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Harvest Moon Creator’s Hometown Story Coming To North America And Europe For Nintendo 3DS

Harvest Moon creator Yasuhiro Wada has announced that his next project which is titled Hometown Story will be coming to North America and Europe for the Nintendo 3DS and mobile platforms. The simulation title which follows the story of a shopkeeper and his magical companion sprite who are trying to find their place in the world, will be published by Natsume in North America. Hometown Story will also be released in Europe via Rising Star Games. More information on the game will be revealed at this year’s E3 event which takes place in June.

135 thoughts on “Harvest Moon Creator’s Hometown Story Coming To North America And Europe For Nintendo 3DS”

    1. You have unleashed on yourself a whooping of true necessity. The 3DS is the best console this generation, as the DS was last generation. This is indeed a great game, that has more content and originality than COD or any mundane FPS. Let me end here cause the 3DS holds it’s own against all comers.

        1. Very true. Also the fact that the 3DS gets multiplats ranging from those that are on the big consoles, to the PC. Also those on IOS, other handhelds, smart phones and Tablets. The 3DS is truly a wonder, smart and great developers have made wonders on it. Resident evil revelations, Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D land give prudence to this.

          1. Agreed 3ds is the champion of gaming right now , Luigi’s mansion 2ftw. Wiiu can become as good as 3ds , remember 3ds was crap for about 6 months

            1. Hey Nintedward!

              Off topic, but can I add you to 3DS again?

              My girlfriend got revenge on me a little while ago and now I have to re-add everyone -_- Also Luigis Mansions 2! <3

  1. Wow! The 3DS has already won E3 without trying. It’s like every time you blink to enjoy the Wii U and it’s great awakening library, 7 to 14 3DS games are revealed lol. Good now I want a 3DS XL.

    1. The 3DS is going down in history right now. It’s library of games is tremendously impressive and it gets more impressive day by day. How many consoles does that happen to? I don’t really think it ever really happens at all!

      1. The once rejected 3DS is now the corner stone of video gaming. Nintendo carrying the industry once again from the conundrums of the entertainment industry and a world wide recession. How beautiful is this little marvel millions get to actually enjoy. The Gameboy line has never disappointed but for virtual boy. Though I saw one going for £ 600 on television. This makes me smile.

      1. Eh, Don’t worry about em :P (Thanks for caring though) I’ve changed my username to Xerneas. but kept my same profile picture :D

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                1. Look kid, I am the original Jellybean and everyone on this site has agreed with me. Time to start your break now.

                  1. Avoiding the question. Lmao. Get out from the basement buddy. You’re a total loser ;) Also, I don’t call people kids! Everyone knows that!

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                  Also, why are you using an anonymous account buddy? ;)

                    1. Aeolus had a special way of giving him my account. What was that? And what what Aeolus’s account name? :D

                  1. Hey man, I just read the comments on this site. That was a dumb question to ask as even a stranger could know.

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                    1. I know, just this loser who took my profile is really frustrating me. And the awful thing, he has paid attention enough to be able to say important things about me. If it comes to it, I can say personal details he can’t know, plus I gave out my 3DS friend code a while back to Nintedward and THAT I know is unique. Either way, I’ll just take a week or so off. CHances are this is the same loser who copied Neutron, hopefully he will move on.

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              Also Thank you! You’re one of very few who actually looked hard into the comments :D

                1. *fanboys

                  Usually Nintendo fans respect other companies and enjoy what they have to offer as well. WooferZ, Adarazz, Dragon. They are all Nintendo fans, but are fans of other companies as well. They deserve respect. You just spout this “unmanly” nonsense thinking you can belittle other people over the internet. You can join the fanboys in being braindead.

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              1. I was literally dumbfounded that everyone fell for the hacker; it’s quite sad really. Alas I hope the hacker leaves this site because it’s messing up the comments section even more.

                By the way yes I do!
                It’s: 2019-9869-2204
                Name: Anthony

                I’ll be able to add you tommorow :) (I’m sorta busy)

                1. Yeah, aw well, the guy will move on eventually (unless he really is a loser in life) and everything will be back to normal :) I’ll add you later tonight when I get back from work :D I left my 3DS at home XD

                  By the way does Luigis Mansion 2 have some form of multiplayer? :D I’d love to play some multiplayer with some people on here :D

                    1. Yeah I will. People can believe who they want now. It wouldn’t shock me if it is the same guy who impersonated you as well.

                  1. Ok cool. :)

                    Yes it does. Luigi’s has online multiplayer. It looks really fun to play. Ironically enough, I preordered the game today along with Pikmin 3 XD. I can’t wait to play my first Luigi’s Mansion game along with others :D

                    1. You will absolutely love it. I loved the first one and this one just looks way better! I’ll have to play some multiplayer with you sometimes :D I had to delay my Wii U purchase again though :( Which sucks.

        2. WooferZ. if you look at the profile pic now, you’ll see it matches the same loser who constantly says Wonderful on every post.

      1. We’ve been friends since high school, and we fell in love. I honestly could not care less if she likes gays or not. That’s her choice and I believe she has the right to accept it or not. Why the hell do you care though?

          1. Ah fair enough. Well it’s good to see you are :) I’m pro gay rights myself (basically, they deserve the same stuff normal couples get) but I’m not going to not go out with someone because they aren’t pro gay. She respects my views, I respect hers. We just leave it at that :)

            1. Same here. I wish the USA would legalize it for all states. Well as long as she isn’t a redneck who wants to lynch the gays, then it is OK.

              1. Yeah, Australia is a bit behind as well. USA is actually way ahead of us in legalizing it. It sucks, the politicians think they can say who can love who! What’s worse is that people compare it to bestiality. HOW THE HELL IS IT THE SAME AS THAT!? Now I may be religious. But I ain’t one of those guys who goes strictly by the bible (even I admit some parts in there are a load of shit). When you break it down they’re basically the same as every other couple (One person loves another person). People say “oh god doesn’t approve!” but didn’t god create everyone in his image? Even though you on with the unmanly stuff, you really are one of the better people I have met on this site :)

                Like I have many friends who are gay/lesbian. I really do get upset (Yes I” admit it) that they can’t have the same thing straight people have!

                (P.S. Sorry about the things I said, didn’t realise you were such a good person :) )

                1. In America, the rights are better, but the media loves to stereotype them. In America media, they are portrayed as effiminate guys with high voices that are obsessed with fashion. It is pathetic. It isn’t even true.
                  And, it is OK. I said some hasty things myself. :P

                  1. I really get annoyed with the media sometimes ._. But if they tried something like that here, it’s basically saying please don’t support my media site/whatever anymore.

                    Most guys I know who are gay, you seriously could not pick it (Some yes, but most no). With Australia, most people actually want gay marriage legalized but the stupid politicians say no! :S

                    Thankfully the queen signed something on behalf of the commonwealth saying she approves of gay rights, so hopefully Ms Gillard listens.

              2. Also, nah she isn’t a redneck. Long story short, it was her up bringing which made her not like the LGBT community. Her parents were monsters (Seriously, if you put me in a room with them, you’d need body bags I hate them so much, and I ain’t violent). They were kind of like those white supremacist wankers. I kind of in a way am trying to explain to her why the LGBT community is not an issue at all, I’m getting there! :) But I’m happy it’s at least at an acceptable level.

                1. That sucks. Usually the ones who are like that are nurtured that way. It is good to see that you got her into a neutral zone.

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                    1. I have to admit, those guys impersonating you were way worse. I ain’t really a fan of how you come on here and go about with this unmanly stuff, but holy shit, those impersonators were as bad as Sly cooper.

                    2. I finally figured out who copied my account. You know the user “American” who spams wonderful? It was him.

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    1. @Jellybean: The guy impersonating you is out to destroy your reputation. My guys just wanted to.copy me. But I agree that mine are worse because of the large number of them.

      1. Ah right. Aw well, I really am not one to care for internet reputation :P All the guy will do is bring out the ones who lack intelligence. Over the last few articles there have been people using the profile picture with different account names. I actually noticed one had user had neutrons face picture as a profile once then it changed to mine. That was dead give away someone is copying me.

    1. I know who the guy impersonating me is anyway. He threatened a few days ago I would be spammed like I was never spammed before. I’ll just leave the site for a little while and he’ll probably move onto his next victim. Either way, can’t wait to realize how easily people were duped by the guy.

              1. Yeah, I will do that, but when the other loser moves on. Until then, people will keep thinking I’m the fake one -_-

                1. Pretty much, except I think the URL for the account will be different. Either way, I’ll just wait for him to move on. I don’t think he is sad enough to imitate me forever.

                    1. Right, forgot about that ._. aw well. I’ll just wait for them to go. Then make a gravatar account. Been meaning too for a while anyway XD

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