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Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon Developers Working On Top-Secret Game


Next Level Games, the developer behind the soon to be released Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, is apparently working on a top-secret project. The project was started in October 2012, according to one of the developers LinkedIn profile. What would you like to see Next Level Games work on next?

87 thoughts on “Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon Developers Working On Top-Secret Game”

  1. Hmm, idk. They are pretty general developers. They tend to do more sports games however I think they’re more talented then sports games.. so if I had to guess Mario Chargers? But I don’t hope it is that.

  2. Nintendo should just seal the deal and buy these guys. It’s not like they do much with multiplatform games anyway.

      1. Well the 1st group in the Galaxy team(They made SMG 1) has apparently been working on something for the past SIX Years!(While the 2nd group in the Galaxy team worked on Galaxy 2 & Super Mario 3D Land)
        Who the hell knows what it could be, My guess is Super Mario Universe. :/

  3. Headline should read: “Game studio working on game.”

    Isn’t every game top-secret until it’s announced?

    1. maybe it is even MORE secretive than normal. Like Nintendo told them to make a game and not tell even THEMSELVES what is going on… now that would be pretty secretive.

    1. could be, but this seems like an odd studio choice, think a new ip or strickers is more likely, think eternal darkness 2 if its ever made has more chance of going to retro silicon knights or perhaps some other studios like platinum or take-two

    1. Dark moon is not even released on USA and asking for this?
      and yes, it will most likely this new title will be Nintendo Exclusive

  4. After Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon, I wonder if they would be capable of creating a new Eternal Darkness with Nintendo’s assistance. They said Nintendo told them to stop working on their project before LM: DM, so perhaps they’re resuming that project.

  5. THey need to quit with all this secret bullshit just give us the facts straight up so we know if we should start saving our money or not. Seriously.

  6. Level 5 games lol. Great studio. When the started making Luigi’s mansion Dark moon, the didn’t even know what system they were developing for hahahahaha.

    Nintendo treats this great development studio with mischievous but innocent misdirection. They better be making a game for the Wii U. The 3DS is getting games announced for it faster than the useful apps on smart phones and invaluable software on computers { remember when software tools sold PCs? }.

      1. Now that U acidentally mentioned Level 5,
        They were the ones who Developed “Rogue Galaxy” for the PS2, which is one of my most favorite RPGs for the PS2.

        Of course, Sony Japan owns the Rights, and after seeing them trying to shove “Knack” down our throats! I doubt they’ll ever go Back to that Master piece! >.<

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  8. I’m hoping for mario strikers! I fell in love with the series when it was first released on the gamecube, It’s seriously the only soccer game I can enjoy!

  9. Seems like they are pretty good at making 3D games so probably another 3D game. Maybe a new Donkey Kong 64 type game? Maybe a 3D style Metroid game? Or a new Mario Sunshine. I think all three of those are awesome and needed!

  10. another luigi game its name will be ”super luigi brothers” but its based on like a mario galaxy kind of platform and luigi fights browser jr, they need to give luigi some more recognition than he need, like wario.

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  12. I have a feeling it’s either a new Super Mario Strikers game or Punch Out!! for 3DS or Wii U. I would love to see them make a Startropics 3 or a Glory of Heracles 2.

  13. Let’s hope its a layton game! or a GTA for the wii u! or maybe mario party 10!
    heck i’ll even take a jump mega ultimate supreme stars!

  14. I will say something that you may not believe.
    I have the game and reached the old clock works mansion. The game is so great. The first boss in the first mansion ( gloomy manor ) is giant spider. The second boss in the second mansion (haunted towers) is a monster staircase. Now I’m in the old clock works mansion.

    circle pad = move
    (b) + circle pad = run
    (r) = vacuum
    (l) = blow
    (x) = look up
    (a) = strobulb flash
    (y) = dark-light device
    (b) = look down
    [start] = pause menu
    touch screen = map
    (r) + circle pad = catch ghosts

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