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There’s A Game-Freezing Bug In Pandora’s Tower; Here’s A Solution For It

pandora's_towerWii role-playing game Pandora’s Tower was released a couple days ago, on April 16th, in North America. The North American copy of the game apparently has a game-freezing bug, which, if encountered, forces players to shut down their Wii consoles. Courtesy of Destructoid, below you’ll find an explanation of the bug and what you can do to avoid it.

The Bug:

After Tower 13 opens, you’ll be unable to return to Towers 11 or 12. When you choose either level from the stage select menu, the game will lock up at the loading screen and you will have to hold the power button on the console to force shutdown. The game will also freeze if you try to enter 11 or 12 from the side doors at the base of Tower 13 rather than from the stage select menu.

The Solution:

The game will refuse to load Towers 11 or 12 until you visit Tower 13 at least once, but as I said above, simply entering 11 or 12 via the Tower 13 base is not enough. You have to step through one of the doors leading to the Tower 13 outer wall staircase first; once outside, you can use the Shard of Divinity item to teleport back to the Observatory. Now you should be able to enter 11 or 12 from the stage select menu without locking the game.

To confirm if your visit to Tower 13 was registered, highlight its entry on the stage select menu. If a preview image of the Tower 13 environment appears, it means you’ve been there at least once. Conversely, if no preview image appears, it means you have not.

Again, here are the steps:

  1. Choose Tower 13 from the stage select menu.
  2. Enter one of the doors leading to the Tower 13 outer wall staircase.
  3. Use a Shard of Divinity to teleport back to the Observatory.
  4. Towers 11 and 12 should be accessible from the stage select menu now.

There may be other methods, though I haven’t tested anything else yet. One other possible method is stepping out to the outer wall, going back inside via the same door, then trying to open either side door leading to 12 or 13. This alternative would be useful if you don’t have a Shard of Divinity in your inventory, but again, I’ve yet to confirm its effectiveness.

Once you’ve visited Tower 13, you can enter 12 or 13 at your leisure. However, should you have completed the game once already and chosen to reload a past chapter instead of reloading from a save point, you’ll have to repeat these steps.

108 thoughts on “There’s A Game-Freezing Bug In Pandora’s Tower; Here’s A Solution For It”

      1. Runner 2 is alright, the game is best on PC anyway. LEGO City is not even worth mentioning since I don’t play childern’s games.

        1. Actually I like Runner 2 better on my Wii U… so yeah. Also, it is way more than okay! Runner 2 is an awesome game! Still havent beat it yet and I have played many, many hours on it. ūüíč

            1. There’s really no point in trying it for the PC, its the same exact game (even graphic wise). They even go so far as to tell you that you should really use a controller when playing it on the PC. Which is why the Wii U version is the definitive version. (At least to me.)

              1. Nope. You need to learn how to read and see that I made 2 obvious changes. *cough* comma & space *cough*

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                      That mistake he made is quite common. I’ve seen it happen 4 times today.

                      1. Are we discusing the same error cause the only one i noticed is the misspelling if childrens?

                        1. Thanks for the tip, next time i will expose him whit ” i dont play kids games” ” i play runner 2 on pc ” contradiction.

              1. First of all, how is BIT. Trip Presents… Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien better on the PC? The Wii U version has Off-TV play and practically nonexistent load times, so what’s so great about the PC version? Even if Runner 2 is better on the PC, it still counts as a Wii U game; one that I’m sure many would say is better than Pandora’s Tower. I mean, Bioshock Infinite’s far superior on the PC than the PS3 and 360, but no one dismisses those versions of the game.

                Yes, LEGO City Undercover is very much a game for kids, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. I tell you what, I had a better time playing LEGO City Undercover than Crysis 3 and quite a few other ‘Mature’ games from these past few months. If you dismiss things simply because of their cute aesthetic, you probably miss out on a lot of fun experiences.

                Now, I haven’t played Pandora’s Tower, so I’m not going to say whether it’s better or worse than the Wii U games I’ve played, but, honestly, what do you expect? I guarantee you no game on the PS4 will be as good as Uncharted 2 until quite some time after launch. If you expect launch titles to best every game on a 7-year-old system, you’re delusional. So, unless you’re actually saying Pandora’s Tower is bad, it’s hardly insulting to say it’s better than every Wii U game released so far.

                Do you hate the Wii U? Well, fine, hate it. But this article is about Pandora’s Tower, so why don’t we try to stay on topic.There’s a difference between fairly expressing your disdain for something and strait up trolling something, and what you just did, bringing up the Wii U for no apparently reason, more leans towards the latter. I actually wanted to read these comments to see what you guys thought of Pandora’s Tower, because I’m not sure if I want to buy it. Instead of actually seeing a helpful discussion on the pros and cons of the game, I’m treated to one of those ‘Wii U sucks’ comments that I got tired of reading… well, immediately after the Wii U was announced, actually. Please, keep the Wii U bashing to Wii U articles, I don’t need to see that stuff here.

                Now that all that’s out of the way, what did you think of Pandora’s Tower?

                1. “strait” was suppose to be ‘straight’ and “apparently” was suppose to be ‘apparent.’ Darn, my first post and it has errors. I really should’ve proofread it.

            1. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Lego City: Undercover, Mass Effect 3, Batman: Arkham City, Zombie U, Nintendo Land, New Super Mario Bros. U, Assassin’s Creed 3, and Trine 2: Director’s Cut are all great games available on the Wii U. I can’t talk about the others as I don’t own those, but those above that I do are fantastic games.

              Honestly if someone says their Wii U is collecting dust they’re either lying through their teeth or haven’t used the system ever. I use my system everyday even if I don’t play games through Netflix, Internet browser and Tvii. On top of that I have VC and tons of Wii games that can keep me busy until at least 2015 and more games are coming out this year that I want.

            2. I very much enjoy runner 2
              And ME3, and Little Inferno, and NFSMW, and… Well, I think it’s all kinds if fun.

            1. for me and you and some more people that would be great.
              but the most consumers are waiting for mario, fitness, sports etc ..

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          1. You are aware that this game can be played on the Wii U, so all you need to do is draw a U on the box cover and boom it’s a Wii U game.

          2. yah i agree. im waiting for xenoblade 2, bayonetta 2, and wonderful 101. the games the wii u has are good but not amazing like those will be. plus this company is brainstorming if not working on a game for wii u as we speak.

          3. No it’s not idiot. Monster Hunter Ultimate is way better than Pandoras Tower. So is Nintendo Land , NSMBU , ZombiU , Trine 2 , Runner 2 , Lego City , NFSMWU .

            Pandoras tower is a great game but it’s not better than everything on Wiiu right now.

          1. Freaking Walter man your way to funny xD lol you made my day!(:

            Cool guy here :)

            Can the control pad be used for a coaster?? Lol

            1. The Wii U and gamepad can be used as something to make you smile everyday. Do what I do. Anytime you’re feeling a bit down or bummed out, just look at your Wii U. You’ll immediately burst out with laughter, turning your day right around in no time.

        2. I love how they said Xenoblade Chronicles was going to be the last Wii game. Then they said it was Kirby’s Dream Collection, then Epic Mickey 2, and now Pandora’s Tower. xD
          Anyhoo, I need this game, I need Xenoblade, and I need Kirby’s DC, as well as Kirby’s R2DL

        3. There are more replies from trolls than other people? I’m out of this site. We can’t keep a community with decent discussions about games in a place like this.

            1. No, I won’t. I like to talk about games because I like it. I wan’t to discuss about it, bring out ideas for games, make friends to play. This site was once a place for that. Now there are many trolls, they like Nintendo, but they will bash on Nintendo just for the lols. People get upset with reason. and the trolls seems to be quite at home, since Sickr and Alba don’t ban they. That’s not a game environment, games are fun to play and to talk about.

                    1. im thinking the same thing, but every other site sucks it seems but this one is getting kinda far out. there is either way to anti nintendo or complete fanboyism which by the way i hate. like for this article there should be some talk about the game an how you are liking it or is this a problem with europe copies? some of the trolls have no sense, if your going to troll please keep it FRESH so everybody doesnt get bored over it by saying the same thing over again. this article has so much comments about nothing.

              1. Go to Nintendolife, the community there is infinitely better than here. Haven’t seen a serious troll there ever. Any trolls get insta-banned.

          1. Remember that ALT called Troll patrol ? that was me ages ago ! XD . I made it for a joke to combat the Trolls on Wiiu daily and this site. Troll patrol was the most popular guy on Wiiu daily at the time. Do you think it’s time for me to ressurect the Troll patrol ?

            I never use ALTS except for Troll patrol that one time.

          1. And you link to the biggest fool on YouTube since GodOfGTA3.
            He reminds me an awful lot like this guy. Remember when everyone was saying the PSP would destroy the DS?


              1. Graphics never mattered to most of the Nintendo people. Statements like that were only tossed back in the faces of trolls whenever applicable in discussions vs the PS3 or 360 on certain games.
                And PS4 isn’t going to sell itself solely on graphics. It can’t get away with that BS anymore, and only an idiot would think otherwise.
                So keep your shouts of hypocrisy to yourself.

                1. here is something just play the games its getting annoying, we all know wii u is a sack of shit right now but even if there is good games it will be the same thing, ps3 sucked for the first 3 years and got owned you never here that, and it seems to ended up the best. sony fans need to shut up if they are being a sonydrone because some of the fans make me want to like xbox and i fucking hate microsoft, just fucking shut up . even after seeing every horrible extreme fanboy on here the sonydrones are supposed to be the worst according to most people and the nintendo fanboys on here are bad, i here they petition when a game goes to microsoft that was a sony exclusive, saying please dont i feel betrayed. while ill play sony consoles you can fuck them and say you lost your virginity, haha acting like games get you laid holy shit

                  1. Remember the stink that was made when Bayonetta 2 was announced?
                    Good Lord, I think the waves of that decision are still rippling through the industry, and half the people causing said ripples have no clue whatsoever as to why it can’t change, as they blindly contest it and flame anyone who tries to talk sense into them.

        4. I need to go pick up this game this weekend. I’ll watch out for this bug but the game looks great regardless. The Wii did pretty good with getting niche RPGs.

        5. You know what i look forward to coming on this site? Interesting conversation.
          You know what i don’t look forward to?
          Scrolling -__- shut the fuck up, with all comment wars.
          Sure some people have stupid opinions, and purposely try to get under peoples skins but you keep forgetting. We’re on the internet, that’s what the idiots like to do, because i duno, their lives are unfulfilling, i dont care.

          Just shut up -.-,

          1. the thing that also doesnt help they arnt even good comment wars now either or funny, interesting nothing. its just becoming dull maybe even more than cod and nsmb.

        6. Will get this game eventually, although Xenoblade and The Last Story are higher up on my priority list. Xenoblade is so damn expensive!

        7. pandoras tower is a very fun game loving it so far just started yesterday. i will book mark this article for when i need it. im so happy op rainfall was a sucess. i have all three games and they are all great.

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        9. Its painfully obvious WIIU is the haven for new rpg’z, and 3rd party support is growing by the day… Leaks from retailers have an enormous amount of heart attack content (not invluding E3)… so the haters will shite their paints thouroughtly, and the graphics excuse will burst in their nerdy spech worshipping pizza faces lol. Nintendo#1

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