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EA Says Additional Formats For FIFA 14 Will Be Announced In Coming Months


EA announced earlier that its immensely popular football title FIFA 14 will be coming to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, but they neglected to mention a Wii U or Nintendo 3DS version. However, the company has told the official Nintendo magazine that additional formats will be announced in the coming months. Whether they are just referring to the PlayStation 4 and the next Xbox remains to be seen as EA are already skipping Wii U with NHL 14.

“At present we are only revealing PS3, Xbox 360 and PC but additional formats will be revealed in the months ahead.”

38 thoughts on “EA Says Additional Formats For FIFA 14 Will Be Announced In Coming Months”

  1. Your mom's pet goldfish

    Money whores! just change the graphics and bam! you just made a million dollars! this isnt going to be different

  2. Now that Captain obvious “EA” is out of the way, what time is the nintendo direct so as we listen and watch real gaming news?

  3. Nintendo Police Officer

    Please STOP reporting EA news !!!!
    They don’t make games for Nintendo consoles and probably never will EVER AGAIN sickr !!!

  4. I don’t think it will come to the Wii U, I think if it was then they would have announced it when they announced the ps3/360 versions.

    I don’t personally care about the game but I know alot of people love Fifa (I have no idea why), I just wish EA would just be honest and tell Nintendo fans wether or not they are going to develop for the Wii U and support it or not, rather than keeping fans fucking guessing.

    1. I love Fifa, best soccer game out there, it´s a pitty they don´t bring this one…I also think PES won´t come, or is there any Konami news?

  5. Nintendo Commander

    Let the Electronarts have their own misguided ways…

    Anyway, like Gamer said, time for real news for our beloved Empire…

    1. Good afternoon Nintendo commander, yes indeed. In a year that games in development for the Wii U took a January and February, nintendo got three stock rises, one even an 11% hike, highest since 2008. Nintendo was voted one of the two best business companies in America. On the other hand EA is bleeding money due to, charging for DLC unscrupulously, had a CEO resign, DRAM trading scandals, micro-transactions bumbles, Sims online gaffs and last but not the least voted the worst company in America for the second year running PRICELESS!

      We don’t want their mess to tarnish our marvelous nintendo machines.

      1. Nintendo Commander

        Good afternoon Gamer, oh yes it’s just a horrible army they have…

        Still, you can’t just not be overjoyed by their declining power and our own increasing one…

        Our machines better stay immune to their infectious diseases…

      1. Even a new Wii version wouldnt surprise me at all, at least cod doesnt come out on everything that has a screen…

        1. You seem to support everything suspiciously tarnishing the game industry, EA, Sony’s overpricing of the memory card in the vita, trolls on this site etc.

        2. Nintendo Commander

          Indeed you are right, unfortunately that’s all we have to go by still untill either my leaders or the leaders of EA speaks the truth…

          But obviously they are holding a grudge…

  6. See, EA will not support Nintendo. I’m a little glad though because it means that there is one platform free of EA’s origin and microtransactions and all that is wrong with the company.

    1. Well its cause Wii U doesn’t have much support for DRM on their network’s framework. Its looks like both the Next Xbox and the PS4 (which Sony has been shy about outright saying it, but said it was up to developers) will have some kind of extensive DRM or always online feature available. It seems EA wants that stuff in there and if its not they really won’t support the console if it doesn’t or can’t.

  7. Its not coming is it, and if it was it would be some gimped version with no ultimate team and basically a roster update. If they arent going to put any effort into it or release the same version as the Xbox/PS then they are probabaly right to can it altogether.

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