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Code Of Princess Comes to Europe On March 28th


Agatsuma Entertainment has announced that Code of Princess will be heading to Europe on March 28th. The action packed title will only be released via the Nintendo 3DS eShop and will have a price tag of €29.99. The game was released in North America on October 9th 2012. Code of Princess has an average review score of 68 percent on Metacritic.

40 thoughts on “Code Of Princess Comes to Europe On March 28th”

  1. Unlikely i’ll get this considering Bioshock, Fire Emblem, Luigis Mansion, Monster Huner being released at the time.

      1. Oh, that photo. I guess zigfried right here HATES nintendo because of some of this related images represented (sorry if someone will hurt or offended) nazi and germany? Hey Zigfried, you hate Hitler,?
        Always you are judging to its cover…

  2. from what i’ve heard and read that game isn’t really “good”
    might buy it just for fun, – ok let’s be real
    might buy it just for the main character <3

    that damn figure.. i would put my dick all over it

  3. Great concept for a game, but mediocre execution. Should probably only be 15 bucks I think. Hope others enjoy.

  4. I’m sorry but even though i’m a straight guy, that amour annoys the hell out of me. Her baby face and sexual body is just perverted. Especial her Armour which looks like some type of fetish.

    1. Me too! Her armor isn’t armor. Armor is meant to protect you. Her ‘armor’ is just metal thrown over her body to enhance her sexual features. It’s ridiculous. But hey, that’s fantasy for you.

  5. Oh gee, another female character in a video game who’s 80% undressed. Totally hasn’t been done before, and should never stop. Definitely not.

    1. ^this, I’m not sure what they’re trying to achieve with a high priced eShop game. Is there even a considerable audience for those? I highly doubt it.

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