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Producer Eiji Aonuma And Nintendo EAD Are Developing The Newly Announced Zelda Game For 3DS


Earlier today, during its Nintendo Direct online presentation, Nintendo revealed a brand-new game in The Legend of Zelda series. The game will be set in the world of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and it is not a remake of the SNES title. Furthermore, Nintendo has confirmed that the upcoming game is being developed by series producer Eiji Aonuma and his team at Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development (EAD). The untitled game will be released exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS.

81 thoughts on “Producer Eiji Aonuma And Nintendo EAD Are Developing The Newly Announced Zelda Game For 3DS”

  1. I like how they have the old Link design for this game (or, technically new Link, chronologically). Still hope it has some touch screen based features, the Bomerang in Phantom Hourglass was great.

      1. I didnt mind it. Link doesnt move frid based in that game, unlike LttP and Minish Cap ect, so unless the DS had an analog control it wouldn’t of worked, but i never had an issue with it, meant that using the boomerang and the grapple ect didnt require you to move your hand position, because you were always using the touchscreen, i think otherwise it might have been a little awkward, like playing the DS but having the stylus out behind it between the back fingers, just seems clumsy xD

      2. I absolutely adored the controls of Phantom hourglass and Spirit tracks. It was unusual and posed a refreshing challenge to try and adjust.

        They are 2 of my favorite Zelda games !

        1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

          After seeing the Zelda news I started playing Spirit Tracks again. It took me 3 full minutes to realize that Link was controlled with the touch screen….

          I was pressing every button and the map kept popping up…

        2. “They are two of my favorite Zelda games!”

          You say that about all of them. That’s how good they are.

      3. Actually, the controls in Phantom Hourglass is the main thing I HATED about the game. Even though I got used to the controls after a while, the controls frustrated me so bad that I was never able to get myself to play Spirit Tracks. My arms would constantly ache, and I could never get comfortable when playing. I didn’t want to play another game where you had to use the stylus for EVERYTHING. It’s VERY annoying.

    1. OMG I hope it doesn’t. PH and ST is great, but the stylus ruins the gameplay. I prefere classic controls for main zelda games.

      1. so you must agree that skyward sword wasnt very good, i likes spirit tracks better even with the cramped styles controls!! nintendo for the next zelda game just make it with regular controls!!

        1. No, I absolutely love skyward sword. Wiimote + Nunchuk is briliant for Sword and Shield. specialy because it was implemented very well in the game, it feels great playing with wiiremote. I think the next Zelda will be more traditional because the Gamepad is more traditional than Wiiremote, but I wish they give us an option to use wii motion plus.

          1. I completely agree with klautrec. PH and ST were fun, but I didn’t enjoy the touch controls. However Skyward Sword on the other hand was brilliant. I I had total control of Link’s arm and each fight was a new challenge in and of itself. It is definitely one of my most, if not my MOST, favorite Zelda game. I think the controls made it a lot of fun.

            1. the controls wernt actually that bad like people are saying, i just didnt think that skyward sward was that good in general, so im just seeing what the next when will be like i hope there i more exploration and real side missions this time

            2. It had a lot of fresh content and the storyline being a prequel alowed Nintendo to really inovate with the mechanics without looking behind, but also linking to other stories. I love how the Map is full of Puzzles everywhere.

              Not to mention those top of the line animations on the game, it was a perfect wii game.

              OMG I just got too much excited for E3, Nintendo won’t disapoint me and will show the Wii U zelda, at least a teaser! >_<

      2. Well i didnt mind the stylus control, but i was just talking about the items an writing notes on the map, they became alot move useful that way in my opinion, but im gona guess Link will control using the circle pad and buttons.

        1. I see. That I wish would comeback. Using Itens could be fun with stylus and gyroscope, yes that’s definitely a way to implement new things to zelda. Also, I wish those notes comeback to wii u zelda too. its so useful when you have sidequests, and things you still didn’t figured out.

          1. Yeah, it added alot more variety, i imagine gyro being using somewhere, but i duno, it might not. Either way, it’s a 2D Zelda, ive wanting one for a long time (not as long as 2D Metroid but, you know), so im excited.

            1. Me too! I think it’s perfect for a handheld the isometric view, Also its good for Zelda fans, we have new 3D games and 2D games!

        2. PH and ST were host to some of the best puzzles in the entire franchise.

          Remember the one where you had to walk around the edge of that island and draw it. And it came up as a picture of a Whale. my jaw dropped as that Puzzle unfolded :O . I was speechless , it was like my DS had just had sex with me right there and then.

          1. yeah, it was fun. I love the mechanics with puzzles and itens, but I hate to control link’s sword and moviment with the stylus, it doesn’t feel right. Remember that puzzle where you had to close the DS to copy what was on the upper screen to the bottom screen? lol it was cool

            1. Awwwwww man. I got SO STUCK with that puzzle where you had to shut the DS >:( . I don’t use guides no matter what in Zelda games (it’s not the bro thing to do) and I was stood there at that Door screaming ”WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO!!!!!” then it clicked and I shut my DS.

              Another one of the immensely satisfying puzzles of those games.
              I think they are my personal 2 favorite DS games. And I liked the stylus controlls and combat and everything. It was a really bold design choice and it will stand out in the history of the franchise

              1. I got stuck too! we really had to think outside the box in that game… I love to get stuck in games like zelda, it’s so rewarding when you finally complete a puzzle. I remember another one I got stuck, this time we had to blow on the Mic to extinguish a torch, I was almost giving up then I finally figured that out! lol

          2. I didn’t even need to draw it, just reading what the stones were saying and then walking a little bit around I realized what the shape of the island was. XD

      3. or better yet, why not give players the options to choose what control type they use?i hated how on wii nintendo forced the player to use a specific control type, i hope on the new hd zelda for wii-u it will give people the option of playing with either the gamepad an touch controls or the wii motion plus, after playing through skyward sword an then going back to twilight princess, the tp controls felt so shallow, an boring, but in skyward sword the 1to1 sword controls were awesome!! but i would also like to see how they implement the gamepad an touch controls, an also the gyroscope in the gamepad, please give us options, its the same with metroid prime 4, or dredd, whenevr its released, after playing metroid prime trilogy on wii with the wiimote, it was mind blowing! on the wii-u metroid i hope they give us multiple control options, ;like the game pad an also wii motion plus! i hate when they dictate an force the player to use a specific control type,in this day an age we should be given iptions, an since the wii-u supports so many different control types we should defo be given options!

        1. I think they don’t force you. It’s how they create the game mechanics, there’s a lot of things you can’t do on skyward sword using traditional a traditional controller, they have to choose the controller type, so they can create game mechanics around that. some games, like xenoblade offers different control types, because the game mechanics doesn’t depends on the controller.

    2. They can use all control options and we shall all be happy. But we should be given a choice, between motion and hard wired controls. Even sound through the speaker.

  2. Link looks exactly like the artwork from A Link to the Past, that’s awesome! I’m very excited to play this game!!!

  3. Day 1 buy for me. Though I haven’t played A Link to the Past yet, I did enjoy the original, Link’s Awakening, and Minish Cap.

    1. I’d like to see how long you would last on miiverse. I think you mighty give one of those anal retentive mod’s a heart attack. Please carry on.

  4. I’m a Zelda fan but i was hoping for a normal 3D zelda game, not a “diablo like”. At first i was very disappointed, then I watched trailer in 3D on my 3ds and i was a bit happier, but still.. hopefully majora mask remake wont be too far..

    1. This isn’t Hero’s of ruin , this is the successor to ALTTP .

      It’s nothing like Diablo , and remember Diablo came after ALTTP.

    2. Rob…are you freaking retarded?! THIS is the game that a lot of retrofans were waiting for. Also… diablo like? what are you? 10 or something? did you ever hear about A Link to the Past?

      1. Actually, it isn’t.

        I take it you watched the trailers. The overworld is exactly the same as ALttP. They just… Rehashed it. My guess: Miyamoto hinted in a LttP remake in the past… I take they were doing a remake on the 3DS, but then decided that “it already had OOT3D so lets make a new game”, and then they reused everything they already had to make this “new” game. It has the exact same overworld as LttP, even the tress are in the same position.

        It’s more like an expansion of LttP rather than a new game, honestly… I expected more than that from Zelda 3DS…

        1. They’ve said that it has an entirely new storyline and new dungeons.
          Setting it in the same world doesn’t mean they won’t have changed some areas to house the new dungeons, so no, it’s not a mere expansion.

  5. DON’T FEED THE TROLLS!. (Like Walter for example, he can cannot do anything else in real life because he prefer spending all his motherfucking day saying the same shit over and over and over and over again.) (dude you have to be my alarm clock, seriously) if you see him, just ignore him, we all know that he loves the life in Hungary, right?.

  6. I always thought the pink hair was an error in the sprite anyway, as none of the original Artwork for ALttP featured Link with pink hair. Instead he looked just like he does here.

  7. Eiji Aonuma and Nintendo’s EAD are developing this. That is enough for any fears to be laid to rest. Zelda fans, there is Zelda everywhere. If they announce star fox or F-zero for the Wii U this E3. In fact let me start saving now.

  8. I loved A Link to the Past. It’s nice to see that it’s actually getting what appears to be a direct sequel. I love that a lot of the locations from A Link to the Past are getting 3D make-overs! That is just awesome! I just hope it’s not a disappointment like those trashy DS titles. Phantom Hourglass and Skyward sword were just awful. So hopefully there is no half-assed story or shitty tacked on touch controls.

  9. This is saddening. I have gone to several sites and anyone who says their opinion that doesn’t think “this new a link to the past sequel is freaking awesome” gets negatived repped or treated like they are the spawn of satan.

    1. Welcome to the daily net-life of any gamer who mentions Nintendo games, at any point, on a multitude of non-Nintendo sites.
      Back-lash and revenge thumb-downs were inevitable after the years of abuse they’ve suffered.

      1. Actually they where Zelda sites. It’s a sad sight to behold. People who wished for 3D Zelda try to explain their reasoning and they get a “quit complaining you stupid idiot”. When really it’s people expressing their opinions which they have every right to do so.

  10. I was hoping for a 3D Zelda but I still love the retro style just as much! As long as it doesn’t have touch controls.

  11. I don’t know why you guys keep saying “…exclusively to 3DS” or “…exclusively to Wii U” especially for 1st party titles. Isn’t it already obvious?! :|

  12. I think nintendo is making a mistake by not giving its games the handrawn look and going with 3d models for zelda, and yoshis island

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