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Shin’en Games Have A Couple Of New Wii U Games In Development


Nano Assault Neo creator, Shin’en Games, have announced via Twitter that they currently have two brand new Wii U games in development. The development studio hopes to reveal both of the unannounced titles sometime later this year. What would you like to see them develop?

We will reveal a new Wii U game later this year, well even too games ;)

57 thoughts on “Shin’en Games Have A Couple Of New Wii U Games In Development”

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              Oh, and spell check yourself.:P

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                    1. Resorting to ad hominem will get you nowhere in an argument. I thought we all learned this in English Language and Composition guys.

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      1. Like we’ve always stated my friend, you should never doubt and underestimate High Command aslong as they exist…

        The indie developers of today are the most powerful forces of tomorrow, and High Command is securing those allies for us while the Xbots are destroyed and the Sony Units fall into oblivion…

        1. As was rareware once an indie that grew to greatness. Humbled themselves had they, rareware, and they would still be belonging to nintendo. Retro hired 2/3rds of former rareware employees, and thus Metroid prime plus donkey kong returns :).

      1. Only 4 %, indeed they should buy the remainder of monolith soft. Then buy Shin’ en as Nintedward has stated before you :).

  1. RPGs, stylish & deep Fighters, or Action games = GREAT!
    Wii U could use these. If devs put the work in (like they have in the upcoming ‘X’),
    gamers will rejoice.

    Platformers, Puzzle, FPSs and Party games are all over the place; we don’t need more.
    A few great games can lead the industry to the high levels of Art that, lately, its been straying from.

  2. ATTENTION: somewhat off topic.

    At all Wii U owners and Wii U fanboys, I have some questions for you.

    1)Are you getting Nintendo for Nintendo games only?

    2)If so then why is there a lot of hype for Rayman, Need for Speed, Project Cars and Watchdogs?

    3)Do you think sales will pick up after the 1st party titles are released?

    1. 1: No, I’m getting the Wii U for more than just Nintendo games.
      Trine 2 got a purchase from me, as did Nano Assault Neo, and I’m looking forward greatly to Rayman, Watch Dogs, Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2.

      2: Being skipped as it doesn’t apply to me.

      3: Of course they will. That’s been the case for all systems since forever. Games that consoles are known for will help move the consoles.
      Third-party support will just help systems sell BETTER, but it’s the first-party that’s really going to launch it. At least, at the current rate.
      Also, I might be wrong about this, but I feel the Wii U is quickly becoming an indie favorite, so that will also be a feather in its sales cap at some point.

      1. O.K I should have said “Nintendo games mainly” but anyways.

        There is one thing I forgot to mention. What will Nintendo only gamers play when the Wii U would lose 3rd party entirely and needs to rely on Nintendo? Do you guys know that there wouldn’t be any games for about 3 years? Super Mario Galaxy 2 took them 2 1/2 years and that was a rather short SD game. What will happen with bigger and more immersive HD games? Miyamoto himself said an HD Zelda for example would take them 3years and those 3 years are development only without the creative phase.

        1. They won’t ever lose third-party support in its entirety, so that’s a moot discussion, but for the sake of it, I’ll entertain the idea;
          Nintendo has enough money in the bank that it could easily create new teams to create more games in absence of third-parties, if it wanted to stretch itself out, but it would also still have its massive back-catalog of games that it could revive and renew with fresh and familiar ideas at the same time, on top of the fact that it’s rapidly gaining popularity with indie developers.

  3. Excellent, High Command is constantly observant and you are scoring higher each time Shin’en Tribe…

    We hope your 2 new games are as attractive and appealing for us just as the Nano Assault games have been…

        1. Indeed I will!

          Our 3DS division is solid but our Wii U division needs support as soon as possible…

          1. I am happy with what the Wii U did in the month of march in Europe and Japan. Pikmin 3 needs a release date. The 3DS is sailing on the moon like sailor. High command at nintendo is readying for games and featured galore. Soon after the spring update.

  4. The games are adventure type and horror,that’s great news for when these are released with the likes of ww,3d mario,mario kart,batman there’s nice mix of games.As I said all along I expect third party support and we will find out very soon.

  5. They did a great fzero type of game on wii ware. I can’t recall the name but I hope it’s a game like that since nintendo doesn’t think people want another f zero

  6. What would be absolutely great would be if they brought Nano Assault to the Australian eShop. I’d buy it in a flash, but it’s only available to Europe!

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