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Nintendo America Confirms Wii U Virtual Console Launch Titles


Nintendo of America have confirmed via its official Facebook page exactly which titles gamers will be able to download when the Wii U Virtual Console launches later this week. The lineup includes classics such as Super Mario World, F-Zero and Kirby’s Adventure. You can see the full list of Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo games, below.

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
* Balloon Fight
* Donkey Kong Jr.
* Excitebike
* Ice Climber
* Kirby’s Adventure
* Punch-Out!!

Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)
* F-Zero
* Super Mario World

122 thoughts on “Nintendo America Confirms Wii U Virtual Console Launch Titles”

    1. im most excited for smw! i have it on the wii and am willing to switch it. the wii u vc is so much better and why wouldn’t i want to play it on the gamepad!? the sad thing is 4 of the “launch” titles hsve been released for the 30th nes anniversary.

    1. Shut the fuck up, Pretendo faggot. You are constantly mocking and ridiculing Nintendo. Using a Yoshi avatar to hide behind is a disgrace, just like your no backwards compatibility PS4.

      1. How am I mocking Nintendo,N-Dub? You’re so delusional, and ot planning on getting a PS4 any time soon you ignoramus.

      1. I think these are going to be the games that will be available at the VC launch? :S
        But then I guess other titles like Super Metroid would be up there too….

        I guess we’ll just have to wait and see

      1. obviously it is a next gen console… that’s why offering the same virtual console games doesn’t make it much “Next-gen” It would’ve been interesting to see some new ones on there.

        1. So, it should have next generation retro games? What are you trying to say? Retro games are retro games.

  1. That lineup is super small, and super lame.

    Seriously. What the hell.

    The virtual console launches 6 months after the system launches and it has 8 pissing games, from just 2 systems. Thats pathetic.

    Nintendo, I love you, but you must try harder.

    1. I whole heartedly agree. Me and you together could of readied twice as many virtual console games. There should be Gamecube , Saturn , Dreamcast games and everything.

      I think Nintendo are putting them up slowly deliberately so each game sells more. For example if they put 100 games up on day 1 they would sell less per game if they put 8 up…

  2. Nintendo your a great company but….This launch list is patheticlly small….I mean you could have just thrown a couple extra snes and nes roms into the line-up in a short period!

        1. I meant Virtual Console. It was a joke. Because the PS3 doesn’t really have any sort of Virtual Console. Get it?….

          Yeah me neither.

          1. Actually, it does — you can download a number of PS1 and PS2 games, but the selection is a lot less interesting than Nintendo’s VC service. That said, pretty much every notable PS1 game seems to be available, it’s the PS2 that sorely lacking by comparison.

  3. This is pretty poor to be honest. I never had a console at launch or anytime less than 1.5-2 years after launch so I didn’t know what to expect. So I was thinking maybe about 20 – 30 titles. So I’m personally very disappointed. 2 snes games is just… I know what to expect in the future though.

    1. thats why you dont get your hopes up. but i do agree this is kind of pathetic. only thing worth getting is super mario world because everything else i either have on 3ds or got for 30 cents in the wii u vc promotion. super metroid will be out for thirty cents on may 15 so you can atleast look foward to that

      1. I have super mario world on like 3 consoles now (GBA,wii, snes). I only pick up VC titles I know are too expensive or rare to get for a good price elseware. I’ll be picking up super metroid of course, that’s a fucking steal. I’ll get nes megaman games, castlevania (nes), earthbound, chrono trigger etc etc

    2. I’m slightly disappointed by this too, but I wasn’t expecting a whole lot of ’em available immediately in the first place.

  4. I’m disappointed that Mega Man won’t be available at launch, but Super Mario World will be a fine re-purchase for me!

  5. I will only be getting Super Mario World for now. Already bought Balloon Fight, F-Zero, Punch Out and Kirby’s Adventure on the sales. Hope they hurry and release more games soon.

  6. Only one I like in this weak list is Super Mario World…What day in May does Super Metroid come out for 30 cents?

  7. Only one i’ll be getting is Super Mario Land, all the other ones I already either have on my Wii U or 3DS.

    I hope we see GBA & GC games sooner than later.

  8. they will probably keep releasing about 5 or more every month. Porting them from the wii VC and in to the framework for the other VC releases on wii U should be quite easy.

  9. thekidnintendowiiman

    This list is pretty damn sad, if they were releasing 8 VC games a week, well then that would be a whole different story.

  10. Oh well, it’s a bit typical Nintendo, isn’t it? It’s almost like they’re afraid to make money by blowing people’s minds with a huge announcement like Yoshi’s Island or whatever. Mindblowing = instant impulse shopping. I’ve learned to sublimate my expectations when it comes to stuff like this over the years, so can’t say I’m disappointed.

  11. Are you sure that’s the entire launch line-up? Because that list seems way too small, actually pathetic! Where are the 64 and Gamecube games? This was supposed to be exciting…

  12. Now come on…. half of those I already own…. ( I kept up with the monthly discount thing)
    Super Mario world is a plus, but what I’m really looking forward to is Earthbound. (Finally~!)

    1. Damnet Nintendo… Still Love You Guys But C’MON ! Patience is virtue? Patience my dick, I know you won’t let us down!

  13. I love Nintendo. I’m glad that the virtual console is releasing this week. However, I’m disappointed with this line up, especially considering that half of these titles were made available through the special promotion with Kirby being the latest one. Super Mario World is good, and Earthbound would’ve been better. V with the vast amount of titles Nintendo has, they should’ve released 4 others instead of the 4 that’s been available. Anyhow, I look forward to future releases.

  14. Wow, that sucks… Ill have to wait another three years or so to play the less common titles and nifty rpg… It should have had the same games the Wii VC ended with…

  15. To The Observer/N-Dub Nation:
    There is a difference between being a nintendo fan and a nintendo fanboy. You are a prime example of a fanboy who sees anyone that is not a fanboy as a ps or xbox owner.

  16. Should the list have been bigger? Yah probably. Al least 15 games. But my god everyone on the planet is so fucking ungrateful. How about Nintendo cancels the Virtual Console and you get nothing? How does that sound? You think games from back in the 1990’s are on Nintendos MOST IMPORTANT TO DO LIST? No. They add some whenever they get around to it. People complain we want new IPs yet you also beg for more of the old games via Virtual console. Nintendo can only do so much you know. So fucking sad. Be greatful you get these games.

    1. I don’t feel I need to be grateful to a for profit company that does nothing for me for free. I have been playing nintendo since the NES and I do hope they pick up the pace soon. At this moment I do regret paying $400 for my Wii U, but I believe that will change by the end of this year.

  17. This is ridiculous, they have so many titles to choose from, and they can’t even provide us with 10 titles. They didn’t update jack shit for the current ones we can buy, so why can’t they push out 50 titles or more? This is honestly terrible!

    1. Once you get 50 titles, then what? You’re not even going to appreciate all of them and just be griping for more.

  18. Already have SMW on the Wii, and will only buy it again once the Advance 2 version is released on the 3DS, otherwise known as the superior version of SMW.

  19. honestly my pc has snes nes and n64 emulator and run them fine what about gamecube games im sure the wii u can handle it if the eshop game size is over 1GB

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  21. Don’t they release new titles for VC every week or so? Isn’t that what they did or the Wii? If I remember correctly the launch titles on the Wii VC were few as well. I think it’s a business strategy to keep people coming back to the Eshop. From a business standpoint it would be pretty stupid to just release everything all at once. One would think that since there haven’t been a ton of titles released for the Wii U that people would be happy about this, but I guess it goes to show that you can never please everyone.

      1. That is what I am thinking but we don’t know until next week (not this week) to find out if they actually releasing it every week. If not then I want to know how often they add new VC game(s) to eShop and how many VC games.

  22. The launch is ok for now, as long as the new releases are going by fast like on the Wii. I am hoping imported games like Nazo no Murasame-jo gets an international release so I can be able to experience the game on a console than on a ROM.

    1. I would advise against hoping for things. Nintendo is a business entity and they are more concerned with making money than anything. That way you won’t be disappointed when they don’t release niche games in the West that most people are likely not to buy. I’m with you though. More imports would be sweet.

  23. I don’t understand why they can’t just bring the whole virtual console from the Wii over to the Wii U and update them with gamepad functionality over time…

  24. I’m seriously angry. What is this?! Half of this shit was already available, and as far as i know, it’s not exactly HD remakes or anything, it’s just games being emulated on my damn Wii U with a license from Nintendo. For fuck sake man, their advertising the Virtual Console as if it’s anything special – Nintendo wake the fuck up, i have been emulating your games for free on my computer, and i don’t mind paying up when they show some fucking love for their consumers, you know those of us who actually stick up for you when everybody else laughs, but i’m tired of this shit. You have loads of titles from the Wii Virtual Shop, why don’t you get those over there immediately! You talk about GBA games but none are to be found, you could EASILY sell GameCube games like Super Mario Sunshine and Double Dash which people would gladly buy for 10 bucks but that you won’t even talk about, rather save them for HD remakes am i right? Am i fucking right you cheap bastards! Noooo you show up with less than 8 titles – 8! You couldn’t even manage 10. I have played on your fucking consoles for almost 20 years, always bought your machines and stuck up for you, but this is shit. If i wasn’t gonna travel for a couple of months i would have sold your shitty 3DS with down syndrome, which you call Wii U (better be something on the fucking shelves when i get home, what’s going on with Bayonetta 2, is that even seeing the light of day anytime soon!?). I cannot believe you transferred all your great franchises over to the handheld, and you present us with shit like this? The Wii U… “a console for core gamers”, it’s a console for naive fucks who thought you weren’t so damn arrogant and full of pride. Fucking hope Iwata goes off and Miyamato can stick Luigi up his ass… FUCK LUIGI!

    1. Oh be quiet. You need to calm down. It ain’t that serious. All this over fucking video games? If you’ve been emulating all of Nintendo’s shit then why should you care about what they’re releasing on VC? Nintendo is and will always be a business first. Stop making things personal like Nintendo raped your family. It would be pure stupidity from a business standpoint for them to give you everything at once. Sick of all this worthless whining.

  25. Yes! Super Mario World!!!!!!! that and F-zero along with Kirby’s adventure (which I am currently playing) will keep me busy until Earthbound comes.

  26. You’d think Nintendo would be taking this complete lull in software to push-push-push DLC stuff. Virtual Console should theoretically be such easy money for them, but not when they’re pushing out the same tired, retread, so-so NES games they do for the third or fourth time. Is it really that difficult or expensive to plug in Gamepad functionality with retro games, or what?

  27. fuck vc games put some indie games on the eshop some new titles not the same old recycled crap i love nintendo but dang its been months since i seen a new eshop game. 3ds gets all the good shit wtf!

  28. I’ve always been positive about Nintendo but they really need new blood out there on their PR, Marketing and Upper Management. Somebody from the outside that thinks outside the box and a little away from the Nintendo culture within the company. Very lackluster VC list. Fans have been waiting. What will we do if Nintendo does not have anything mind-blowing to show off at E3, wait again? Hmmm…. =(

  29. Nes games? Really?
    Most of them are already available on 3DS…
    I will never understand nintendo. They got so many great games that I can’t even list.
    If they had launched more SNES games like DKC, Kirby Super Star or Star Fox I would be already satisfied. I even think that they should had launched at least one N64 game.
    But… Nintendo despise money

  30. Isn’t the eShop updated once a week?
    It’s not like these are going to be the only games for the whole console’s lifespan. The Wii’s gigantic Virtual Console library wasn’t this big overnight.

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