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Pandora’s Tower Developer Thinking Of New Ideas For Wii U Games


Pandora’s Tower developer Ganbarion has told online gaming publication Siliconera that they are looking at new and unique ideas for Wii U games. The development team hasn’t formally announced that they’re working on Wii U, but I suspect if they come up with a good enough idea then there’s certainly a chance that they would consider it. Here’s what Pandora’s Tower director Toru Haga thinks of Nintendo’s latest home console.

“The Wii U is a unique console with exciting features such as the GamePad. We’re currently thinking of fun ideas using these features. For example, we’re thinking of a gameplay idea that uses two screens from different perspectives, like a tabletop RPG, where players could potentially give each other objectives and progress through the game. Or like with Miiverse, where players can share their gameplay experiences easily, we were thinking of a game that focuses on communication.”

“But regardless of any ideas that we could potentially realize, as a developer we need to focus on how welcoming it is to the players. We took this approach when we were originally only going to use one Wii Remote for Pandora’s Tower. As a developer, we are very interested in challenging ourselves with new hardware, and we hope that everyone will look forward to our next project.”

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71 thoughts on “Pandora’s Tower Developer Thinking Of New Ideas For Wii U Games”

          1. You and I have never gotten along Jellybean. So until you become a mod on here and stop me, I will post whatever the flying fuck I want. You will have a problem with me no matter what I post. So enjoy me annoying you.

  1. Now the three best wii games’ companies have shown their support for wii u, am I right? I mean, Xenoblade developers, The Last Story developers and Pandora’s Tower developers now.

    1. Well, Xenoblade’s developers are technically part of Nintendo. Mistwalker and Ganbarion aren’t though, so their support is very welcomed indeed. Just please don’t pull a stunt like you did with those three games next time Reggie.

    2. IKR i love rpgs and im SO EXCITED FOR THIS. im a little sad though because i cant find a copy of xenoblade at my gamestop and i dont want to emulate it so im SOL on one of the 3 operation rainfall games. and its the best one too *gloom*

    3. The Wii U is rising and it has trolls and confused Sony fans above freaking out and spazzing lol. Anyway I am online.

      1. E3 2013 will be a stab in their backs, they think Nintendo will abandon the Wii U like sony did with Vita.

          1. True on that. But I’m seriously fed up with the turtles pace. I wish it was at 3DS pace, aka the flash

            1. Same, but at least there was something in the Direct about the Wii U that I’m happy about (P3 finally getting a release date, the Spring Update and Earthbound of Wii U VC).

              1. I just want them to hurry up and release there big guns. And a Kid Icarus game for Wii U. Damn I loved uprising.

                  1. I started playing, didn’t stop till I finished the storyline. God I was so damn tired at work the next day XD

                    1. I mean “it would be no question”
                      This is what happens when you try to post a comment using a 3DS. lol

                1. Kid Icarus: Uprising is my favorite gane to date. I really love the plot twists and the forth wall breaking XD. The enemies were very creative as well, I was still in awe when I tried to melee an Orne (with intantly killed me) or when the mimicutie (the treasure chest with legs) killed me when I nearly had full heath. Luckily for me, I cleared all of the chapters on 9.0 intensity. It really sucks when you have to wait so long for such an amazing game.
                  Anyway, I doubt we’ll see a sequal on the Wii U. The only thing that’s holding me from getting a Wii U is the lack of games that interest me. Even though I own Monster Hunter: Ultimate, I really don’t want it to be the only game I will play when I get a Wii U, because I might get board of playing it over and over. If only Pikmin was released a little earlier then it would be questions, but I’ll happily wait either way. We’ll just have to see was Nintendo will showcase at E3 :D

            2. Yeah, but when the 3DS first came out it was going at a turtle’s pace as well.
              Then Nintendo released Super Mario 3D Land, OoT 3D, Mario Kart 7, & Kid Icarus Uprising, and sales started to skyrocket.
              Plus, coincidentally, We seem to be getting a new 3D Mario game, Wind Waker HD, Mario Kart U, & Retro’s game this year (most likely).
              So a Very similar effect might occur for the Wii U pretty soon. :)

              1. Damn I hope so. The only game I’m really still enjoying is Monster Hunter and Toki Tori. But then the line up will be quite thin for me.

            3. I will tell you this if you bought a ps3 on launch you cant tell anything bad on how the wiiu is doing or you will be a hipocrit.

                1. That’s why it’s mostly better to wait a year or two after a new console is released. I knew the Wii U wasn’t going to get much support at launch, that’s why it’s better to wait most of the time. I’ll most likely be doing the same with the PS4 or the next Xbox.

                  1. PS4 might be different for me. It might be one of the first home consoles I buy at launch. There have been a few titles so far that have peaked my interest and probably more to come.

                    1. Make sure to keep your PS3 around, even if you do buy at launch.
                      That way you won’t have to deal with the tiny list of cloud-bound games that Sony would otherwise force you to pay for to play past games on the PS4.

  2. After playing a nice chunk of Pandora’s Tower.. I’d kinda like them to make a Metroid game >.> They could probably do a fairly good job considering the amount of fun I’m having with Pandora’s Tower..

      1. Yeah, I was surprised to read that from you. I always look at your pic of link and associate it with how you are writing.

  3. Considering it’s took Koei two games and they still can’t get One Piece right. Let these guys do a new one of that or a new Jump game

  4. I love how many RPG developers are supporting Wii U. We have Monolith Soft developing X, Mistwalker said they have a project in the works, and now Pandora’s Tower as well. This is great!

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