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Climax Studios Working On Wii U Games


Climax Studios, the development studio that’s thought to be behind the next Prince of Persia game, has announced on its website that they are currently working on Wii U games. The official Climax Studio website says that the developer is “developing on PS4, Wii U and other new consoles that we just can’t talk about yet.” Climax Studios previously worked on Silent Hill: Shattered Memories for the original Wii.

85 thoughts on “Climax Studios Working On Wii U Games”

      1. More 3rd party devs are definitly picking up projects on the Wii U. Pretty soon (in a few months) the Wii U will be PACKED with tons of awesome games to buy! 💋

      1. True, but people were decrying the Wii U as a system that would NOT get better support.
        It’s satisfying to see those words being reluctantly swallowed by trolls everywhere.

      1. I guess they’ll have to find new insults for us, cuz ‘No 3rd party’
        ‘Wii all over again’ stupidity doesn’t apply to the Wii U. The Big name devs are
        the ones too scared to innovate. Good thing GTA 11 doesn’t interest me ;P

        Its the little guys who have a passion for games that I’d want to support. Wii U will
        likely have the exclusives with the most fun-factor. Patiently waiting is easy when
        you know its true.

  1. There working on two,am expecting more details on third party support soon.People are going to be surprised I believe!

  2. So let me get this right! Wii U aint next generation yet this developer is making games for PS4 and Wii U oh ok. BS.

  3. As soon as High Command’s new Fortress of Doom is ready, they will probably begin to assimilate some if these tribes…

    Let’s hope these new games are anything other than dull sport games and mindless fps…

      1. It amuses me how many of you get bothered by a few words…

        Atleast I stay on the subject unlike many of the insignificant trolls around here…

        What’s funny about talking like everybody else?…

  4. Go Wiiu! Bringing home dem games. WIth games like Injustice , Batman Arkhum origins , Watchdogs and Project cars , the Wiiu is getting some OK third party support. And just remember more thirdparty games and multiplats will be announced as the year goes on.

    Walter White suck shit.

    1. I’m waiting for E3 to laugh on the face of my friends who said “man, I’m not getting this vg, not likely” They will all rush to the next gamestop and buy one :D

      1. Exactly. Wiiu is shaping up to be a great console. It will end up where if you don’t buy one , it’s your loss. You will be missing out on games like Bayonetta 2 , Wonderfull 101 , Pikmin 3 , X , Zelda , Mario kart etc.

        1. Omg, bayonetta 2!!! I’m very anxious to know what retro studios is up to… last time they developed a game it just became my favorite wii game, I’ve played donkey kong returns many many times, and I still play it. I hope they are making something really impressive! donkey kong or metroid prime would be awesome for me.

          1. Did I hear someone say Bayonetta 2?!!!!!!! That Nintendo title is #1 on my must own list. I hope that Kamiya and Hashimoto make an appearance during this June’s Nintendo E3 Press Conference including the exclusive real-time gameplay of this U exclusive… including the 60fps clip on Platinum’s website.

            1. Now we have the best hack ‘n slash game of all time!

              We’ll also get from Platinum, The Wonderful 101 which from what I’ve seen is a GREAT game.

              It has some hack ‘n slash mechanics like devil may cry/bayonetta, the heros ”thematic” looks like Viewtiful Joe and some drawing mechanics (draw on the pad to make a weapon) like Okami! It’s the best games from Kamiya all-in-one!

  5. Walter white now is the time I told you about two days ago. Had you humbled yourself this announcement would not be slapping you in your overrated tv show avatar. Thus I say to you again :


      1. Earlier today you said that this company shall not bring their game to the Wii U, behold Climax is bringing two games. I pity how you cannot comprehend common sense nor see you own brain losing cells unnecessarily, due to your xbot pay for Internet service twice due to xboxlive. Think smartly and you shall not miss out on the great games that shall most definitely be on the Wii U. I still have faith of you opening your eyes though lol. Before we HADUKEN ryu fireball you into vigil and THQ verse.

        1. Wow. How can one be so fucking stupid? Seriously? Your mom should smack your mouth straight for talking like that. I own a Wii U. I own a 360. I own a PS3. I own a PC. So I’ll be enjoying more games than your stupid fanfag face will ever come across. Deepthroat it.

      1. I was excited to watch it, then after Pikmin it went to shit. One of the most disappointing E3’s I’ve seen in years.

        1. Your full of shit son, just like your own punch-drunk mother of yours, til she killed herself in a car accident which left you speechless.

          1. If you had any intelligence before you made a stupid fucking username you’d know that Walter White is the senior. If he wasn’t then Walt Jr wouldn’t be called Walt Jr. Lose the Gordon Freeman avatar.

        2. Yet, you talk about Obama can’t do shit, that’s how you were raised in a psychiatric ward since I left you there, to rot for killing an innocent life, twice!

  6. I love it when trolls pose as a fan, only to know 1st hand what the Big N is doing lol. Hey Walter, seeing you here reminds me of how sony and ms follow Nintendo around trying to learn some new moves LOL… Losers. Sore ones at that. WIIU is gonna rock the mf house WOOOOOO! lol.

  7. Oh my… a 3rd party game comin to the PS4, Next Xbox AND the Wii U.. so what was that people were saying? no 3rd support for the Wii U when the PS4 and Next Xbox is released?… I don’t think soooo.

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