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Game Informer’s Cover Story To Be Longest Since GTA IV


Game Informer executive editor, Andrew Reiner, promises that tomorrow’s Game Informer cover story will be the longest since Grand Theft Auto IV. There’s plenty of speculation regarding which game the publication will be focusing on. Reiner has denied its the recently announced Wolfenstein game which is coming to PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and next generation consoles. Which game do you think the magazine will be focussing on tomorrow?

Update: It’s about PlayStation 4 and the games that have been announced for the platform.

45 thoughts on “Game Informer’s Cover Story To Be Longest Since GTA IV”

      1. Is ea star wars, sony or Nintendo games. Microsoft can show a money giving game and i would not care.

          1. Hey Sickr, whenever you post a story like this one, and it turns out it has nothing to do with Nintendo, you just bail on the subject. I understand that this site is limited to Nintendo news, but I think that if you write a ”part 1” of something, you should:
            A) do a part 2 as well, regardless of it being Nintendo related
            B) don’t make posts like this in the future, while not knowing if it has something to do with Nintendo or not.

            Not trying to be an a’hole, but it’s kinda annoying when you don’t close a story, especially if it happens multiple times. Thanks in advance.

  1. Hwo cars? fukin sexbox and gaystation sux! Nintendo 4ever! LOLOL UMAD FAAGS? XDXDXDXDXD

    … just kidding

      1. Ps vita – 1.2 million hardware sales in Japan.

        Animal crossing 3DS – 3 million + sales in Japan.

        Big joke lol.

  2. pokemonchampion1

    I’m going to guess Watch Dogs. For some reason I feel that the game will have some big news coming up.

    1. I love battlefront. If it is then i will most likely be leaning with Sony this gen. I dont know who to go with more. PS4 will most likely be getting all the multiplats, but Nintendo’s franchises are irresistable.

      1. If you can afort both go whit the Nintendo and sony combo forget xbox, live alone will hinder your game buying. I regret so much buying a xbox 360

        1. I can only afford to support one game platform, so I’ve chosen to buy Nintendo hardware software. They always have a fun and unique gameplay style. I bored easy, but they keep changing up the gameplay, so I stick with them.

  3. Realistically,

    Call of Duty Ghosts
    Watch Dogs

    In that order.

    But, hopefully,

    3D Mario
    Streets of Rage 4
    Shadow of the Eternals
    Fucking Acid Ghost! (It will exist!!!! One day!!!)

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