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Ubisoft Responds To PETA’s Assassin’s Creed 4 Complaint


Ubisoft’s senior PR manager, Stone Chin, has responded to PETA’s claim that Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag endorses the unnecessary hunting and killing of whales. Chin reiterated that Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag is purely a work of fiction that tries to depict the golden era of the pirates and isn’t meant to cause upset.

“History is our playground in Assassin’s Creed. Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag is a work of fiction that depicts the real events during the golden era of pirates. We do not condone illegal whaling, just as we don’t condone a pirate lifestyle of poor hygiene, plundering, hijacking ships, and over-the legal-limit drunken debauchery.”

99 thoughts on “Ubisoft Responds To PETA’s Assassin’s Creed 4 Complaint”

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    1. You know what i don’t get? Why they are targeting AC4 and did nothing about AC3…when you hunted animals in the forest and killed them, skinned them alive and sold them for money. Or in Tomb Raider when you hunt animals and eat them…or like in Sly Cooper when you play as a raccoon who goes around beating up other animals and shit…FUCK PETA! Their a bunch a sensative dick weeds who bitch and moan about the littlest things that involve animals -_- Just for that I’m gonna hunt the shit out of whales on AC4 Good job PETA you just made your argument worse

      1. Exactly what I was thinking too…. AC3 is worse than the 4th one. You skin animal alive and shit my dad coulnd’t take it lol.

    2. Yo PETA, Who The Hell Cares About What You Say! It’s Happening Whether You Like It or Not! The Game Involves History, Deal With It!

    1. PETA is all about attention.
      It’s much easier to gain attention by attacking something popular in the media, like video games.
      If you’d notice, that’s pretty much all they’ve been attacking lately.

      1. PETA is an attention whore. While I am all for the ethical treatment of animals and people that abuse animals should be punished severely this is a BS complaint. This game is depicting historical events and from what I am told does a decent job with historical accuracy of the time periods it is set in.

        PETA is also the organization that made a horrific web based game attacking Super Mario because of the Tanooki suit. The game was excessively violent and made PETA look like the hypocrites that they are.

    1. I argee. Peta should leave Ubisoft alone. They aren’t the ones making the game, Ubisoft is. Besides to the fact that it’s only a game and not reality.

  1. Expect to see angry parents demanding Congress to ban these games due to Cutlass wielding criminals committing crimes in all Ports.

  2. PETA don’t care about those things, they just want to save the virtual whales from the 18th century.

    Time for PETA Trek 4: The Voyage Home.

  3. Haha, Ubisoft told THEM! xD Instead of making accusations, why dont they actually HELP animals instead of blaming anything they could.

    1. That would be too much like work. PETA are made up of lazy bastards sitting around looking for people to blame. They need to be careful who they blame or they might have to actually get off thier fat ass’s and make an appearance somewhere making digital animals in video games a perfect target.

  4. Nintendo Commander

    The Petanians clearly lost alot from their original ways…

    Which must make us Nintendos appreciate and support our own cause even more…

    1. This reminds me of when they were having a fit over Super Mario 3D Land saying that Mario wears a skinned tanuki fur and promotes the killing of animals for fur lol They even made a game for it on their website. Super Tanooki 2D Skin. Its rather disturbing. These are also the very same blokes who tried to petition for a roadside memorial for a truck carrying fish that crashed releasing them floundering about on a highway. Blooming fish. I find PETA unnerving much like cults.

  5. Have to love how an organization makes a scene over a mission in a game that is less than 1% of the total content when the entire game is about the plotting over world domination and the torture and killing of people (in graphic detail by the way).

    News flash: we’re animals too and I don’t see them fighting to save us from violence. Perhaps they should join forces with conservation societies and really make a difference in the world’s ecosystem than fighting over a stupid video game.

    I have as much desire to go whaling as I do parachuting off buildings, shooting 12 year olds in the face or jumping on turtles’ shells.

  6. This really isn’t a “burn” or “you tell them Ubisoft”, it’s a statement that everyone, even the people at PETA, know and understand. They were simply responding to PETA’s statement. So you should all just calm your tits. It’s a game, it’s fake, we all know it. Even PETA.

      1. We must conduct psychological test on people who call others “Petanians” to verify their intelligence.

          1. I’m sorry the lack of intelligence from that comment confused me.
            Try again?
            Yes. No.
            Choose wisely.

  7. i know that peta is concerned about the whales in the world, but WTF i don’t think that every player of AC have a whale hunter ship at home, well done ubisoft.

  8. While I am all for what PETA stands for, I despise them and their way of doing things. When something is a complete work of fiction, animals are NOT being harmed. It’s fake. It’s not even live action, it’s an animated game. They do this type of crap so often. The don’t seem to understand that it gives them a bad reputation and really just takes away from real problems involving cruelty and wrongful death to animals.

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  9. next they will target xenoblade chronicles, monster hunter and any other game involving “promotion of killing animals” when they themselves kill animals and that is what i call irony at its finest

  10. I really do not care for PETA. They have shown themselves as an organization that does not truly care for animals. Or else they would care about the ones that are REAL and not fake…

  11. Oh fuck off PETA you animal humping, filthy hippies. Animals are not people! They’re fucking animals!

    1. I agree with you on that. Peta should just leave UbiSoft alone. Peta doesn’t make the video games, so i say that they need to back off.

  12. Take that PETA ! Protecting virtual animals lmao no Frakkin’ whale was hurt during the making of this game !. How stupid can PETA be. Wow. Go after Japan for whaling not games idiots. Man this is the funniest trying I have ever read !

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  14. Nintendo Commander

    It’s more fun killing players that cries when I own them with knife only in fps games, when I rush/cheese on rts games or just backstabb them in multiplayer games…

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