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Tales Series Could Come To Wii U If System Gets More Support


Tales series producer Hideo Baba has told Destructiod that the Tales series could eventually come to the Wii U, if the platform gets more support. Baba says that at the moment they are concentrating all their efforts on the PlayStation 3. Would you like to see the Tales series come to Nintendo’s latest home console?

“Our main target audience for the Tales franchise is still ultimately Japan, so when we make a game we want to target our main fanbase,”

“So we like the idea of the Wii U — we think it’s a great system — and if it becomes more and more successful in the future that’s a console we would like to tap eventually, but for the time being we don’t have any plans and we are focused on maintaining our fanbase on PlayStation 3.”

64 thoughts on “Tales Series Could Come To Wii U If System Gets More Support”

  1. please, please give us tales games, then again i’ll probably be getting the ps4 so either or. I would like off screen play though



      1. And thats Nintendo is not doing much to get third partys in japan. When Nintendo makes the wiiu more popular in japan developers will jump and Nintendo only have to do is pick the best to bring to América.

        1. Yet Namco Bandaging who makes the Tales games are helping with Smash Brow Universe lol…So they are working with the Wii U.

  3. I love this whole “We’ll support it as long as other people do first” attitude from companies… nope, wait, it’s horrible.

  4. And yet, if a full blown fully full Tales of game came to the Wii U how many units do you think it would shift all on it’s own? Bit of a vicious for the Wii U at the moment, 3rd parties won’t make for it cause it’s a slow burner, and it’s a slow burner cause 3rd party support for it sucks. So once again Nintendo are gonna have to heavily step up to the plate and make their own console worth by on the games front, and then we might get some of the big 3rd party names, maybe.

    1. If Tales of Symphonia, to my knowledge the only Tales game to come to the system, could move tons of copies, then the Wii U would see a lot of sales from a Tales game, too.
      Provided it’s a good one, preferably a new one.

    1. NAMCO BANDAI is working on Super smash brothers at nintendo’s Tokyo studios. Thus there great business relationship has grown. Patience and like Splinter cell we will get the tales series back on nintendo platforms wholely.

  5. Tales and everyone third party game are coming to the Wii U with added on features, as those witnessed on Deux Ex. This is Hideo Baba’s polite way of not offending Japanese PS3 owners. Realize that they know the Wii U has been uplifted by third parties Capcom even without Nintendo’s Mario gang showing up again. The Wii U shall be this generations rpg base, I am stating it now. Feel free to share your joy with me in a few months :).

  6. Allow me to educate the very young nintendo fans. Don’t gripe, the Wii is a combination of the NES and SNES in terms of games and appeal. It shall have a multitudes of gems and a plethora of third parties. Third party games that make the most viable sense like Watchdogs and Monster hunter 3 ultimate. Crysis 3 and hogwash mainstream fade away after release titles shall be a no show on this beautiful system. Mark these words, aliens colonial marines was horrible, don’t you want games like need for speed most wanted U edition or Deux Ex human revolution? They fact that nintendo has beyond and marvelous first and second party titles, allows third parties to enhance our games while giant real third parties like Capcom and WB give us masterpieces while awaiting the other PC quality ports we shall get on the Wii U. So don’t whine play the greatness, also buy a 3DS ’cause nothing will have games of diverse genre and quality like the true emperor of the eighth generation the royal 3DS.

  7. I’ve just gotta say, because developers don’t seem to realize that if you want a system to have more support, you have to put games on it. It won’t become successful by a miracle.

    1. Some realize it, others don’t want to take the risk. It is a bit of a catch-22. The Wii U and Vita are kind of in that position when it comes to developer/publisher mentality.

      1. The Vita is in a bad position because Sony were brash and challenged a descendant of the gameboy. Everyone knows nintendo crushes competitors in the handheld realm.

        # 2011 – 2012 ps vita game changer all how those commercials made me laugh

      2. I personally think it is an absurd and pathetic attitude for developers to take , the ”come and wipe my ass for me” approach.
        They risk hurting their own future more than anything else and that is the reason it is pathetic.
        Ubisofts strategy is bold and refreshing. They take it upon themselves to help console launches so they , in return , can reap the benefits of bigger installed bases in the near and far future. Credit to them. Most of these Japanese devs are still cry babying out and making PSP games. Why don’t they focus all of their efforts onto Vita like they have done with 3DS. because ultimately that is where their future lies.

        Ubisoft supporting Wiiu now will leave a good taste in Nintendo fans mouths. And you will see games like Watchdogs and AC4 and future Ubsioft Wiiu games sell progressively more and more.

        1. Yeah, it’s pretty stupid that so many are afraid to develop for the new tech. Hopefully they will change their views soon. I was really, really hoping that a lot of devs would go to both the Wii U and Vita talks at GDC. Unfortunately, not too many went. I don’t know why they’re doing this. There really is no logical reason.

          1. Uh huh. A lot of devs are still caught up in taking advantage of the PS3 360. You ask 80% of devs and they are probably scared to think about ps4 and 720 games. You have to lose some to win some.

            It all boils down to financial reasons and company’s being scared. Console launches really seperate the men from the boys so it seems. Ubisoft wants to be the biggest and best third party and that’s where they will end up if they carry on like they do.

  8. So they said they’re not making for the PS4 atm. Vita they won’t release due to lack of sales. Wii U they want more sales. So that pretty much leaves PS3 and 3DS to work on. Better get them out quick if it’s the former.

  9. I’ll take any Tales games on any Nintendo system at this point. I’d jump for joy if Vesperia PS3 came to Wii U.

    Sucks that they’re so hesitent though, since the best selling Tales game in North America was Symphonia.

  10. Tales of the Abyss 3DS , that was the straigtest port I’ve played , but boy was it amazing. Just do a straight port on Xillia onto Wiiu with offscreen play. Even if late we won’t complain.


  12. Considering the console jumps from the last places of sales to the top 5 the minute a good game comes out, it is pretty obvious that Wii U will eventually get its own Tales game.

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  14. Knowing Namco, If they release a Tales of on a Nintendo console, they will give as a Crappy Beta version of the game and months later they will announce a better version of the game on a Sony console.

        1. Really? I’ve never seen the PS2 one, so I don’t really know.

          I do know for sure that the X360 Vesperia looked like a beta game compared to PS3 Vesperia.

  15. “We’ll support the Wii U if it gets more support. Until then, we’ll be supporting playstation a.k.a. the system with the absolute least support.”

  16. As others have said, this really makes you appreciate Ubisoft. They might not always make the best decisions, but you have to appreciate how proactive they are. They don’t wait for others to make a system great, they’ll do it themselves if they have to.

    Namco could learn a thing or two about that. Put some effort in and they could easily make a system seller of a Tales game for Wii U.

  17. I LOVE the Tales of Series. I’m almost considering buying a PS3 just because its getting all the Tales of games. I will gladly buy it on the Wii U if it comes out on it.

    1. Do it tales of graces f is a badass game and now tales of xillia is coming in august, I already preordered the collectors edition and my body is ready.

  18. The only time I’ll ever buy a Wii U will be when I see a game to my liking that I’m dying for, like a Smash Bros game. At the moment there has not been one game to my interest.

    Otherwise I’m happy to continually buy the games for ps3. Would be nice if they brought back Phantasia and put it on the 3DS like they did with Abyss.

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  20. Sony fanboys only want CoD, Shooters and linear movie games, like Uncharted and God of War. Nintendo fans prefer Japanese games, like Tales, PSO, Zelda, Japanese RPG’s etc. We grew up playing Japanese games in the NES/SNES era, before PlayStation afterall.

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