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Capcom Interested In More Disney Remasters, Chip N’ Dale Next?


Rey Jimenez, DuckTales Remastered producer, has hinted that if sales for the game meet expectations then Chip n’ Dale would be what he describes as the next logical step. Jimenez says that the work Capcom put into getting approval from Disney to remaster the game could lead to future remastered releases of other classic Capcom-Disney projects. These games could include Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers, Darkwing Duck and Aladdin.

“In a purely hypothetical world. I think Chip n’ Dale would be the next logical one. It makes sense because it’s the next in the hierarchy.”

55 thoughts on “Capcom Interested In More Disney Remasters, Chip N’ Dale Next?”

        1. Nuts! That’s true. I owned and played a NES and a SNES by the same time and not rarely I make this kind of confusion.

    1. Naaaah, Genesis had smoother animations and character models were smoother, but SNES had better level design, more colours, more vibrant “Disney feel”, and it’s undeniable, the music in the SNES version ruins the Genesis version, same with all SNES games, Genesis sound card sounds like shit.

      1. The Genesis sound card is most certainly NOT shit.
        I do think the SNES card is 5x better, but Sonic 1-3 had some amazing music, along with some other games.

  1. I had the original cartdrige, which I needed to trade in to get Mega Man V. I miss playing Chip and Dale. Great game.

  2. If Disney’s Aladdin gets ‘remastered’, then what version would they possibly do? In my honest opinion… the Super Nintendo version.

  3. Do you guys see that? Wayforward is already showing interest in redeveloping more classic Disney titles so please let’s support Ducktales so that they have no excuses not to do more remakes.

  4. Ever since KH2, I’ve lost all interest in Disney games. Though, I hope they do more of these remasters. I wanna play what are the “good” ones.

      1. Kingdom Hearts in general really. The story became incredibly stupid in 2, added a bunch of generic anime esq characters I don’t care about, and it’s just a button masher. At least the first game required skill to win. In two, you spend 90% mashing X, and the other 10% mashing Triangle. I don’t consider that a good game. Not to mention even the hardest difficulty is still easy enough to bore me.

        1. “Boring anime characters”

          Erm, its not “Disney: The Game”, it has its own story, and its own characters that i found interesting, on top of the Disney part.

          No the game wasn’t difficult, was its fun regardless.

          1. Sora was definitely much more flexible, and there were a few bosses I liked a lot, but overall I think the gameplay was a bit shallow. And what I mean is they just seemed to toss Disney to the side in favor of the Organization. Whereas in the first game, it was more of a healthy balance of Final Fantasy and Disney. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you have to agree with me, it’s okay if you like it. Just giving my two cents.

    1. Who gives a shit if the content is aimed at kids or not, so long as the game is fun and enjoyable to play. I for one don’t play games to be respected by other people or to cater to their opinions, I play games to be entertained regardless of the content

    2. Yeah. They need to grow up and play games like Little Big Planet, Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, Kinectimals, Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts, and Viva Pinata.


      Usually when people make fun of someone doing something it is because they do it themselves and they are insecure about it.

      Seriously. 2001 just called. They said they want their insult back.

  5. taku bink bonk weeaboo

    come on, folks. are we rilly playing kid’s games n shit still. come on man. if you’re over 12 and you still play Disney games you need help ya hear. Man grow up n shit man.

    1. This coming from someone whom has no grasp of proper grammar and punctuation?

      Seriously. Are people this starved for attention that they troll around message boards to try and rob others of good feelings of nostalgia and fun? Or maybe it is because they have so much pain in their lives that they want others to feel the same pain they do. ‘Hurt’ people, HURT people. Or at least try to.

      I’m sorry but I have to inform you that we will enjoy playing the games just fine. We will enjoy being grown people who can take our grown money that we made from our grown jobs to make a grown-up decision to purchase whatever form of entertainment that we see fit. I’m so sorry that I’m not taking your opinion into account. Many apologies. I was under the impression I could spend my money however I want. I forgot I had to first of all get absolute truth on what games I am SUPPOSED to play from YOU, and then get permission to purchase them from YOU.

      Seriously, there probably isn’t one bill that comes into your current residence that has your name on it. And I say ‘current residence’ because it is highly unlike that someone that has a house note, car note, insurance, utilities, food, gas, children, and/or spouse or any combination of those things would even bother to make a comment as stupid as yours. They are too busy taking care of their own business to worry about anyone else’s. If you do, then you REALLY need to get some help.

  6. Why do we need to grow up just cause we’re not talkin about CoD or FIFA? a good game is a good game no matter what the content. Do you HONESTLY think anybody will want a black ops 2 remake in 24 years time? Seriously, if Activision didn’t stuff it down our throats, CoD would have been dead and buried years ago.

    I agree that the SNES and Megadrive versions of Aladdin were different enough to not really compare to each other but I still think Virgin interactive’s version had better animation and had more akin to the film.

  7. I like seeing games being “remastered” and not just ported. I would LOVE if Nintendo did Metroid Remasters for the Wii U e-Shop. That would be so epic!!!

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  9. Capcom also made Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse, World of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, Mickey’s Magical Quest and Tailspin.

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  16. CDRR and Dark wing Duck would rule! We can’t forget Tale spin though. I think that series deserves a game worth it’s pedigree!

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