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Reggie Says ‘The Pace Of Software Launches For Wii U Will Dramatically Increase’


Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has revealed that as the company prepares itself for E3, the pace of software launches for Wii U will dramatically increase. Fils-Aime understands that the pace of software launches on Wii U have been slower than the company expected, but he’s been assured that the situation will be resolved.

“What I would say about Wii U – and what Mr. Iwata has said – is that the pace of launches has been slower than we hoped. But as we prepare for E3, the pace of launches for Wii U is going to dramatically increase.”

126 thoughts on “Reggie Says ‘The Pace Of Software Launches For Wii U Will Dramatically Increase’”

      1. Don’t worry. we all know that Nintendo is supreme just look its work that they’re making all over japan. Nintendo = Universe.

      1. The Wii U is not shit. I already have 9 games for it. So please leave us Nintendo buyers/ fans alone and go play your shitty FPS on your Shitbox 360

    1. Ps3 owners had to wait more and no one whine and even when they did there where just port and bad at it too.

      1. That’s because unfortunately, you had a lot of hatred carried over from the Wii to the Wii U. Whereas many people loved the PS2,so they were more forgiving towards the mistakes of the PS3. Unfortunately, many idiots are fearful that Nintendo’s new HD console could put a put a serious hurting on MS/Sony. Especially considering Sony’s financial troubles. Having their stock downgraded and the Vita being slaughtered by the mighty 3DS, the PS4 must succeed or Sony could go the way of Sega. However, I hope not. Why? Because I’m a gamer and I want people to get their jobs. Here’s wishing Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft success this next generation!

        1. I want Microsoft to learn they can’t charge people for Xbox Live. I will not be supporting them next gen. Wii U, 3DS, and PC for now. Later I’ll get a PS4 when Mass Effect 4 comes out.

    1. You have an obsession with penis’s, you must really like them. It’s okay if you come out of the closet, we won’t judge you.

    1. Nintendo Commander

      High Command already proved and still proves this with the 3DS…

      The Wii U will increase aswell…

      It’s just disturbing to me that some of our drones have been infected by the Xbot disease known as “Impatience”…

    2. I don’t know about you but I think it’s pretty good. Not perfect like Sony and Microsoft, but still good.

          1. Yeah I figured they would save everything for E3. That Nintendo Direct was not what exactly I was hoping for.

  1. you better not lie you fuck and give your fans shit this time, if there is good games bring over you shit. ps4 or….. wii u and a bunch of games that are not anywhere or not made because of shitendo only believes that people want mario or zelda

    1. Dude, people love Mario and Zelda. That’s whey they keep selling. Plus loads of the games that have been talked about don’t have anything to do with Mario or Zelda. Unless you are about ten years old, I would be that some of your fondest gaming memories include at least one of the Nintendo IP’s. Probably Mario.

      1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

        Really good point. My fondest memories (including outside of gaming) involved Smash Bros. Melee and Mario Kart: Double Dash with brothers and friends.

    2. Xenoblade 2, Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, Bayonetta 2, Pikmin 3, Game and Wario, The Last Story, Bravely Default (Published by Nintendo), Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (published by Nintendo in Europe), Ninja Gaiden Razor’s Edge (Published by Nintendo). The Wonderful 101 and more. So Nintendo only believes people want Mario and Zelda? LOL right…..

      1. next your gonna say the wii u sucks because of the slow ui and its why no one buys it. ever heard of updates. while im on the subject of updates, why the f*ck did skyrim get best game of the year if that game had over 9000 glitches and skyward sword got nothing all because of ome mother f*cking glitch, one, ->1<-, it makes no sense that a game that is 99.99% perfect gets no awards and an imperfect game does.

  2. Whenever there’s hope, there’s life. When Nintendo, third party developers, and indie developers present their games at this June’s E3 and the release of games, there’s a possibility that the Wii U will dramatically increase.

      1. well, we already know you will say even if they deliver a stunning amount of new games
        You’ll just spam the word ‘shitendo’

          1. Do Nintendrones even know that “Nintendo games only” means some games every three years? They telease everything within one year and until the next wave gets released they will have to wait for atleast three years.

          1. funny how you give that title to select ppl and rarely to ones who come to attack Nintendo on a NINTENDO WEBSITE.
            So ok, I prefer Nintendo, even though I play on other platforms, and I dislike ppl who talk crap about Nintendo at every opportunity they get. Does that make me a fanboy? If it does, then I’ll take up that title with pride.

            1. The way I’ve seen you talk about Nintendo, I’m quite shocked to hear that you play on other platforms. But I only label you a fanboy because you seem to always white knight Nintendo when someone makes criticism over it, even legitimate criticism.

              *Cue fanboy denial*

                  1. I owned a used ps3 and it die so i could not buy another but this incomung gen is wii u and sony new (not used console)

              1. Call it fanboy denial if you want, but as I’ve said, I have a preference for Nintendo platforms that I believe I have ever right to display, especially on a Nintendo fansite. But I’ve called them out on issues such as region locking and their initial reluctance to port over titles such as the Rainfall games.
                But if you want the brand me as a fanboy, I’m not stopping you, And frankly, I couldn’t care less

  3. 0 games January or February. Anything is a dramatic increase at this point.

    Also I think he’s saying before E3, so it’s just the games we know about already.

    1. That’s what I’m thinking. The way he worded it….”as we prepare for E3….launches will dramatically increase”. In the interview he had just mentioned the 3DS and said “the next nine months”. If he meant after E3, he would have said so imo.

      My guess is W101 (listed as coming soon on the eShop before the direct went up), Wii Fit U, Mii Party, Resident Evil, Deus Ex, maybe some stellar eShop titles, Fast & Furious, maybe count the VC, hell, I might actually pick up a late Crysis 3 port if EA would pull their heads out of their asses. Then I expect Nintendo to start puling 3DS-like software releases..just boomboomboomboomboomboomboom. WWHD, NSLU (counts I guess), G&W, Pikmin, Mario, Mario Kart, Retro’s game, unannounced 3rd party (yes they have support), maybe Yoshi/X/Bayonetta/SMTxFE.

      Hopefully there is a Wii U direct next week that goes along with the system update, even though they talked about both yesterday. Investor meeting is next week after all.

  4. Just like the 3ds; At launch, the sales were mediocre. But when the big games comes out, sales will skyrocket

  5. The truth is: Nintendo is playing chess board with Sony and Microsoft. By E3 people will already know about all next gen systems. It will be the perfect time for Nintendo to make a lot of announcements, bring big big games to Wii U and Stand out from the competition. I think the PS4 launch will be dry sofware wise, so far there’s only 3 or 4 tittles confirmed for the launch. that’s not a good thing for sony.

    1. the ps3 was bad for the first 3 years!! its by far the best of last gen though because of all the support it got and exclusives, now if they would just change there shit controller!! it looks like they fixed a lot with the ps4 controller

      1. I played a lot of Wii and PS3 last gen. Can’t decide which is best. The first years were so dry, I only got one (ps3) when MGS4 came out.

        I think the best thing to do is buying sony’s and Nintendo’s consoles. But, If I’d have to choose between the two, I wound’t think twice and woud stick with Nintendo. I can’t miss Mario, Pikmin, Zelda, Metroid. I love these games! :D

      2. Seriously? MS exclusives were better then PS3’s. The controller is the same with a little swipe pad thing. Sony will never redesign their controller, even though I hate the stupid thing. The only place the PS3 excelled was on the indie game scene.

      3. PS3 was definately not the best of last gen. It was smashed for the first few years by the Wii, which about 90% of people praised, despite almost all of them changing their tunes the moment it lost popularity, and it continued to get beaten by the 360 in the latter half, due to more support and more recognised first-party titles such as Halo and Gears of War generally outdoing the likes of LittleBigPlanet and Uncharted. PS3 lost the race completely last gen, with most people coming out of the generation with both a Wii and a 360, because they about the same price as a PS3 together.

  6. Reggie also said the Wii U would be ” always 1080p” and it would have “the best processing power” or “Wii U power can fend off PS4/720 power” or “Wii U launch will be great” or “Call of Duty is MUCH more graphically intensive than other version” and many other lies. He is not credible anymore. :(

    I will keep my opinion until I see real results instead of PR talk and if he lies or screws up again then his body isn’t ready. :/

        1. Howard Lincoln wasn’t the “main guy” of NOA during his days but he still ensured more support within one year than Reggie during the whole Wii gen. :(

          1. exactly the whole point is that reggie didnt give any fucking support at all and doesnt care for nintendos console to have any games. im also hoping the wii u can be like the snes or maybe n64 but yea, not if noa doesnt give any support the whole gen again. i cant believe how stupid fanboys can be, they will just eat shit and take it

      1. I don’t want the Wii U to be the next PS3 because it would be worthless in its first years then. I want the Wii U to become the next SNES!

          1. I didn’t blame Reggie. I said I want to see actions instead of PR talk. I bet you were pissed too when a lot of PR talk turned out to be meaningless ………….PR talk

      2. Well, as far as COD is concerned, it has better lighting. The rest is the same, so it is actually graphically the best lol, however slight it is. The system it’s self is always 1080p, the games are controlled by the developers. For instance, there would be no point in releasing game for the VC in 1080p.
        True, the launch of the Wii U was lackluster. But untill the next systems come out and actually show how they perform not much can be said about the systems. Specs mean less and less now days. According to the specs of the PS3 to the 360, the PS3 was vastly superior, however in reality they perform quite equally. It’s about what you can do with a system as opposed to what a system can do. Did you know 1 gig of DDR 3 PC3-22400 (2800mhz) will perform roughly the same as or better then 3 gigs of DDR 3 PC3-6400 (800mhz)? Admittedly, that is apples to apples in a way as far as the clocks are concerned anyway. The processor deal is completely different as it’s not apples to apples, it’s grapefruit to a pepper so clock speeds are completely moot at this point in the game as are the number of cores. And with the GPU, we know all support the equivelant of DX 11, so each is equal in that way. The Wii U GPGPU uses a heavily modified RV770 architecture so it might be right on par or nearly par with the sony and MS GPU’s.
        The one spot where the PS4 has a sizable advantage is the use of the 8 gigs GDDR5 RAM, but we don’t know the allocation for this RAM or how well the GDDR5 will work with the APU, as these CPU’s have fairly low bottle necks. The Wii U has 32 MB’s of eDRAM which is like speed (amphetamine) for CPU’s and GPU’s, so if it’s utilized properly it might make a sizable difference. Similar to how MS 360 was able to equal the PS3 performance, but the Wii U has over 3x the amount the 360 had.
        In the end we will just have to wait to see how each will perform.

        1. Don’t forget that the Wii U version of CoD is the only one not running in sub-HD. The other two consoles scale it up, while the Wii U is native.

          Also, the GDDR5 is unified, so it is shared throughout the system, not just the GPU which would be ideal. High latency, long pipelines in the CPU, CPU cache is 4MB shared between 8 (tablet CPU) cores while the Wii U has 3 MB shared between 3 (PC) cores. 30% of the GPU die is a complete unknown to anyone that isn’t a developer, and they are under strict NDA’s. The eDRAM on the Wii U is also right on the GPU die as opposed to being separated like the 360/PS3 (don’t know about the PS4) which means even FASTER access.

          Not to mention that it’ll be HD vs HD….1080p vs 720p….which is almost negligible to the human eye. Shameless plug: You should check out this article I wrote that talks about diminishing returns, bloated budgets and what it means for the Wii U,

          I didn’t get into all of that hardcore technical stuff, mostly because none of it is known for a direct comparison.

    1. Reggie gets paid to lie the same way Jack Tretton gets paid to lie, the same way Don Mattrick gets paid to lie. Not justifying it, just explaining how this deal works.

      We already know from experience that Wii U software releases will increase. He’s basically stating the obvious. It just carries more weight when the President of Nintendo of America says it.

      However saying the Wii U can fend off PS4/720 is not a lie. For 40 years lesser-powered consoles have won each and every console war so there is no reason to expect that to change now in a crumbling world economy with companies having to downsize and condense just to survive. Also, saying the Wii U will have the ‘best’ processing power is a relative term. Having the most powerful CPU or a CPU with the most cores doesn’t mean it will have the best performance. The XBOX CPU was more powerful than the GameCube CPU, however because of how the Gekko CPU was design it outperformed the Pentium III used in the XBOX.

      The Wii U launch was great. 400,000+ console sold in November and 1.7 million+ sold in December. It was the next few months afterwards that was bad.

      The rest of the stuff I agree is spin and exaggeration, which is what he gets paid to do.

      1. Exactly what I’ve been saying. People don’t realise that Nintendo have scheduled a lot of big games to come out late 2013/early 2014. Why? To fend off against the PS4/720.

        1. Hype for the PS4 and 720 will drive in a lot of sales to the core audience this holiday season as well as curious casual gamers with extra money to spend. The key will be after the holiday rush. If the PS4 and 720 have a better January and February than the Wii U did and have a more steady release schedule it could be trouble for Nintendo.

          1. There will always be the slow after the holiday rush. No company has ever really managed to handle that well. It’s around mid-year that sales begin to pick up and that’s when Nintendo’s games will start to fly out.

            Not to mention, that almost all the gamers I know were waiting for the PS4/720 until information began to come out about them, and then they decided to go out and buy a Wii U. Hype for the PS4 and 720 is near non-existent, especially with idiotic employees (Adam Orth) managing to make people go against the consoles so close to launch.

            There was an enormous amount of hype for the consoles at first, but that is disappearing due to things getting closer to being more and more digital based, such as the ideas of always-online, as well as big games being announced by Nintendo meaning people are going out and buying the Wii U and 3DS knowing that they won’t be able to buy the PS4 and 720 at launch.

    2. Um last time I looked at my HDTV switching back n forth from PS3 n WIIU, BO2 looks TONS better… so no he didnt lie about that. Lots of people everywhere have let the truth outshine Youtube shitty comparisons. Its night n day, ps3 version is a blurry, buggy mess. WIIU version is crystal clear and rarely ever lags at all 4 me.

      1. That’s because the PS3 upscales the game to 720p (1080?) while the Wii U runs it natively.

        Supposedly, the engine that Retro made/is using/will license puts out graphics better than KZ3 and at 60fps…..and that is before the engine is really pushed. The Wii U has far more power than people realize/like to claim.

  7. Nintendo must have an epic E3 planned if Reggie himself is promising that more titles are on the way. Damn June come already lol

  8. .3rd party support has (in reality, not the Troll/Fanboy Dreamworld) undeniably increased from what the Wii received.
    .Saving key games for when the competition launches their hardware is brilliant.
    .PS3 was in trouble after launch as well, with boring games and poor sales. Not to mention some of their games were less visually impressive than early showings led consumers to believe.

    Electronic Gaming Monthly interviews Jack Tretton (March 2007 issue #213):
    EGM: Motorstorm looks great, but it doesn’t really look anything like the original video
    that you showed a couple of years ago to represent the gameplay…’
    Tretton: ‘Well, I guess that’s a matter of opinion. I feel it looks identical and actually personally commented that it delivers on the promise of what we showed two years
    earlier.’ lol

    No system is perfect. PS3’s poor sales didn’t continue, so the Wii U will also improve over time.

  9. At least, they know that the Wii U isn’t getting a lot of support. I think it should be obvious that they are saving all of their games for E3 and then release them around the time the other consoles come out. If Sony and Microsoft are coming out with hard hitting titles, then Nintendo should be prepared with their hard hitting titles as well.

  10. Look at this way. Rome wasn’t built in a day and good software wasn’t created in under 6 months. What People don’t understand or fail to realize is the Wii U is still pretty new for developers and they have only had 5 to 6 moths to grow with it. We always talk about how the first gen PS3 and 360 software looked after 2 years and developers have been able to achieve the same degree if not better degree of performance and looks in 6 months.

    no third party support? if a develloper wants to make money they can make it on the Wii U at half the developement cost of all other consoles out there. if not they can go out of business. Do fan boys actually think a developer will neglect the Wii U when they can’t push units on the other two consoles? case and point there are reports from the developers of the last God Of War game and the last Gears of war games that they didn’t sale to well. Now imagine that you are a studio and it cost you 10 mill to make this game using the unreal engine and marketing . lets say you need to sale 7 million lifetime units to turn a profit and between 2 of the three systems you sell a total of 5 million and you know you can move 2 million on the other system. Do you not make that game for that system or do you risk getting shut down?

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  12. I believe this! Wii U is awesome and I hope people understand the Wii U more and actually go buy the console.

  13. Pitfall near your door

    We got to remember when the 3DS first launched it didn’t sell as nintendo expected and it didn’t really have a great game library but in time it’s grown as one of the best portables in the world…i have my hope with the Wii U being as successful as the 3DS its just needs some great 1st party titles on it.

  14. Well what is a specific game that would appeal to Nintendo fans and lure non-nintendo fans to buy the console? What game/software is a system seller? Brawl probably or a game that will really showcase the gamepad. Hopefully E3 will bring us that…

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