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Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Has Sold Over 415,000 Units In The US


The acclaimed Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon for the Nintendo 3DS has sold over 415,000 units, according to Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime. The news comes ahead of March’s sales figures from the NPD group, which should be released later this week. Fils-Aime also says that over the next nine months, the pace of Nintendo 3DS software is going to be dramatically ramped up.

58 thoughts on “Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Has Sold Over 415,000 Units In The US”

  1. So much news, I had to take a while to take it all in. OMFGGGG EARTHBOUND ON FUCK ING WII U MY GAWD EAT MY MONEY

    1. no idea, but in total Luigi has sold 1.16 million and bioshock infinite is at 1.45 and that was supposed to be good so it’s great

      1. I’m hoping if they do make a next game it is for Wii U & 3DS. And that it has some sort of connectivity between the two.

  2. This gurantees that this truly is the year of Luigi. Great character, it’s about time his girlfriend Daisy made a comeback as well.

  3. Hell yeah that’s a great game. I’m at the 4 house now. I’m with Toad. We are trying to get out but the little guy was so happy to get ouf of the picture he jumped up and down on the ice so hard it broke and now we fell all the way to the bottom. I WILL FIND A WAY TO GET US OUT…or my name ain’t THE ONE AND ONLY……..JTZ. I helped 3DS SELLS!!!

  4. Toad is now afraid of walking on the ice. Poor little guy. It’ll be ok Toad you are with Luigi!!! He’ll get you out or his name ain’t the one and only LUIGI played by the one and only JTZ!!!

  5. Nintendo Rulz. Now if only bitch ass Microsoft would give up the Banjo-Kazooie ips so that they can bring in more money. Microsoft doesn’t give a rats ass Banjo-Kazooie. How about Nintnedo make a deal with Microsoft. For every Banjo-threeie sold, Microsoft gets 5%. However once Fourie arrives the deal is over with!!! Can Nintendo do that? Microsoft is only holding on to Banjo to keep it away from Nintendo. If there was just some kind of way to get Banjo-Kazooie back with Nintendo so that Reto Studios can pick up where they left off (Banjo-Tooie).

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  7. 8 million 3DS’s sold in the US. NEOGAFers are in denial.

    160 million DSs sold and the neogaf crowd are putting the ps2 above it. Is it such a big deal that the DS has surpassed the PS2? Anyway they do know that the 3DS has a DS in it, thus the true number is 190 million :).

    This is great news.

    1. Yet you didnt say that when haters brought up VITA outselling WII u. BUT since Sony aint Nintendo that’s ok though.

    2. What the hell? The PS2 has a PS2 in it, does that mean you count those together in overall sales? NO. You also don’t count DS and 3DS together. Don’t be dumb.

  8. Haven’t completed it yet. Just got to the last mansion. Got all upgrades by the time I finished the 2nd mission at 3rd mansion. Can’t decide whether the 2nd or 4th mansion has the best BGM. Luigi is fantastic.

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  10. i can’t get a copy here in Belfast and the surrounding area. i think GAME have it, but at £40 i’d download it before giving to them rip-off merchants. even argos have it listed for £32.99! i guess it would have sold more had the stock been there. the nearest 12 tesco’s to me are also sold out!! oh and asda. Nintendo PLEASE price the download versions properly. at least the same as most stores, and i will by directly from you!! :D

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