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Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon And Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates To Infinity Arrive On The Nintendo 3DS eShop

Nintendo_eShop_logoLuigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity have launched in North America. Both games are now downloadable from the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS. Will you be downloading both games, or are you waiting until stores open to purchase physical copies? Either way, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon costs $39.99, and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity costs $34.99.

101 thoughts on “Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon And Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates To Infinity Arrive On The Nintendo 3DS eShop”

    1. I have downloaded this game. I am like the FIRST Jamaican to get this game…. I am sooo Happy… LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! Who wanna exchange friend codes and play some multiplayer? IT”S SOOOO FUCKING FUN!!!!

      Get N or get OUT!!!!

        1. taku bink bonk weeaboo

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  1. Physical copy for the 3ds when possible for me. I like to trade them in I collect them. How ever due to the promotion deal with the delux wiiu I have purchased a few retail games for my wiiu

    1. If I had an extra card I’d DL it in a heart-beat.
      Same thing as physical if its on an SD card, since both are technically cartridges you stick into the system.
      One just holds more, is all.

        1. You’re right, because the new standard for judging peoples intelligenceis what form they buy their games. You need some serious mental treatment. I’m talking about locking to up in padded room with a straight jacket on and inject you with medicine. I’m serious, you RetroJunkie are psychotic.

          1. taku bink bonk weeaboo

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          2. Oooh! If I’m psychotic, you better watch your back. I might suck you up with my Poltergust and never let you out.

            1. Hahahaha! Stuck me up with your polstergust… What the are you talking about? Back to your cage, RetroJunkie.

          1. I’m sick of this website. Most of the Nintendo fanboys on this site need a psychiatric exam, honestly. Talk about taking video games too seriously.

            1. I know right. Then when they don’t get there way, perversion starts happening! It’s why I don’t spend a great amount of time here anymore.

              1. Exactly. I was away from this website for a few weeks and when I come back I see the usual drone temper tantrums and flame wars. The whole online gaming community in general is disgusting. Nothing but negativity and fighting.
                I think from now on I’ll just play the games that interest me and not worry about what a bunch of douche bags on the Internet think of it.

                1. Nintendo Commander

                  The only ones trolling and bashing in this site are the likes of you…

                  If everyone of you don’t even like Nintendo then why on earth are you even here?…

                  The Nintendo community is just defending itself from the obvious corrupted garbage that the rest of you non Nintendo gamers are…

                  So why don’t you unevolved ones get lost amd leave us true gamers alone…

                  1. Because the lot of them, in a sense, are sadists. Hell, I remember Jellybean over there admitting some time ago that he enjoyed causing/watching the raging that occurs on this site (someone called him out on that, but as expected, Jellybean never replied).

                    Of course, they won’t admit it now; that would be the sensible thing to do, but seeing as this is the internet…

            2. Don’t be so offensive dude ;__; I have actually had some psychiatric exams ):

              But enough about that, video games are defacto serious bussiness.

      1. I’m wiser than most when it comes to this subject. I know what digital downloads is going to do to the future of video games. It’s a very dark future ahead of us. And it’s all because of people who supports the digital downloads. When you walk into a store one day and you no longer see any video games in stock, anywhere you look, anywhere in town, you can thank all of the people who supported digital downloads.

          1. What the hell is he even talking about? Wiser than me in the subject of buiyng games retail or digital? Must be proud of himself.

        1. You said you’re 35? I’m ten years younger than you and from what I can tell much more knowledgeable in most fields. And seriously, STILL STUCK IN THE 80s.

        2. Even though I fully agree with you and support you in your fight against digital downloads so do you act like a madman about it. I mean, you do not even give people the right to have an opinion.

          Yes, I am fully aware about how digital copies screw the customer tenfold but please, do not bitch about it in this way, you just make us other physical copy embracers look like some kind of Jehovah’s witness.

  2. Gates to Infinity will probably be the first Mystery Dungeon game I pass. The fact you can only play as Pikachu, and Gen 5 Pokemon disappoints me. I love every gen of Pokemon, I just wish I had more options. I’ll be getting Dark Moon though. Looks like good fun.

    1. I’ve been playing it for the past three hours and trust me, you forget about the lack of starting options really quickly. I was fairly bummed about that too, but there are just so many great improvements over all to the game series and it just sucks you right in. Go give the demo a try, but even that doesn’t do it justice. MD2 is still my favorite so far but I can see this catching up.

      1. Downloading the demo now, but I wanted to ask. How’s the story so far? Is it on the same scale as the past two games? Bigger, smaller?

        1. I don’t believe I’m far enough into it to tell, yet, but I haven’t noticed the story to be lacking at all. It comes at the same pace as the last two games so you’re still doing normal missions while waiting for exposition, but you’re not going to feel deprived.

    1. I bet you’re gonna download it. You strike me as the type that’s too lazy to go down to the store and buy it. Or should I say, have your MOM drive to the store and buy it for you.

      1. what the fuck haha, your just randomly harassing someone, and i think if there is a physical copy available, why wouldnt you go for the physical version?

        1. No iceazeama, I’m not randomly harassing someone. That dumbass Adarazz started the whole thing by getting offended just because I insulted people who download games instead of buying physical copies. I laugh at people like him. He thinks calling me a psycho is going to make me mad? LOL!

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                Terrible logic you have.

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          1. Nintendo Commander

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            I just posted my comment that had nothing to do with him or any gamer really in the “D3 maybe coming to other consoles”…

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            Obvious Sony Unit who gets offended by the smallest negative Playstation comment, it’s pathetic…

            And you jellybean are the most arrogant in here so stop pretending like you so mature…

          1. MrRetroJunkie, the socially rejected Nintendork comes after me constantly because I have a differing opinion than him. He’s just trying to be an Internet tough guy.

            1. I come after YOU? Quite the opposite. All I do is post my comments, then you come around and call me names. Then it just goes back and forth.

                  1. taku bink bonk weeaboo

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                    1. Why the hell do you keep talking about the KKK and racism? What are you smoking man? I’m talking about digital downloads, not black people.

              1. i just think your comments are funny, being a bitch its making me laugh, arnt you like 40 or am i thinking of somebody else on here,if so your one of the oldest people on here what makes you being a bitch so funny, well i prefer physical copies too to make you feel better haha, most would, but this is such a funny fight

                1. taku bink bonk weeaboo

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                2. Actually, I’m 35. That’s why I usually assume that most people on here are young and stupid. Well, not always stupid, but you get my point.

                    1. I never actually thought of myself as arrogant. But I suppose maybe I am. Interesting.

      1. I can say that after not using my 3DS for almost a year, Gates is the god send I needed. The 3D effects are great if you’re into that stuff, but for a rogue dungeon crawler it’s fantastic. Expect everything from MD and more if you’ve played the previous ones, but it doesn’t make too much of a difference if you haven’t.


          1. oh, you won’t miss a second circle pad, it’s really well adapted.
            I’m at the beggining of the game, so I don’t know if the controls will get more complicated, but capturing the ghosts feels as good as before.
            this game brings a LOT of nostagia, but feels so fresh, can’t explain it. I’m just loving it!

            1. well im just wondering if i should buy it but with no pro i dont know if the controls will feel good and be good, sense the original used the c stick to move the flashlight and catch ghosts, if your any farther you should tell me. if it changes at all and if its still feels good, moving the flashlight with y and x is it and then holding r to get the ghosts sound like it would get annoying and uncomfortable

              1. I got further and got some upgrades for the lantern as well as my poltergust 5000.

                Well, It still feels great. You learn the basics really quick. you move Luigi on the 3D environment pointing the lantern to what ever you want, you can move up and down with X and B buttons (or gysroscope which is nice because the game automatically ajust the 3D effect, so you won’t feel unconfortable), once you’ve found something interesting, you just hit the R button to use the poltergust.

                While holding the R button (sucking up things with the vaccum) you still can move with the circle pad and X B buttons, but it feels limited (sideaways). but its really easier to point the flash light on the invironment, hold R and release it, then point the flashlight in another direction and use the vaccum again.

                I hope I’ve helped you. you won’t regret this game, controls feels awesome, it feels like a true sequel to luigi’s masion, and I can tell you that it have the best graphics I’ve ever seen on the 3DS, animations are even funnier than those on the gamecube game, it’s hilarious. :)

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