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Best Buy Selling Wii U Basic Set With Nintendo Land For Only $299.99

wii_u_basic_setFor a limited time, Best Buy is selling the Wii U Basic Set bundled with Nintendo Land for only $299.99. Regularly, the Wii U Basic Set is sold at that same price without Nintendo Land, whereas the Wii U Deluxe Set includes the party game and costs $349.99. Nintendo Land retails for $59.99, so, technically, if you decide to purchase the Wii U Basic Set bundle from the American retailer, you’re saving over $50. Will you be purchasing the bundle? Or do you rather paying the extra cash for the Wii U Deluxe Set, which features more memory? Let us know in the comments section below.

99 thoughts on “Best Buy Selling Wii U Basic Set With Nintendo Land For Only $299.99”

  1. 1) Europe is being completely ripped off anyway and this adds insult to injury
    2) Even though the price cuts are unofficial, Nintendo should be giving early adopters something. I paid 320 euro (or 416 dollars, yes 416 dollars my U.S.A friends) for my basic bundle and full price for all 5 of my games. I’m a legit person and really supporting the cause. GIVE ME SOMETHING.

    1. Try Australia. $420 for a new Wii U deluxe when AU$1 is about US$1.05. That’s about US$440.

      Stop complaining about something you can do nothing about. It’s life that you get messed around. I enjoy my Wii U almost every day, and I only have 4 games. You should be having way more fun than me.

      1. ^ This, but I traded in my PS3 for my Wii U (The PS3 came for free with the Sony Bravia TV that I bought, and I didn’t use my PS3 much anymore) so my Premium Wii U was $250 AU. I don’t get why games are so expensive though, and that’s why I pirate (some) games because I don’t want to be paying double or triple the price compared to game prices in the US. Until games get at least slightly cheaper, which I doubt will happen anytime soon, I’ll be pirating my PC games and looking out for deals with games on Nintendo consoles.

        1. I’m actually pretty happy with the Wii U game prices. $80 for the top games instead of the usual $120 is pretty good.

          1. @Kratos
            The Wii U suits my needs much more than my once owned PS3. Besides, Sony got their money from me when I bought a Sony Bravia TV, so be happy about that.

      2. Bitch please, in Central America you can easily find Wii U at almost 1000$. They are so expensive many stores let you buy them in monthly payments, at an even higher price of course

        1. I got mine here in Mexico for about 400$, but it was a really great and uncommon offer. Most places are selling the basic set at 600$ and the deluxe one at 700$.

        1. Cause 10 years ago, it would’ve been the same, but because of the changing economy, everything in Australia is more expensive than almost all other 1st world countries.

          1. Because they guys bringing the shipments of WiiU’s to australia have to risk their lives with all that poisonous shit out there

            1. Well I’ve lived here 4 and a half years and the worst I’ve seen is a spider almost the size of my hand.

      3. try Malaysia(smalll country im living)it cost around 1400 for a wii u deluxe set,thats around 460 usd.not included any games besides nintendoland

        1. I understand that, but Malaysia isn’t really a 1st world country like Australia, yet the prices are almost the same.

      4. I am playing my wii U every day. That’s not what I meant by “GIVE ME SOMETHING” I just feel like I deserve something for the money I’ve given Nintendo. Now on your Australian dollars your basic wage is 16 dollars if you’re over twenty (I am) so the ratio is 16/420 = 0.038 and it was 420 euro here when it came out too (we seem to get the same numbers for different currency) but our basic wage is 8 euro so it’s 8/420 = 0.019 . America is 7/350 which is 0.02. So as you can see you’re actually getting it relatively for a better price than both Europe and America. Nobody ever seems to remember ratios when they do this kind of math. So you’ve no cause to complain of in Australia. RELATIVELY EUROPE IS THE WORST. And why can’t I complain? Just because I don’t have control of it? Sure that’s how these things start, the voice of one can become the voice of many.

        1. Despite the basic wage being 16 is your over twenty, my brother’s 22 and it took him about 4 months of continuously going out and looking for work and the best he could get was $10 an hour. The economy of the world is completely fucked, so it’s awful everywhere really.

      5. beemothelittleboy

        Finally someone that’s share pain, I also hate how Americans botch about there’s game being priced to high our 3ds games are priced at $70.00, Wii u games r at $100.00, I got the 3ds at launch for $350.00 I was rethinking to just buy an American version

        1. I got the 3DS at launch too, but got it for $100 off because I traded in my broken DS Lite for it :D

    2. You are so stupid, you should kill yourself. What about on black Friday when everything is off. For example, the 360 was on sale for 150$, it wasn’t official from Microsoft but should early adopters get something, what do retailers and manufactures have to do with each other. You should start paying attention in school and less on video games.

    3. The price drops have nothing to do with Nintendo, why would they give you or me money? It has to do with the retailers, they are dropping the price and making less profit from it.
      Yeah, Europe is being ripped, but not as bad as Australia.

  2. I’m not buying any games/systems from Best Buy, but either way I’ll be getting the Deluxe Set because of the promotion and minor accessories.

    1. NINTENDO has something at E3 Something more than games.
      Something we have to wait. E3:E3:E3:E3: The games is just the begining. Ps4 and 720 WIIU IS VERY POWERFUL. Current Wii U owners have prototypes. Thats why Nintendo is not hyping WII u or advertising it. E3:E3:E3!!!!!

      1. Hahaha I actually thought of the same thing but it is impossible ,,,, well , u can dream , it is every man right :)

      1. *Email Sickr & Alba about that stuff kind of stuff, yo.

        I would have liked to have known as well.*

        Fixed that for you!

            1. so now you’re going to put effort into adding punctuation to my comments?

              how did you manage to get trolled by someone not even trying to troll you?

                1. you’re putting effort into making your posts sound grammatically correct, and even attempting to correct mine

                  meanwhile, i’m still avoiding the shift key as always

                  aren’t trolls the ones who are supposed to get reactions out of people without trying? seems like the reverse is going on here, even thought i’m not trying to troll.

      1. tends to have good listings on all video game deals. It would show up there for anything on sale.

  3. I can wait for longtime before i get another Wii U yes i had one and returned it. i will continue to wait until they release a game thats actually worth playing besides kids games and besides 3rd party games that i already have and play better on my PS3.

  4. PS Nintendoland is not worth buying anyways when i am the only person that would be playing it. Playing it solo is pointless!

    1. Get the family to come play it, and if you can’t have a few friends over to play. I got Nintendoland for Christmas, and it was the most fun Christmas I’ve had in years.

          1. GetALoadOfThisFaggot

            Hahahahaha what?
            That’s the funniest swearing I’ve ever seen.

            But yeah, Bill sucks dicks.

        1. Im pretty sure we have more physical friends than the other consoles do. Xbox and PS3 players just yell online at each other. Typical conversation from and PSBoxer “what time are you going to be online tonight?” Nintendrone “Come over my house at 4” completely different atmoshpherez. One plays solo, the other with live friends.

  5. Like I say every time this site has an article about a deal on a Nintendo product… STILL A HUGE WASTE OF MONEY!

        1. GetALoadOfThisFaggot

          What made you change your mind? You used to troll all the time, but now you’re saying some quite reasonable things from time to time. It’s indeed true the Wii U is a waste of money right now, I’m not paying to play lego gta kidcover or NewmariosameshitU.

          Kinda want Wind Waker though.

          1. Yeah I will wait probably three years after launch to get a Wii U just like I did for Wii.

            It’s just funny people who bought Wii U at launch thought they would have games galore. They thought wrong. Once again Iwata promised Wii U would not have software droughts that plagued previous consoles and once again he failed to keep that promise.

            Honestly there has not been a single system selling Wii U game so far (don’t give me bullshit like ZombiU or Lego City, if those games were multiplat you Nintendrones would not give a SHIT about them).

                1. ^BS article is the same as reading ign or pachter articles, anyone with a brain should know not to believe in this crap.

                  1. So according to you facts are “crap”? Iwata should be in the unemployment line tommorrow. With Wii U he has once again managed to botch a system launch. Not to mention, YET AGAIN there is currently a long software drought for a Nintendo console.

                    1. again look at all of iwata’s achievements he has done for Nintendo, i thought he would get fire soon, he turn around 3ds into a success.
                      p.s. 4 months does not equal “long drought” for wii u im surprise you have not notice the software in march.

        2. Oh Neutron and pretending you didn’t hear Nintendo say Super Smash Bros. Maybe if you dig the wax out your ears you know they are making new games. Or did you think Nintendo pruchased a $200 million dollar head quarters for nothing?

  6. I now know why Wii U aint hyped!!!!! It makes perfect sense. Wii U IS NEXT GENERATION. IT IS NOT UNVEILED. E3: E3 E3 E3 E3 E3 E MOTHERFUCKIN 3!!!!!!


      1. GetALoadOfThisFaggot

        You can stop this, we all know Nintendo is waiting to just pwn everything at E3 with game reveals, I feel it’ll be a relaunch of the Wii U. But then again, you can stop saying what everyone already knows.

    1. It already is “truly” connected to the Internet. Unless you’re saying you want it to have have DRM like Xbox 720…

      1. I hope that is not the case with Xbox 720, I don’t think people would like that idea of internet 24/7. But hey aren’t all console already capable connecting to the internet?

  8. I didn’t get a Wii until close to Brawl. It was very hard to find. I almost did the same for the Wii U, but caved and searched one out a couple weeks after release.
    Now I already own 8 retail games and 8+ eshop only games. It has a lot of good shit already. Eons better than the Wii. I need an external HDD.

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