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Kirby’s Adventure Now Downloadable From Wii U eShop For Only 30 Cents


The celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Family Computer continues on Wii U. NES platformer Kirby’s Adventure is now available for purchase on the Wii U Virtual Console. Before May 17th, go to the Nintendo eShop to download the title for only 30 cents. The following 30-cents Nintendo classic, Super Metroid, arrives next month, on May 15th, in the Nintendo eShop.

44 thoughts on “Kirby’s Adventure Now Downloadable From Wii U eShop For Only 30 Cents”

    1. so?
      Kirby’s adventure is the game i have bought the most
      The NES version, the Wii VC edition, the 3DS, the one contained on the Anniverary edition, and this one

      1. Well maybe you should argue a bit better. For example you can play the game without going to Wii mode or turning on the TV! Plus it is 30 cents too! That’s how to get someone above you to buy this game. ;P

      1. You’re telling me, dude. So many here are either kissing Nintendo’s ass or just trolling for the sake of trolling, both sides of that spectrum are ridiculous, I wonder why I even comment on these articles.
        Then again, this is a Nintendo site… I can only imagine whiny Nintendo fans (Nintendrones is a stupid term and I cringe every time I see it) going on Xbox 360 sites to brag about Xenoblade or whatever.

        1. Yes… you can only imagine that, because that does not happen.
          Xbox and Playstation fans are usually the ones who goes bragging on their halo’s and uncharted’s, and recently on 3rd party games that haven’t got Wii U release
          I’ve been in all “camps”, and it seems worst fanboys are Xbox and PS players.

          1. I think they are all the worst. Microsoft fanboys think FPS is best genre forever and think you are dumb for playing other genres. Sony fanboy think everyone couldn’t afforded PS3 or Vita just because someone don’t have them. Nintendo fanboys think everything that released on the console are automatically amazing.

            1. Yes, fanboys are all the worst, cant argue with that.
              But only time I have seen nintendo fanboys on an attack mode, was on the time of the move release.
              I skipped Wii because of that remote, and endless commercial of party games.
              But I absolutely loved playing MAG with move.
              “Best exclusives” are just opinions, I havent played that many nintendo exclusives to make that decision.
              Sony had some awesome exclusives, but both ms and sony exclusives were pretty much overshadowed by 3rd party (my favorite games being 3rd party).

              Just saying, that so far xbox and ps fanboys, have seemed to been more vocal than nintendo fanboys.

    1. You say the Wii U’s a laughingstock to the industry… Yet you link to one of the biggest jokes on YouTube?
      Seriously, that guy treats console competitions like they’re fucking World War 3.

    2. yet they are increasing potentially in sales both in Japan and the US
      UK had problems but only 2 games where necessary to triple the sales
      Get over it, and have a nice day

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