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Spanish Retailer Lists Majora’s Mask For Nintendo 3DS


Spanish retailer Xtralife has listed The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask for the Nintendo 3DS. The listing comes ahead of tomorrow’s Nintendo 3DS focussed Nintendo Direct presentation. Nintendo hasn’t provided any clues regarding what to expect, but a remake of Majora’s Mask would certainly be welcome. Of course, this could just be speculation on the retailers part.

Thanks, Mike S

Update: Listing has been up since December

141 thoughts on “Spanish Retailer Lists Majora’s Mask For Nintendo 3DS”

      1. The first thing i will get is a heart attack thats for sure so i told my mom to have the hospital number at the ready.

          1. I would be shock if that happen, I expect ps3 to do that, I mean come on
            Everything….even murder.

            1. I have a Wii U. Attempted to play it, realized there are no games to put into the disc drive, so it is now my swiffer.

                  1. so are you going to stop trolling when we get the first party, second party, and hopefully good 3rd party games come out? then it will have games and it can be a console and not a swifer =D

                    1. He will, he stated that multiple times. It’s just that it has no games. And don’t come with WiiPort3ultimate or lego.

                    2. NSMBU
                      Batman AC
                      AC III
                      MH 3 Ultimate
                      Ninja Gaiden 3
                      Darksider 2
                      Mass Effect 3
                      Need For Speed
                      Sonic All Star Racing
                      Zombi U

                      I get it, the Wii U is not getting games right now, but saying that it has not game to suck your time is just foolish.

                      1. Donkeys
                        William Shatner
                        Carlos Hugo

                        I can list things too, happens to be things I hate.

                          1. My pokemon red/blue official guide has a text box explaining “Some pokemons are rare and will appear only one time, so be sure to catch it because there won’t be another chance” with a picture of Zubat right next to it.

                          2. So, you bought something without getting some information (obviously) and then you go to some little website, to show everywhere how dumb you are! I don’t get people like you :D
                            (besides: your rants here will make ABSOLUTLY no different)

                              1. And you are doing a fine job. But back to the main topic: Why did you buy a WiiU? There had to be a reason for it! You can tell it to me!

                                1. You are dumb to realize the amount of sarcasm in my statement. Your grammar is atrocious and you should lick a left nut.

                                  1. My native language is german and my last english class was about 15 years ago, so excuse me princess!
                                    Aber wir können diese Unterhaltung auch gerne in meiner Mutterprache weiterführen. Mal sehen, wie es dann um DEINE Grammatik bestellt ist ;)

                                          1. your the only person that sees it the way i do, yea i hope windwaker has some extra stuff or else i wont buy since i own windwaker or maybe if its cheap somewhere

                                        1. I really hope that this happens eventually. After playing Ocarina of Time 3D this is something I’ve badly wanted. A tweaked save system plus a new Master Quest mode would be amazing.

                                          1. because xbla and ps store have 0 remakes of old games… most of them are just bad also bad game or poorly put together.. nintendo remasters games

                                        2. Your mom's pet goldfish

                                          This is the second biggest lie I heard since Kid Icarus WiiU. Yea sure this website is almost as believable as amazon France -_-

                                          1. Actually this site did the same thing with other product before such as the Nexus 7. Also Nintendo asked operation moonfall’s Facebook to stop posting about MM 3D (see Facebook posts from April 6). Why would Nintendo do this unless they were control public expectation before a reveal?

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                                        4. Seeing as this isn’t coming till AFTER the new Zelda for 3DS which we should see at E3 I highly doubt it’s true.


                                        6. Someone can confirm this? Because I can’t find that picture, which is a fake one of a last year hoax, in the Xtralife page.

                                        7. I hope this turns out to be true.
                                          I would’ve rather have a Wii U version of MM(Since it could use more games), But we already have Wind Waker HD coming so I guess its alright. :/

                                        8. I think Nintendo would only announce it but start creating it later because of wind waker reborn; also I would be sad if they do not launch a new zelda for 3ds, I mean, MM and OOT are amazing but see something new is more amazing.

                                        9. Yeah a rumor that will get people’s hope up but then Nintendo Direct will happen and prove it wrong and everyone will be disappointed :(

                                              1. Let me save whenever I want without putting me back at Day 1. Then it’s automatically the best version.

                                                        1. So what you mean to tell me is lack of polish is better than an improvement? I agree with you there buddy, that’s why games like Sonic 2006 are fucking awesome.

                                                          1. are you comparing mm with shit 06 have you even played majoras mask? that would ruin everything about the game. the game was also only in development for a year, if it was 2 years longer it would surpass ocarina

                                                          2. If this is true i’ll take back everything I said about Nintendo focusing too much on 3DS. Please let it be true

                                                            1. PikminDon'tDoMushrooms

                                                              If this is true then I will literally piss myself! First Wind Waker and now Majora’s Mask! If i’s true that is

                                                              1. Funny thing is that they originally pushed the DS as being “On par with the 64” and it’s the 3DS who’s getting most of the remakes

                                                              1. I guess you could say…

                                                                It met a terrible fate


                                                                Nah, i hope the Vita does well, even if i dont want one yet

                                                                  1. most of the vitas only good games are ported wii games, the vita might pass the wii in shit, the top hyped game is a fucking wii game that nobody cared about, i hope it does better because its just a pile of shit right now, the playstation wiita

                                                                      1. just what ive seen little kings story, muramasa rebirth two fucking wii games, what the shit is this, and those are some of its best games. the last thing i want is another shitty wii, if the vita doesnt pick up good in 1- 2 years your going to have to agree

                                                                            1. I know the line up isn’t the greatest (I find it alright though). But it’ll get better. It has a few gems itself at the moment.

                                                                              1. who knows what will happen, i bet sony will make it bundled with ps4 and every game for ps4 you can play on the vita too, so that you can ‘never stop playing’ haha, it seems like there is going to be a catch

                                                                                  1. they would probably make a bundle that would be more expensive but cheaper if you bought it,how else are they going to sell vitas at this point

                                                                                1. I hope so, other than Zelda 2 and Oracles Of A/S, this is the only Zelda i havent played, and would like to, so i hope they re-release it.

                                                                                2. Miyamoto said that we won’t get MM remake until there is a brand new Zelda game for 3DS. Although, I would loove this and remake of this and other games as well.

                                                                                    1. He didn’t lie about that.
                                                                                      The only things different about the XL are its size and battery life.
                                                                                      Nothing was added to make it a whole different system, so technically it’s still the 3DS.

                                                                                  1. What’s the point of getting excited for a port at all? It’s not like the original game is hard or expensive to come by. If people really wanted to play it, they would have played it by now. It’s cheaper to buy an old N64 and a cartridge for Majora’s Mask than it will be to buy a 3DS copy.

                                                                                  2. I’m looking forward to this on wii u as well, even if it comes out on 3DS, unlike that shitty son of mine’s Walter.

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                                                                                  4. I’d rather have a new Zelda game instead of another remake… I already have Majora’s Mask on my Nintendo 64, and I love it there.

                                                                                  5. It is hard to see the difference between high end pc versions of Xbox 360 games and the same games on the Xbox 360. The PS4 and next Xbox are not even as powerful as high end pc’s. So the difference between this current gen and next gen is minimal, also the Wii U is more powerful than this gen. It’s not that far off from ps4 either. The truth is software community wants to end used game sales. They look at their games selling 1 million or whatever and they figure out that these same game they sold one million resells 2 million times or more on used games market and they are mad, they don’t like Used video game stores making money off of the game they sold. They want to make it so you don’t own your game, it will never be a collectors item, they want you to buy a license to use their game. Nintendo said no, software community is fucking Nintendo. It would cost next to nothing to port Bioshock Infinite to Wii U. Software community wants to go all download too.

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                                                                                  7. First people whine about a 3DS Majora’s Mask, then they say “fuk dat, wii u!”. Huh. And I thought the Sonic fanbase was whiny.

                                                                                  8. This would be absolutely amazing. And you know that the people who have been ranting for this game to be remade since forever will throw a party!

                                                                                    1. That fan made video is one part awesome and one part painful because we won’t get that kind of update on Majora’s Mask. That’s the type of remake I would have liked for Ocarina and Majora’s Mask, a two game deal for the price of one and maybe some more connective story tissue between the two as they take place around the same time,. Ideally anyway but not very likely to happen. Oh well… it’ll still help boost 3DS sales, too bad there is nothing on the horizon for the Wii U.

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