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Kid Icarus Uprising On Amazon For Wii U


Several readers have pointed out that Amazon France is now listing Kid Icarus: Uprising for the Wii U. The game is available to pre-order for seventy euros and even has an image to accompany the pre-order. Nintendo hasn’t made any mention that it’s bringing the Nintendo 3DS game to Wii U, so this could simply be a mistake on Amazon’s part. Would you want Kid Icarus: Uprising on Wii U?

Thanks to those that sent this in.

177 thoughts on “Kid Icarus Uprising On Amazon For Wii U”

      1. a survival horror game where you use your axe, to climb mountains and to use magic. then you will have to kill the bosses in cool ways and at the end his sister gets grabbed by a demon and ripped into a thousand peaces screaming right in front if your face

        1. I was thinking more of a sidescrolling 2D/3D game with a lot of climbing up levels and hitting people on the head with hammers XD

        2. Yeah… no.
          4-player eShop game with horizontal and vertical platforming, Rayman Legends art-style, and time trials with online leaderboards. Sorted.

  1. it would actually work on the wii! the dual control sticks could replace the circle pad or you could use the touchscreen like on the 3ds version. i would love an hd remake on wii u!

    1. The thing with Kid Icarus Uprising is that the touch screen kinda functions more like a trackball so you can turn around really quickly on land, so using a second stick (the game DOES support the Circle Pad Pro) would put you at a disadvantage in multiplayer mode.

      1. The Wii U has two more shoulder buttons, so the left one could be used to instantly turn the camera 90 degrees left and vice versa. Clicking both at the same time could make the camera turn 180 degrees. Also, there are four face buttons you could use for other stuff, in the 3ds you couldn’t use them since the right hand had to be used on the touch screen. So with those buttons you could assign powers to a certain button and seperate shooting and melee attacks. Uprising would work BETTER on the Wii U.

    1. yeah, I’d rather them STOP making SMASH BROS to work on Kid Icarus… Don’t get me wrong, I love Kid Icarus…. A whole heck of a lot… But lets do one thing at a time here.

      1. Is that what i said? Pretty sure i didnt say that. Also pretty sure Sakurai isnt the only person on the planet who can make Kid Icarus, same way Miyamoto doesnt always have to make Mario and Zelda.

    2. Thank god i didn’t buy wii u no new games on it just a shit ton of remakes and ports. I bought a New graphics card for my PC with the money i was going to waste on WiiU. Now i have two GPU that makes my PC 10x better then PS4

      1. And i care because?
        Nobody gives a fuck how much power you have to compensate.
        I want games, long as i can play a new game thats good, every console could be ps3 hardware for all i care.

      2. Rehashes? LOL! Nintendo reinvents their games not like sony and microsoft. PC? Seriously? Why are you on this website then if you’re just a graphics whore?

        1. Im a gamer so i watch,read and find anything game related i dont just look at PC games and hardware. I look at Nintendo,Sony and Microsoft’s Hardware and what games they get. Instead of being fanboys

      3. I agree with your assessment if you were comparing a PC to something as generic as a playstation or Xbox.

        There is just no point in owning the Sony or Microsoft console when you can get a PC fairly cheap that blows consoles out of the water in the graphics and gameplay department. PC’s have pretty much the same multiplats, save for a handful of exclusives.

        Nintendo on the other hand, you just can’t get their games anywhere else…. Saying the Nintendo console has inferior graphics isn’t a fair assessment as Nintendo never bills it as a cutting edge beast…. It’s sold as a budget console, that uses creative new inputs and gameplay ideas that you cannot get anywhere else… And after I build my PS4 killer in October, I will only be able to afford a Nintendo console ;)

    1. Dude, wtf? You even cropped my avatar wrong. Mine is a little more zoomed out. Damn, I might have to go back to using Dry Bowser.

          1. Not saying that , that guy is , but there is a ;lot of mentally retarded people on this site. Sly cooper guy to name 1.

  2. This is one game where I need to have the 3D on max all the time. I find it harder to play without it, so even if this is real I think I’ll give it a miss.

    1. I only turn 3D on for cutscenes. How did you play the whole game with 3D on!?!?! I would lose the game lol cuz it messes with my eyes so much!

      1. I must be one of the lucky ones, I’ve never had any trouble looking at the 3DS screen on 3D mode for an extended amount of time.

        1. Same here , I NEVER have the 3D turned off , unless I’m out of the house with my 3DS and need to reserve power. 3D makes pretty much everything look better on 3DS apart from a few launch window 3DS games which used 3D pathetically…

          Tales of the abyss on 3DS (amazing game) the 3D effect Is crap on it compared to Ocarina or Mario 3D land.

      2. It doesn’t bother my eyes at all, and I find it better to judge distances and stuff with the 3D on- especially in air battles.

      3. if u think that KI:U is hard to play in 3d, try fire emblem awakening at max 3d, its like dam, my eyes, it hurtsssss…………

        1. lol I have great eyesight 20/20(I have no idea if that makes a diference or not), but I can’t play A SINGLE game with 3D on. It is too annoying, I honestly thought that no one used the 3D effect because it is just awful for me. Thought it was the same for everyone :P Turned it off for Zelda OoT, Mario Tennis, Mario Kart 7, Kid Icarus and Fire Emblem..

          1. I also have 20/20 eyesight, but always play on 3D at home, but not when our to preserve the battery life. On some games, I can only have the 3D slider on half though, because after playing 6 hours of Mario Kart in 3D, real life looks flat and I don’t like it.

  3. I already have it on 3DS, and I would rather have a sequel, but as long as there are some more main story levels it would be a must buy. I would still consider it even as a direct port.

    1. Maybe the could expand on the multiplayer, make bigger match sizes and stuff like that, if they do then make it realky cheap and allow me to transfer over my weapons.

  4. Who cares about 3DS. Give us Wii U games. Luigi mansion should have been a Wii U game as well. Playing games with psone graphics are no fun!

    1. You know the had Res5 full game running on the 3DS right? So are you saying the PS3 and xbox360 have psone graphics? Shake my head at the downfall of trolldom.

    1. yeah, but what if it came out and was $40 or cheaper. Or even if they did something like, for those who own Kid Icarus: Uprising already if you can prove it with your game’s code or something then you get the Wii U version half off.

      1. Don’t be a fucking retard bro. Yeah , I would be happy if they just ported the 3DS game to Wiiu and took the 3D off ? NO IDIOT. If they expect me to rebuy this game which I already own on 3DS , then they would have to add new lighting , textures , resolution , you name it , it would have to be there for me to be interested.

        Graphics in this case are the key thing. If you want me to rebuy a 3DS game on Wiiu , only way I’m gunna be interested is if you take advantage of the Wiiu’s HD capability after ditching 3DS’s 3D capability.

        And when did anyone say Graphics don’t matter idiot ? of course graphics matter. Wiiu will have amazing looking HD games on it. Just because PC , PS4 , 720 will be more powerfull doesn’t mean the Wiiu’s graphics are just not important to Nintendo fans.

        I’m obsessed with Nintendo’s art styles and graphics within the limitations of their own hardware. Mario galaxy 1 and 2 look absoloutly stunning on the Wii for example.

          1. Not at all. Nintendo fans aren’t allowed to like graphics all of a sudden ? why not ?

            Like I said , I think games on the DS and Wii had beatifull graphics and art styles , regardless of how strong Nintendo’s competition was graphically.

        1. Wow that comment makes you look like the biggest jerk ever. You totally went off on a comment that really didn’t do any harm… Simmer down Nintedward.

      2. I mean… if Resident Evil: Revelations was coming out to consoles with 3DS level in graphics, would you buy it? I wouldn’t. Just because Nintendo fans argue that graphics don’t make the game, doesn’t mean they wouldn’t want a nice looking game. I’m pretty sure the graphics and gameplay argument is meant towards the new consoles more and how Nintendo went their own way, instead of making the Wii U a graphical powerhouse, not towards games on the Wii U looking the best they can.

        1. Exactly. Nintendo fans put gameplay ahead of graphics , but always naturaly want the best graphics and art styles they can get.

            1. You people are riding Nintedwards cock reaaally hard it’s kind of sad. I mean i know he has a nice stiffy but lay off of Nintedwards cock, it can only take so much.

  5. Yes I would love to see Kid Icarus on Wii U. It belongs on that console! That would definitly fix the control issues and online matches would probably improve in quality as well. I would also love to see the game in beautiful HD.

    1. dont read wiki at this point about wiiu… BECAUSE everybody can go in the and write about it (u see the edit tab), wii u does not have r700 based chip, its AMD based tech, so its 6xxx and up.

  6. I would buy it! Kid Icarus Uprising is my fav 3DS game by far. The graphics were so impressive and there wasn’t any slow-down or lag when playing through the levels. I would love to see them update the visuals for the Wii U version of the game. Everything else about the game was fantastic too like the gameplay and even the controls (even if you had to get used to them after a while)

  7. This would be a great move! As much as I’m fine with the controls, the Wii U Gamepad seems incredibly ideal for this for a few reasons:
    – It’s larger, giving the player more to hold and less chance of hand-cramping
    – The player is more likely to have the Gamepad on a stand, being at home, than a 3DS. If you’ve got the strap, though, I guess you’re set.
    – The big friggin screen!

        1. The controls were the worst part about the game and they were completely bareable. What do you mean by game experience?? If you are talking about storyline, graphics and dialogue then you are mistaken. Best 3DS gaming experience I’ve ever had!

          1. Im talking about gameplay experience. The stage layout and objective of most of the stages in the game were a piece of shit.

        2. If you’re not kidding, then congratulations on being in the minority.
          Most of us here can easily work with the controls, and find the story and gameplay to be well above par.

          1. Yes, the story was a bit hilarious, but the gameplay was the shittiest thing ever…..and honestly, the controls were even more extremely annoying. Im not kidding!

          2. Yes, most definitely! I absolutely LOVED Kid Icarus! Great game, and the controls didn’t bother me in the slightest.

  8. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! I hope that Nintendo this is clear enough!

  9. So does Nintendo really one of us will run you fools! enough for us all, let us give a new game or let him withdraw from the production of hardware!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hey little gamer long time no see. Butt hurt over nintendo making better games than Sony should not make you want to make them leave. Microsoft should leave; making a powerhouse of a console just so we can play kinectimals 2.

  10. The way I see it, if Sakurai really doesn’t wanna make a sequel, this is the next best thing. Perhaps if people play a better version of the game, better controls, HD, hopefully more chapters(Hopefully 25 more to add up to 50), then that’ll raise chances for a sequel. Since the 3DS game was a bit of a hand cramp magnet.

  11. Please make a Wii U game!!!!! But a game of its own. Uprising doesn’t need to be redone. It’s is a completely awesome game on its own.

    1. Moron you have been gone so long, you don’t even know that in the Past week the PS4 was revealed.

      Also that nintendo stock has gone up in the major markets of the US, Japan and even Asia. Now the fact that investors know the Wii U can run all game engines, and also it’s getting of ports from the PS4 and xbox720 help their investment potforlios.

      March has games games games! That shall be releasing on the Wii U. One that will ignite the Wii U is Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Need for speed is coming and Lego undercover.

    2. The Wii U is about to :

      R.I.P = Rip Its Opponents

      1) Nintendo first party showings alone will be beautiful and worth more in gaming and re-playability than any games on other systems. These are but the ones that have been announced some already complete

      a) Pikmin 3
      b) Mario Kart Wii
      c) Super Mario Bros U ( 9.5 out of 10 )
      d) Yoshi on the Wii U
      e) Zelda being made
      f) 3D Mario on the Wii U

      whatever other projects Nintendo has.

      2) Nintendo second party exclusives

      a) Monolith’s X ( Xenoblade 2 or Xenogears 2 )
      b) Mistwalkers Wii U exclusive

      3) Nintendo’s cross developer exclusives
      a) Platinum games Bayonetta 2
      b) Fire emblem X Shingen

      4) Multiplats
      a) Watch dogs
      b) Need for speed most wanted ( PC edition)
      c) Spiderman ultimate edition
      d) Project cars
      e) RES revelations
      f) FIFA14

      now why would you buy any other system?

      1. because it is not enough and one new game on PS4 looks better than all of these games on the Wii U.. you know? otherwise I love Nintendo but Wii U is RIP ..

      2. Nintendo just needs to hurry the fuck up. like at least put something out fuck, like at least give us fucking pikmin to hold off untill bayonetta like. p-100 and pikmin would suffice for me untill bayonetta which would suffice untill smash bros which would suffice untill a long ass time and shit like that like. Fuckin keep a chain going nintendo don’t leave us in this fucking drought with this great ass system jesus christ. and this doesn’t mean putting out rehashed shitty ports

  12. The difference between nintendo and the rest of the pack is this :

    1) Nintendo has the best development studio in the world, NINTENDO EAD and no one can disclaim this.
    2) Capcom is in essence the second best development studio on the planet behind nintendo EAD.
    3) They can make kid Icarus HD with added features for the Wii U, sell it for $19.99 and this establish another key franchise for future nintendo systems.
    4) Sony being a Japanese company needs a Stewart and wise old general like nintendo to make it in the gaming world. Nintendo’s innovations help Sony have some one they can emulate from.
    5) nintendo makes Microsoft at the least try to open up new studios so as they too can have more than only two real first party exclusives alã gears and halo.

      1. It’s ICARUS, you boob! Why can’t you be so freaking patient like everyone here? When Next month comes, Nintendo will deliver real games for the Wii U.

        The Wonderful 101
        Wii Fit U
        Game & Wario
        Lego City: Undercover
        Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem (published by Atlus)
        The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD
        Bayonetta 2

  13. If u add a cecond campaign (10-20 chapters or so) that happens after the story of the original KI U, then why not? Plus a wii remote and nunchuck is a perfect controller for this. Gamepad, classic, and pro controllers would also work out fine. being able to swap weapons on the go with the gamepad and split screen multiplayer along with a mic. For online would be. Worth 60 bucks.

  14. It’s not new, is listing this game since may 2012.

    “Nintendo hasn’t made any mention that it’s bringing the Nintendo 3DS game to Wii U, so this could simply be a mistake on Amazon’s part.”
    Oh no, it’s false. Remember, at E3 2011, Nintendo has announced that Kid Icarus Uprising will be on Wii U too. Many website have actually a page for this game.

    Sorry for my bad english, I’m french.
    Cordially, a redactor of a nintendo’s news french website.

  15. OMG I STARTED A WII U VERSION OF THIS ON MIIVERSE ND HAVE OVER 400 LIKES !!!!! A WHILE BACK… if this comes true i would be so excited the wii u needs that killer online multiplayer experiance!!! and this game would be it the 3ds version was gorgeous and the multiplayer online was sooooo intence and epic imagine it on the Wii U with 2 sticks and the touch screen WOW hope this is true!!

  16. As excited as I would be for the likes of a new Metroid, Star Fox, Donkey Kong or Kirby, I would be happier to hear of announcements for simultaneously released ports that are coming out this year. Nintendo did promise us comparable 3rd party support this generation on the Wii U and would prefer to see a little more headway on that.

    In regards to the other Nintendo franchises, how about an announcement for a 3D Kirby or Donkey Kong? Yes, I realize they naturally fall into their traditional platformer role, but look at how Mario and Metroid flourished with a major change.

    Although they’re “just another Mario game”, the reason why we keep coming back for more of the same is because they’re good games. Platformers are fun, but they shouldn’t dominate the library.

    New ways to keep gameplay fresh while utilizing the new hardware is still very important. I wholeheartedly agree that graphics aren’t everything, but we need new ways to play (if we’re to continue with old favorites), new IPs or ports while fully utilizing the capabilities of the system.

  17. If Capcom can do it with Resident Evil: Revelations… why not Project Sora do it with Kid Icarus: Uprising for the U? They should take advantage of the HD graphics and improve everything from the original 3D counterpart.

    1. It was the French site that first found out about Project Cafe (The Codename for the Wii U) first.
      I believe it was also the French Amazon site was the first one to tell us about Call of Duty Black Ops 2.

    1. Unless they make Wiimote+Nunchuck an option. I think that’d be better than Stylus controls, which is better than dual stick controls.

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  19. I hope this has 3D support. Maybe red/blue 3D so everyone could play in 3D even though they don’t have a 3D TV? That would be nice.

    1. Kid Icarus was not a ‘shitty’ game. The only port they have confirmed is Wind Waker which was a non-shitty Gamecube title.

        1. Yes how dare they, its not like they have AMAZING original titles coming out or anything. That’d be SILLY! Ugh..seriously im getting sick and tired of people like this flodding the website

  20. It’s probably just a mistake. Because even if a Kid Icarus game DID appear on the Wii U, I highly doubt it would have the same title.

  21. This would be a great buy for folks who missed the 3DS version or simply do not own a 3DS. I loved this game and it was a blast to play. Seeing it in HD would be a real treat, though I would like to see Nintendo give folks who registered their 3DS copies with Club Nintendo some kind of discount on a Wii U remix. Even with the little stand that came with the game it can be a bit tricky to play so I’d love to be able to give it a try with the Wii U Gamepad or a Pro controller.

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  23. This was the best original game we have had since Twilight Princess, and it has it’s own unique style. I would LOVE it if there was a WiiU version.

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  25. E3 2011 nintendo has announced that kid ícarus uprising would come to wii u too… I remember that day… It was like ooohhh…

  26. Are you sure about that since I have never heard that? I think you may be confused this with the new Smash Bros game which was announced for both systems at the 2011 E3.

  27. You know, if they announced this to be released alongside Wind Waker this fall, I’d probably buy it. When I had a 3DS, the game was really awesome, but seeing it in HD would be lovely. Nintendo could also put in some bonus content, such as some new weapons, maybe a new chapter or 2, and the Anime specials that were made of the game.

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