waking up a Pokémon or snapping it out of confusion.
  • A bond level replaces the happiness meter from past games; higher bond levels grant bonuses such as experience or stat gain for Pokémon
  • Bond level bonuses and the whistle feature can be turned off in PvP matches for the benefit of competitive play
  • A new item called the Bond-EYE that resembles a pair of sunglasses allows players to view the nature of wild Pokémon and their capture rate
  • The Bond-EYE also allows players to see visual avatars of other players and send them messages or trade and battle requests; this feature, akin to the Miiverse function in Nintendo Land, will be the first of its kind on the 3DS
  • Wireless co-op is now possible, with one player being the leader and the other aiding in battle
  • Players not able to play cooperatively will be allowed to request aid from NPC trainers in their adventures via a juice bar located in every town
  • The PokéDex resembles a tablet with a 3D display that allows players to view Pokémon models, read full paragraph descriptions of them, hear their cries, view their locations, compare their sizes and weights with others, and read comments made by other trainers around the world about them
  • Excess money can be stored in banks that grant interest and special gifts upon depositing certain amounts
  • Using a special wristwatch device, players can travel 30 years into the past which features different characters, younger versions of current characters, different layouts, and different wild Pokémon
  • The rival faction is Team Gear whose members wear purple bodysuits with black clock hands on them; they mess with events in the past that affect the present
  • In one part of the game, you must catch a Munchlax in the past to clear the road of a Snorlax in the future, suggesting that past generations of Pokémon will be available from the start
  • The professor is Professor Bristle and the rival is Ricki, a magazine writer who documents the strange events occurring in the past
  • The new generation consists of 99 new Pokémon, many of them baby Pokémon (something Leviathyn writer Ray G. doesn’t want to see) and new evolutions of current Pokémon
  • Sylveon is a Normal Pokémon that evolves based on the new bond level; it is the only new Eeveelution
  • There will be a total of six legendary Pokémon that include Xerneas (Psychic/Rock) and Yveltal (Ghost/Flying) along with four black and white Pokémon based on card suits: a cobra with a heart-shaped hood and tail, a tiger with diamond patterns, a t-rex with spade-shaped eyes, and a peacock with a club-shaped tail
  • Most of the brand new Pokémon will be new type combinations such as Fire/Ice and Dark/Electric (something Leviathyn writer Ray G. does want to see)
  • The types of the final evolutions of the starter Pokémon will be Grass/Flying, Fire/Psychic, and Water

243 thoughts on “Pokémon X And Pokémon Y To Bring Significant Changes To Series?”

      1. Who the hell cares if you’re the real Nintenlord? Does anyone care that I’m the real MrRetroJunkie? No, they don’t.

      2. you dumb ass. no body cares if you are the “real” nintenlord . you just an idiotic piece of shity crap.

    1. It’s been shown on quite a few websites, some showing actual video footage, and some even mentioned on the Pokemon official website, so even if I saw 60% of the above I’d be damn well happy!

    2. Well some of these could be resl like the ‘Whistle’ and new baby pokemon, I mean those could be possible

      1. this may be to enhance the experience. for example the main story might have something to do with their names

      2. When I read that here, I freaked out, but then I found something contrary. How can we play co-op if we’re cooperating with people who appear to be CLONES OF OURSELVES?

    1. I think some of this is fake. Especially the setted name and the forced Co-op mode Doesn’t sound like pokémon at all.

      1. Only 99 new Pokémons??? I thought the Pokémon company confirmed that the new games will features more than 100 new ones.

      2. most of this sounds fake. why would any one make slyveon a normal type , and you have to use default names. pokemon might set themselves up for a fail IF any of this crap is true.

    1. well the part about A bond level replaces the happiness meter from past games; higher bond levels grant bonuses such as experience or stat gain for Pokémon is true so that’s something can tick of as being a rumor

      1. you not a nintenlord you nothing but a bonehead. let me get you check first the hero name is xavirer but on agme he call calem and heroine is yvoone but again serena . prof it not bristle he is prof syncrome . sylveon it not a normal it a fairy mr. bone head. team a re called team flare nor a stupid team called team gear . team flare it symbol of fire there goal it make money and doing that is sale fossil to do so. yveatl is a dark and flying and d eer pokemon is a fairy. you had only one htink right is riding pokemon in a pacfic route. if you think i worng nintenlord please go on a pokemon serbit .net and every thing is there syleveon can be a male or a female. if it shinky it probably going be sky blue.

    1. This and the site where the rumor came from is misinterpreting what was said. The user later clarified that he meant the TRAINERS were not customizable (ie, things like the clothing or hats).

      NAMES (like, whatever you call your trainer) are still customizable.

      The user also posted some other info in the thread later on that I’m surprised no one posted about. Stuff like the legendaries and the starter’s final typings.

      All in all though, there’s no way someone would come to a site like 4chan to post this. It’s cool to think about it, but outside of that there’s no reason for this to be “news”.

    2. I agree, not being able to customize your name just breaks the immersion factor. It would be like not being able to name your pokemon! You can’t get connected with your trainer and the names are just crap.

    3. I agree with you… If we cannot change our name, then I, who is a Pokemon fanatic, will dissmis this game until the next generation or so…

    4. I agree with you… If I cannot change the name, then I, who is a Pokemon fanatic, will dissmis this game until the next generation or so…

    5. I know! If I can’t give the trainer my own unique name, I see no reason to get it. I hate the 3DS, and I have no reason to buy it. I like our pixely characters. 3D characters you can’t customize is too much.

      1. I just BARELY got a new DS for my birthday. Now, they say that the next game I’ve been waiting for is FOR FRIGGIN 3DS ONLY. I’m not going to spend $200 on a 3DS so that I can spend another $50 to enjoy a game that messes with its predecessors.

      1. Shut the fuck up you idiotic piece of shit no one cares who the hell you are. Right now you are just a 10 year old who thinks they are cool. No I do not believe everything that is posted on the Internet and that is including you.

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    1. As if Pokemon could fail, it hasn’t done for the last decade and it won’t now. Btw why are you posting on here if you think so low on Nintendo, take your hate elsewhere. I love my 360 too before you start. Just cus I like one doesn’t I can’t broaden my choice to another.

  1. This all sounds pretty great, but the one improvement I really want them to make is making withdrawing and depositing pokemon easier. I don’t want to have seperate menus for that shit. Just let me drag and drop my pokemon from the computer to the list of pokemon I want to use.

  2. I like the idea of traveling back 30 years. Perhaps several different time periods. A lot of this seems incredibly unlikely though.

    1. I agree with you here, a few of these seem like they could be for certain, some just sound like rumors and the rest sound like it’s just pulled out of the hat.

  3. If this source is reliable. . . . . . . . I knew it, Sylveon IS a Normal type! :D Also, in my opinion, most of the changes are pretty awesome & I don’t really care about the fixed name “jean & Jane” either. :P

    1. I’m more than double the age of 13 and I still enjoy Pokemon. Still one of the best RPG’s out there and I hate to say it but it has aged better than the Final Fantasy series.

      1. Well im not sure about pokemon anymore and but I do know the ff series has been changed quite a bit. I bought ff13 and it wasnt very good

    1. Totally unacceptable,Call of Duty has to go first .After that,we pimp slap you and we never hear such horribleness EVER again,Capeesh.

    2. Maybe. But at least they don’t charge you $15 for additional “map packs” that you’ll never use, like a certain other franschise that’s gone on for too long.

  4. That non customizable character things is fucking bullshit I was expecting miis to be in cuz that wud be the best but not this shit this is lower than low not even customizing ur names

      1. If it does, I’ll enjoy seeing people shove your words back down your throat.
        Not that that would affect you, seeing as deep-throat is one of your specialties.:P

          1. While I’ll readily concede that PC is its home and where it will always be at its best, I don’t see any reason why anyone would HATE seeing Minecraft coming to Wii U after a while, aside from Nintendo haters who are just acting natural.
            I would pick it up, if only to experience and play the game with people on the Miiverse communities.
            Have you seen some of the artistic talent from people there? I’d love to see some of the stuff they’d create in Minecraft if it came to the Wii U.
            Minecraft and sharing ideas and pictures of the worlds of such talented individuals via Miiverse is practically a match made in Heaven.
            It would be an excellent addition to the system, and one that would draw in a lot of attention and profit.

  5. Leave Pokemon reporting to the pros and stop this false garbage. serebii and Pokebeach are your best sources for real and not crap reporting like mynintendonews.

  6. There’s a lot of cool stuff here with but the lack of not customizing the name is off. I should’ve read the full article instead of skipping straight to the “changes”

    1. Well, if 007 Legends, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Assassin’s Creed 3, Batman: Arkham City, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Darksiders 2, Mass Effect 3, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, New Super Mario Bros. U, Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor’s Edge, Nintendo Land, Scribblenauts Unlimited, Skylanders: Giants, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and ZombiU aren’t games, then sure.

    1. Makes no sense to me, Jean is french and Jane is Hebrew… why would the names be so culturally diferent. Also, the names are suppose to represent the main characters which is all the people who play the game. People from all over the world. So how does Jean and Jane represent America or Europe or Spanish countries or even Japan!? Pokemon needs customizeable names. It only makes it fair for everyone.

    1. I still say it’ll be flying type, especially since the vid the y showed some weeks ago had it using various moves and brave bird was one of them. :3

  7. Oh for FUCKS sake. These are FAKE posts from fucking /VP/. Why is everyone getting their tits in a twist about this fake crap. Lurk on /vp/ for even two days and comprehend how many fake ‘leak’ threads come along.

  8. Most of these I would like to be true, but non-customizeable names just seems too fishy to me. I seriously doubt that you would be forced to use the freaking French name Jean… and also, I really truely believe the Eeveelution is flying type and not normal, but who knows really? Guess we’ll find out soon enough!

  9. The whistle thing seems like it could happen since I remember you being able to “call” your Pokemon in the GamCube games to wake them up. I don’t remember if it took away confusion though.

  10. I said this on another site, the only reason I see them using names that you can’t customize is because they might want to implement voice acting.
    With the Cell-shaded graphics the game is looking more like the cartoon, maybe they want the game to play like the anime so they need to have spoken dialogue.

    But on the other hand, I remember reading an article where they said that the main reason you can customize the name of the main character is so you can connect with him and feel like you’re really part of the game. I don’t think they’ll be changing that part of the game.

  11. This can’t be legit. Fire/Psychic (that seems resonable), Grass/Flying (lool no) & Water? I’m pretty sure it’s going to go Fire/Psychic, Grass/Dark & Water/Fighting, Also name customization has been in every game to date (I think). They aren’t just going to randomly take it out and give you a default name.

    Wireless Co-op & NPC’s? I can believe this one since I remember the creator of PKMN or whoever that guy was saying there was going to be a lot of connectivity and how he wanted players to feel connected or something like that.

    30 years back into the past? IDK. They did something like this for B2/W2 and people liked it so I doubt that they would throw that whole “gimmick” (gimmick in a good way) away

    Sylveon? I’m pretty sure this one will be right on the mark. I’m still hoping that Sylveon is either a Bug type or Flying type but I could see GameFreak making Sylveon a normal type with “special circumstances”.

    Anyways, pretty happy with the majority of the “new changes”. Still a rumour so I’m gonna take this with a grain of salt. Thank God they added a bank though! It just bothered me sometimes knowing my character is holding around millions of unused dollars (in the real world I probably would have been jumped )

    1. hey i can tell you what is sylveon is a fairy pokemon dont listern to thsis website go toa pokemon x and y serribii .com it ahve everything you need to know about this game.

  12. the bond-eye thing is what makes me happiest the most. can finally catch the pkm I want to raise with the nature I want it to have without catching multiple. if only it showed evs and ivs too.

  13. Haha, can this site just stop posting rumors? Does Nintendo EVER let ANYTHING slip? No. No random kid from the internet is going to have all the answers. I mean, a non-customizable name? Why in the hell would they do that?

  14. Whatever the rumors, if anything the worst thing would be the name part.
    Instead I hope they eben let you customize your own character aswell…

  15. the person who “leaked” X and Y information did not say that the NAMES were non customizable, they stated that the CHARACTER was non customizable. Seriously so many people mess that part up. I mean even though it is likely BS they would know that NO ONE would believe that the names could not be changed. Jean and Jane are like Hilbert and Helga, they are suppose to be the DEFAULT names. GameFreak knows better.

  16. If that’s really from 4chan… then, NintendoNews, NEVER. EVER. QUOTE. 4Chan. This is NEVER a reliable source. Never ever. I may seem like Captain Obvious here, but sometimes, sites like yours need to be reminded of that once in a while.

  17. I’m calling complete bullshit on this. Taking away the ability to customize names would be a massive mistake, the bond level system souds stupid and has no place where friendship works perfectly fine right now, and the whistle sounds extremely overpowered. I don’t believe a word of this.

  18. This isn’t real. It’s just a list of ideas from 4chan that got picked up and spread around.

    Bond-EYE is a dead give away.

  19. This is defiantly fake, not being able to choose the playable characters name would never happen as every other past Pokemon games as well as the spin-offs like Colosseum, Ranger and Mystery Dungeon let you choose whatever name.
    Though the time travel thing and storing your money in banks sounds like a cool idea.

  20. While I probably doubt most of the rumors here, I honestly like a lot of them. I’d definately like to see the friendship system improved because it feels cluncky in the previous games.

    As for the names bit, I honestly don’t care that much. I generally use the default names anyway, so it wouldn’t make a difference for me.

    1. they won’t make multiple save-files because then you could “cheat” and catch a legendary in your second file again, trade it to another game and then onto your favorite save file. etc

      1. Yes, I’m aware of that. Though I don’t really see it as a “problem”. Legendaries usually can’t be used in online tournaments and stuff like that (as far as I know), so nobody would really be in a disadvantage because of that.
        And I don’t see a point in having a team consisiting of the same legendary x6. That would be boring as hell, tbh. And having the same legendary multiple times isn’t anything new anyway. People all over the world are creating them through cheats and whatnot and they’re being traded in that Global Trade thingy. Anyone can get them as many times as they wish, even without having multiple save-files.
        Anyway, I don’t really think they’ll give us multiple save-files neither, but it is something a lot of people need. Especially when there is more than one person in the househould who wants to play the game without having to buy another copy of the same game. It’s just a wish that probably never will be fulfilled. (:

  21. Hey guys I was wondering something about BO2 for wii u. And can’t find any shit on the web. Well to the question. Is there 4 player local on zombies?. And If ground war 9 vs 9, because i saw it was 8 vs 8. please help asked in youtube, but no reply from anybody.

    1. Ground war is 8v8 but sorry I can’t help u with the zombies though. I don’t have the game and only played multiplayer for half an hour

      1. Thanks bro, the bad thing is in one of the videos in youtube I saw the ground war thing, and the only thing left to know if it was 4 local zombies. Thanks anyway.

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  23. Names have been customizable from the very beginning. It’s part of what identifies any pokemon you catch from any of the other millions of pokemon caught by other people. Only an idiot would think they’d make the main characters uncustomizable.

  24. I don’t know why, but I’ve completely lost interest in Pokemon. I have Pokemon White version 1 and 2, but I just can’t get myself to touch them. I keep hoping my interest comes back, but so far it hasn’t. I only played through one Pokemon game (Pokemon DIamond) and loved it, but when I started playing Pokemon White, I already started feeling like it was just the same old thing again. How could I feel that way with only the second Pokemon game I played, when there’s SO many others? How could the rest of the world not feel the same way with SO many different games in the series?

  25. The past and present thing? wow omg that would be mad!
    I know we shouldn’t believe all of this but yknow.
    The bank thing sounds good.
    Only 6 legendaries? I can see why they did that (if its true) cos theres so many in gen 4 and 5, but I would hope for more than 6, or 7 or 8. Even gen 1 had 5 if u include the bird trio.
    I can see X being psychic I suppose but I dunno about rock :S
    Y as ghost and flying sounds good though!

  26. This makes no sense? Sylveon evolves from a bond? Bond replaces happiness? What about Umbreon and Espeon then?

    These are obviously bogus rumors.

  27. Sickr, you REALLY should add to the OP that the source of this news is an anonymous 4chan user. In other words it’s likely to be ungrounded bullshit. /vp/ gets threads beginning with “I’m an intern at Game Freak, here’s some information I’m leaking just for you” on a regular basis, maybe 4 or 5 per day. This is just another one.

  28. Anyone with even an ounce of knowledge about the Pokémon series will know that these are the fakest rumours that have emerged about XY yet. Read through the list – the “Gear” thing is obviously taken from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky and the “Bond” thing is taken from Pokémon Conquest.

    Seriously, how gullible do you have to be to believe some of this stuff? And how gullible do you have to be to post in on your own website?

    Seriously…where the hell has quality journalism gone?

  29. Baseless rumors like these spawn from Nintendo and Game Freak trickling bits and pieces of information per month about the game. This rightfully generates hype for the game, but it also has caused an uncontrollable explosion of bogus rumors like this junk here, poorly Photoshopped fake magazine scans, fakemon art posing as Sugimori art, and the aforementioned “I work at Game Freak/my relative works at Nintendo” threads on /vp/ and 4chan.

    Are fans so starved for new information that they turned to madness like this? Is there not any sensibility and patience for any -official- news from the Pokemon websites and Nintendo press releases? I am starting to get a major headache over these games already and we are still 8 months away from their release.

  30. Though some of the stuff sounds possible, I doubt that the names are non-customizable. That would totally ruin the experience. There’s no reason it’d be taken out, so I don’t believe that one bit.

  31. Bullshit. Can’t these guys just wait for the information instead of coming up with these stupid rumours?

    Also, Sylveon the Normal type? Do they really expect people to believe that shit?!

  32. they would always do the name customization thing because of the pal pad U DUMBO i mean having just the names jane and jean in your Pal pad wheres your thing called well i don’t know a BRAIN?

  33. people should know that the original post only said that you couldn’t customize your clothes,hat,ect.. not that you couldn’t do it to the name the post just said it will be like all the games before.I don’t really believe this rumor myself ,but it is fun to see them all to build up til the facts are all finally know.

  34. all of crap all so damn fake. who the hell would belive this shit any way. number 1, you cant change your name, and who the hell would change friendship into a god damn BONB METER:(

  35. Lol just guessing but I think sylveon could actually be a light type is it just me or do his eyes kinda look like light clays????

  36. Uncustimazable names? Really. This is a HUGE mistake in the game. Many people will not like that they can’t add their own names in the game.

  37. Sylveon can’t be a normal type evolving based on the bond level. Because if it was daytime it’d be Espeon and night time it would be Umbreon? Would it be a magical five minutes during sunrise? Lolno. I think there’s a new type of Pokemon – like Light or Fairy, and there’ll be a whole big scale of retyping pokemon like Clefairy and Audino. Of course this is all hypothetical and theories but that’s where I reckon it’s headed. The evolution typing for the starters definitely haven’t been released because the evolutions haven’t been released. That would give SO much away. (Hoping for Fire/Psychic, Water/Fighting and Grass/Dark personally, that’d be incredible and I’d die a happy girl.) But I guess we’ll seeeeee. The card suit legendary sound pretty slick though and so does the gameplay. I’m certain we WILL have customisable names, though I’m quite sad we can’t customise the characters yet. I really want to get rid of these damn hats.

    1. yes i want the final evolutions to be that too. the thing thats getting me is i have been doing lots of research on the two games and this is what i found out: that slyveon mostly either flying,normal,or a new type light. also u may be able to costomise your person. lastly some of the typings of legendaries. still reasearching on somethings hoping for the best ;)

      1. so everyone knows i’m anonymous i was typing too fast and entered without thinking of putting my name sorry guys ;(

  38. this is not correct…….the final stages of the starter pokemon are Grass/Dark, Fire/Psychic and water/fighting

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  40. they are fake rumors/hoax they when you charge your trainer name and the whisler part is true and they are over 900 pokemons on pokemon x and pokemon y and they are working on pokemon z right now and i think oct, is when them game pokemon games come out like pokemon x and y and i can’t waited to get them. see if them rumors are true or fake no one knows if they are or not but don’t believe them rumor right now

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  42. There will be a new type which is fairy and sylveon is a fairy type. and i am sure you can costomize your name. i dont know if it is a bond meter but i know that there is a different way to bond with the pokemon.

  43. None of your information is consistent with what the developers have released. Don’t sit there and guess what the game will have; Try researching a little.

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  45. you are so wrong where are you getting this infro. first of all sylveon is a fairy not a normal type. the prof its not brislte . his name is proffoser sycromore and the bad guys a team flare resamble of fire. the no such think as team gear . mega pokemon let mewtwo become megametwo x and megametwo y. with the stone mewtwonitex or y. there even let kanto pokemon mega eveolve this is on pokemon x and y .com i am right about this . sylveon is a new type pokemon it is a fairy let me say this there can defeat dragon pokemon now. the move are moon blast draining kiss and fairy wind, it a new kalos move . i am right i dont not make up attack . this guy is so wrong. the female is not jane her name is selena if i wrong go on pokemon x and y website. the boy name is calem on the game. i think you can name them but if you playing the girl calem will be you rival. trevor is boy he wil give you the starter not proffosser. he give you the kanto starter becusae he want to teach you about the mega stone. i hear rumor he give you mewtwo i think. but Yveatal is a dark and flying he have a dark aura. xexeases the dear i know it spell worng but i am sorry it a fairy pokemon. it have a fiary aura power up all fairy pokemon on field. deat wing for yvealtal and geomcany for the deer . well i am right go pokemon x and y serebii it on there it a list of gym lear and tema flare. oh i need to tell sometime the proffoser battle time to time this is first proffoser who battle you.

    1. you are right miss anonymous about sylveon a and the bad guy team flare i went to the website like you siad and i saw eveything about meg evoloution stone mega mewtw o x look so cool well i getting pokemon y because i want yveatal. but you are so right even though yo spell so fast , but you are the pokemon princess my anonymous you right about the proffoser and he battle you.. i saw a he have croat a dragaonite and a chanadule i know about my spell pokemon i worng but i type fast becuase i am excited about the game is almost here see all that wait paid off .

  46. oh i for got sylevon is a fairy it have the cute charm ability, make direct contract like a direct hit you pokemon be in love. . it can be a male or a girl. and if it a shining pokemeon it be blue.

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