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Here’s Five Minutes Of Zelda 3DS Gameplay

US gaming publication Games Radar recently received the opportunity to get some hands-on time with the new Zelda game which was revealed yesterday for the Nintendo 3DS. The video has around five minutes of in-game footage which was captured at the special event. Nintendo revealed yesterday that the game is a sequel to the critically acclaimed The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

Thanks, Nintedward

208 thoughts on “Here’s Five Minutes Of Zelda 3DS Gameplay”

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  1. This game looks really awesome. The dungeon looks a bit bland , but they were like that back in the day I suppose. Day 1 purchase.

      1. True. But You just know this is gunna be a masterpiece as always. The only Zelda games which aren’t master pieces imo are LOZ2 and 4 Swords which are both great games.

        1. You are a faggot, and this game is a complete shameless rehash of a 20 year old game. I wanted a NEW game for the 3DS not a rehash.

          Incoming butthurt.

          1. Yikes. What you got planned for later if you’re gonna be butthurt? Uhhh, some lube might help, and maybe a topical cream?

            1. Look, I understand that it’s a sequel, but why the need to rehash the entire overworld, and the music? They could have done an actual NEW GAME instad of a rehash like that…

              The way it is, it’s just an expansion pack to a 20 year old game. Didn’t you want something different? Be honest. Didn’t you want a full fledged new zelda game built for the 3DS instead of this rehash?

              1. They never said it’s a direct sequel, they just said it takes place in the same overworld.
                New story and new dungeons means it might very well be entirely unrelated to Link to the Past in any way except the world it’s in.
                Don’t assume.

                1. Also, quit using the word Rehash as a negative.
                  I can name 5 franchises off-hand that have tons of rehashed elements, all not Nintendo games, that people still lap up instead of condemn.
                  Rehashing elements IS NOT AN ABSOLUTE NEGATIVE.

                2. It’s a direct sequel, featuring the same Link. Otherwise the landscape wouldn’t be the same. I wasn’t using a Rehash as a negative term, but the rehash of an entire game overworld SURE is negative. The 3DS deserves more than that.

                  1. Simply put, this game wasn’t made to please the few people who say it is a rehash. It was made because a ton of people are going to buy the fuck out of it because it can’t not be a good game. How is any Zelda game a rehash. It’s fucking Zelda.

                    1. Also, guess what. It introduces new things right off the bat. Turn into a wall painting and walk around? Sounds neat as fuck. Oh wait, do I see a self recharging magic meter? That’s a new one too, I bet it’s going to be fucking awesome. Oh my God the hammer is back? Thank you. I see it has a shockwave effect, that’s fucking awesome, thanks again sounds fun. The dungeons are layered deep even early on I see. Sounds great, might even work with that 3D effect thing. Thanks for giving us normal movins around, though hopefully the touch movement can be set for those who want it. All them sexy nostalgic sounds. I want it. So do hundreds of thousands of other people. Too many tools and fakegamers, good thing we know where the money is really at.

          2. Good thing you’re a minority in that regard.

            It’s not a rehash. The game was very successful, very well made, and had a LOT of potential. Zelda only had ONE 2D top-down game on the SNES, and has only had a couple of others on handheld platforms since, none of which captured the charm and magic that A Link to the Past had.

            It still has a lot of potential, and after many 3D Zelda games, it’s a nice break. Thankfully, most people agree.

            Besides, Zelda itself is rehashed every single time; the story never changes much at all, and neither does the gameplay formula, save for the switch to 3D, which was now quite long ago.

  2. LOL JOKES…..but in all seriousness……cant wait…..also…..where the fuck is a 3ds or Wiiu Metroid……..i love love love Aelda…..but i want to see a new Metroid so bad.

    1. Same. But we do HAVE Ocarina on 3DS already and that’s a stunning looking full 3D Zelda game on 3DS. I recon MM 3D is on the cards for 3DS some time.

      1. beemothelittleboy

        Yeah, majoras mask is like a back up if they run out of games to relese they’ll use that as filler, I bet you its already developed and waiting there ill say next year it will come outsince it seemed like Nintendo dumping all the 3ds games on this year so they can have full focus on wii u, they no mm 3d will sell, and will heavy hitter Like, yoshis island, pokemon x & y, Mario party, dream team, mm 3d woul outshine them if it got released, 2014 is majored masks year you just have to be patient, look how patient earthbound fans were and they finall got what they wanted, patience paysoff, people waited out skyward, and it was an amazing game

  3. This person has been posting on every My Nintendo News post with the same comments. It’s kinda pathetic, really.

  4. Walter White. I think you sold Amanda Bynes a bad batch. Looking at that chick chewing on a sourpatch kid is something special. Nice work.

    1. Miyamoto wanted to work on a Zelda game that was similar to A Link to the Past (and this game takes place in the same world as A Link to the Past). So he chose to go with a top-down perspective.

  5. Finally, we have a New 3DS Zelda game, and its ALTTP sequel no less.
    You know this is gonna be an easy 9/10.
    Also, the guy playing the game freakin sucks lol.

      1. SS got 10/10 by IGN(something that ign doesnt do with nintendo)
        SS was a very good game
        only problem was the graphic limits, but i dont care about graphics. I play for the game not for how real it may look

        1. The artstyle of Skyward sword was absolutely stunning imo. It made up for the Wii graphics and is one of my favorite looking games ever. It looks better on a older , tube TV….

          1. not saying that it was bad, but was the reason many ppl didnt bought it(cuz it looked cartoonish for them)
            i actually liked that game

            1. Or people don’t really want to use motion sensor controller to play the game. There are a lot of Zelda fans out there that don’t want to play Zelda games on DS or Wii.

              1. I.
                WAGGLING FEST WII GAMES.
                That is why I am excite for this game, the first 3D Zelda since WIND WAKER that won’t have gimmicky controls.
                Even if the graphics and such look pretty bland, I’m happy as long as it actually controls good, like the older Zeldas did.

          2. Skyward Sword looked like SHIT! I could make a long list of games with far better artsyle than that Z elda rubbish.

  6. if wii u is like the wii they are better off dead and going to be first party with someone, i really dont want that to happen, but nintendo has been console shit for to long

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      you make me laugh

      1. whe whe whe whe whe whe HAHAHAHAHAHAH….. HAHAHAHAHAH >>>WHA WHA WHAWHAWHAHAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahHAHAHA”cough hack cough cough hack… gasp… deep gasp…

        1. cough cough coughvv
          hack gasp
          *takes breath*
          now seriously
          WiiU has a lot of 3rd Party support
          I can compare Wii success over the WiiU for now but with third party support, the WiiU can easly beat Wii numbers

    2. You know that monster hunter 3 Ultimate is better than anything on the PS3 ( Sony drones mad they lost these greater monster hunters in the west), miles and leaps above and beyond the xbot nonsense of a console. Don’t say Bioshock infinite, cause we shall still be playing monster hunter 3 Ultimate in 3 years time with online and trying to figure out how to kill a monster in under 10 minutes with a Bow.

      Also don’t let yourself eat your words like Aeolus who thought the Vita was hahahahaha # game changer

      1. beemothelittleboy

        Its funny you say that, little big planet, Reggie himself said he wished nintend had that up or mad it up

      2. As much as I enjoy MH3U. Saying it is better than anything on PS3 kinda screams fanboy. They’re actually some really nice JRPGS I’d hold to be better than MH.

            1. In England ”the dogs bolloks” means awesome or what is hot right now.

              Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is fucking AWESOME. Nuff said.

  7. When I heard about this I thought it sounded cool but it doesn’t look nearly as good as I thought. It looks kind of gimmicky and the graphics are like plastic people.

    1. … Seems like whenever Nintendo adds a new level of gameplay or breaks away from the norm, they’re suddenly ‘gimmicky’.

      Well, whatever. Being able to move in walls is a cool puzzle-solving element. And, to me, the graphics aren’t bad at all. With everything hyper-realistic, I think the games would get really boring Visually. Its kind of like if everything on tv was played by people- no cartoons, no CG shows like Beast Wars, no claymation. Boring.

      Zelda/Link has several different art styles, and I’d hate it if they always went with a ‘Twilight Princess’ look.

  8. SherlockWillFightBilbo

    Kinda wanted a new Zelda that looked like OoT 3D. I might like this though.

    Also, I know it’s in LttP style and it’s still in development, etc., but still disappointed that the boss doesn’t have a name xD

      1. Think that was just because the original boss was about half the size of the arena and it would constantly knock you off -.-

    1. DarklordNintendoFan

      The boss does have a name, though. He’s called Moldorm. The game does look to be shaping up pretty well, just from the small bit we’ve seen, but I am hopeful that all the bosses are not just rehashes of the ones from A Link to the Past. They bought back Moldorm, but… I hope that’s actually all they bought back.

  9. While I’m sure this will be a great game, I have concerns on the camera. That whole top-down thing looks kind of wierd and hard to see.

    1. DarklordNintendoFan

      lol, that’s an extremely awful reason to skip a game. The graphics do not look horrible, but whatever you say. Pathetic. Simply pathetic.

  10. i love when new gameplay mechanics are labelled as gimmicks. also… lttp >mm
    also ss is great unless you have bad hand eye coordination or you never been in a fight and cant swing

    1. Ditto, like old boxart Link, fits the game style and time setting, i like it. Wonder if you’ll get purple tunics xD

  11. This takes me back to the days of playing LTTP for the first time on my old game boy advance :’) Now I have no choice but to get a 3ds.

  12. Ok so something i noticed was your arrows drained your magic. I’m not sure if that’s just a build for floor demos so they dont run out of arrows, but seems more like a game mechanic, which is, interesting.

    Oh, and that boss can fuck off xD i hated it in LttP…

    1. Also, a gripe i had with LttP is all the dungeons are very bland, and looks generally the same, one reason i think Minish Cap is the best 2D Zelda, all the dungeons are unique and have themes.
      I hope they do the same with this game, and this is just an test dungeon.

      1. Absolutely THIS^. Minish cap is a testament to game art. It’s like one big painting . it’s such a pleasure to look at. And I stated my self above , it looks a bit bland by Zelda standards. That dungeon looks like a Nintendo land attraction :/ . You know this game is gunna kick ass one way or another though.

        1. Yeah i liked Minish Cap alot, it had a 3D Zelda feel but its was completely 2D, has a good story too, but the level design is just great, everywhere looks unique, and turning small was cool too, although its funny that the bosses are jus tiny tiny enemies but you’re just really small xD

          1. The ONLY problem with minish cap is that you can finish in like 15-20 hours which is a bit shot by Zelda standards. The best ones providing around 40 hours (the main story) .
            Hyrule castle town in Minish cap is jaw dropping when you see all the minish passage ways that you can’t yet access. You keep seeing them and thinking ”why is there a while in that guys roof” for example and then later you have that magical moment where you are traveling through it.

            Capcom really worked wonders with the Oracle Zelda’s and Minish Cap. Anyway the overworld for this new 3DS Zelda looks just as gorgeous as ALTTP did , but they seem to of made the dungeons bland and straight to the point just like the old Zelda games which could be a good thing , we will have to wait and see.

            1. Uh dude, only Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword provided a lengthy main quest. Every other game in the series is around 10-25 hours in length. If those games are your favorite- that’s fine.

              1. 10 hours ? lol no. Not unless you’re some world class speed runner.
                Most Zelda games with the majority of collectibles and sidequests take up to 40 hours.

                We fanboys will eat this shit up because it’s the sequel to one of the best games ever made you fucking dimwit. If you don’t find it interesting then don’t buy it.Problem solved.

                1. Hm, no. He’s right. It’s 10 – 25 hours max, bar Wind Waker, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword. I mean you seriously took 40 hours to complete Zelda 1, or LttP? Or even the GBC games? Minish cap is one of the Zelda games with the most number of collectibles, it has a lot of Heart Pieces, kinstone trades and figurines. Much more stuff than, say, even Ocarina of Time.

        2. It looks bland just like it did in LttP. They just reused the fucking style. See my point? They could have made a new style for the 3DS that would be unique just like Minish Cap was, but instead they reused LttP to make this garbage, and you fanboys will eat this shit anyway.


          1. So what if they re-used the fucking style?
            A LOT OF GAMES reuse styles from other games!
            That’s a SHALLOW reasons for hating this game, or any game, right off the bat.
            Why not try giving it a rental, at LEAST, before you condemn it?
            Or what, you going to label anyone who suggests you don’t hate on it a fanboy and discount their opinion just because you hated the first one?

            1. To be honest, “reusing the style” is not the problem here. Phantom Hourglass reused Wind Waker’s style but was still very unique.


              1. And of course you didn’t get my point: I loved LttP, it was my first Zelda game, but come on. Reusing the entire overworld and even its music calling it a “new game”? They’re just being plain lazy but fanboys will still eat it up so who cares.

                I mean I’ll even buy it ANYWAY even knowing it because I’m like an addict for Zelda, there’s no helping it and it can’t be THAT bad, but… I feel the 3DS deserved more.

      1. The NES one? I’m ashamed to say i’ve never played the NES one… Haha
        So arrows draining magic is weird to me. I’m guessing if it’s a game mechanic its not so bad.
        Running out if arrows is either never a problem, or one that requires luck and farming, so having all your items drain magic that recharges could actually make the game much more tactical, kind of like a spin on traditional stamina bars other games have.

        1. DarklordNintendoFan

          Someone speculated that it may just be for the playable demo, rather than the full game, which I am kind of hoping for. I wanna see the return of actual magic, finally, though… I hope they have that in this game. Anyway… in the original Zelda game, they didn’t have actual arrows. Instead, every time you used an error, it would subtract from your total number of rupees.

          1. Im the one who speculated it xD
            But rewatching this the hammer also uses magic, so seems like its right, the game uses magic as ammo, which thinking about it is fine, arrows shouldnt run out, but its “noobish” that they do, but now they’re part of a bigger magic system that all your items and wall drawning ability uses

  13. Welp, I’m eating my words…after seeing this the wall transformation does have some potential surprisingly. Like the shadow world in four sword adventure which I enjoyed alot. My bitching was premature on this one. They need to work on links face though…

  14. Mario and Luigi? Check
    Mario Party (yes I play this with my casual friends)? Check
    New Zelda? Check
    Bravely Default? Check
    Professor Layton? Check
    Shin Megami Tensei 4? Check
    Animal Crossing? Check
    Pokémon X/Y? Check

    In other words, this is what happens when you keep your expectations in check. The 3DS is amazing for a handheld, with Kid Icarus, Fire Emblem, and Luigi’s Mansion being my favorite games on it. Of course, the list is going to get bigger as these games come out. What people don’t realize is that development takes time, and when the Wii U gets to the point in its life like the 3DS is now, then so many games are going to be released like they are now.


            oops , got a bit carried away there :P

                1. Fuck you , you prick. Why would you care if I had any mental issues ? Because you’re a sad nobody , that’s why.

    1. New Super Zelda Link to The Past 3D: Link Returns to Hyrule

      If you die once in a dungeon, you can activate Super White Link to complete it for you.

  15. Fuck me now I have to buy a 3DS XL. I just dont want to get one and then they release a white one in America or a special one for Zelda

    1. Or just get one now and sell it later to buy a special zelda one if it ever comes out. Thats what I did with the pikachu one. U might lose 50 bucks butt fuck it lol.

  16. That boss was way too easy. I love Zelda but I’ve always felt like the bosses are way too easy to kill. They seriously need a hard mode but nevertheless I will buy it no matter what.

  17. Am I the only person that thinks this looks like a game boy advanced game? The Original psp graphics destroy this crap. So much for progress Nintendo

    1. Thaaannnk you. They should have given it a unique style or coloring or something to distinguish it from a simple style rehash…a poorly made one at that. The original style looked much better.

  18. DarklordNintendoFan

    Looks quite interesting and I’m interested to see how that wall drawing thing plays out. I just hope that bar that looks like it’s for magic will eventually be used for just that. I’m getting kind of bummed out that the last several Zelda games haven’t had any magic bar of any kind. That’s just one of the reasons Twilight Princess was such a major disappointment. Yeah, it had a lot of things wrong with it that made it a massive disappointment, but that was just one.

    Anywho, am I the only one who hopes that we get to see a return of the Dark World in this game? It’s supposed to be a direct sequel, so it’d only make sense. Plus, the Dark World just looked amazing, so imagine it in 3D. And if we don’t get the Dark World… what if we got another world altogether? I mean… the main Light World is just too small to be a full game on its own (since there were only 3 dungeons on it in the original Link to the Past) so… return of the Dark World? Perhaps?

  19. just wanna say, i read a lot of the internet…. but this website is plagued with the worst commenters of any site ive been to, and thats saying an awful lot. not even clever jokes. nothgin but trolls and troll feeders and little kids and idiots. just awful stuff. okay im going back to reading.

    1. DarklordNintendoFan

      I couldn’t agree more. It’s quite pathetic, frankly. Do these trolls really have nothing better to do than to troll a site devoted to Nintendo just because they don’t like Nintendo? What a productive use of their time… but really, if people just ignored these pathetic excuses for human beings, then maybe they’d leave the site alone.

      1. I believe that most of them like Nintendo but they act stupid just to make everyone mad because they think it’s funny.

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  21. Nintendo FINALLY does something fans asked for!

    Good. Now if they’d listen and make a 2D, HD sprite-based side-scrolling sequel to Super Metroid with the same visual style (but with Rayman-like HD visuals and widescreen perspective), and similar amazing, moody-like soundtrack and theme, I’d buy it twice.

    No 3D random portions like Other M did, no distracting BS battle system or anything. I’d even go so far as to say do it 2D side-scrolling with 3D models and stage designs and real-time particle, shadow, and visual effects like Rayman kind of does; that’d be stellar.

    Basically, take the gameplay mechanics, controls, and overall game setup of Super Metroid, throw in some gorgeous HD side-scroller visuals (again, don’t try too hard to wrench in some stupid 3D areas; it’s not needed), and just make new locations and enemies. I’d say just to a remake, but a new game that plays, progresses, and works exactly the same way but has Rayman-like visuals done in the art style/theme of Super Metroid and has new locations and enemies/bosses would not only take less time, money, and resources than a full-fledged 3D Metroid game, but would also likely okay better and be more appealing to old school fans of the series!

    You did it (going back to the series roots) with Mario, Donkey Kong, and now Zelda, and Capcom did it with Street Fighter and Mega Man; all of them were huge successes. Do it with Metroid now, PLEASE!

    1. And obviously, for real HD visuals, DO IT ON THE WII U!

      And make it TRUE HD, in 1080p. Imagine that?

      Anyone else see the time lapse video of the guy who remade the Motherbrain scene from Super Metroid in Photoshop on modern-style visuals?

      Make the entire game look like THAT, but with the same great controls, music style, and type of weapons and puzzles like Super Metroid.

      I’d literally play that for years to come, like I do with Super Metrod now almost 20 years later. HEY… do sequel for the Super Metroid 20th anniversary, in 2014?!

      Super Metroid was a spiritual sequel/remake of the original NES Metroid. Why not finally do it again for this generation, 20 years later? It worked before, I guarantee it would again.

  22. Yup. Seems that all we need now is some new Kirby and Metroid games. I’d personally like a sequel to Kirby & The Amazing Mirror on 3DS and that HD Metroid previously discussed on Wii U.
    Also, the Kirby game should include that huge layout of T.A.M. and local/online multiplayer as well.
    Damn the 3DS is truly one of Nintendo’s more ambitous consoles …


  24. I hate the overhead view, and it looks so stupid. But I have to say, it looks great when the camera angle changes and Link is on the walls.

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