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Nintendo Will Sell A Standalone Retail Version Of New Super Luigi U


New Super Luigi U is essentially downloadable content for New Super Mario Bros. U. But players who don’t own a copy of the Wii U game won’t be left in the dust. Nintendo today announced that a standalone retail version of New Super Luigi U will arrive at stores on August 25th. In the upcoming DLC, Luigi’s red-garbed brother, Mario, will be absent, but critter Nabbit will be a playable character in its multiplayer mode.

54 thoughts on “Nintendo Will Sell A Standalone Retail Version Of New Super Luigi U”

      1. It launches digitally in EU on June 21t ? What about USA ? I hope you guys don’t have to wait till August lol!!!!

          1. Indeed! NSMBU was tight so I hope this is ever better. I’ve been replaying Super Mario world on VC so my body is ready for this.

                  1. I dont know what it is in £ but its $20 download, $30 retail.

                    I imagine its for the fact you can pay $30 this one game, or $20 extra, if you buy the original game.

                    I personal might consider buying it retail for the fact it looks better than NSMBU, but i think id end up just buying both.

                    1. That’s what I’m saying it looks better and if its only limited then it might be one for the future.

                      I only collect the very best and most memorable games for my Nintendo consoles. Nintendo’s major first party content is something I always try to collect.

                  2. I do prefer Physical media over Digital and with Nintendo’s system based downloads it would be better for me to get the retail version.

                    They sure made it hard for me to choose. Sooner and cheaper or late and with a higher price but with an awesome green and Luigified case.

                    1. It is being released in Australia and Europe, though it’s a vastly overpriced $59.95 in Australia.

                    1. Difference is that it’s not like simply a $10 special colored costume or whatever Capcom and other companies try and pass off as DLC. It’s essentially a complete game.

                  3. I’m glad about the retail version because I’m definitely picking it up that way! I do hope that you can still play as Mario in the game, but even if not, it’ll be a solid addition to the game collection. Plus it’s gonna be a lot of fun

                    1. They’ve said every time that Mario is not in the game. The extra players are the blue and yellow toad and Nabbit (who is invincible). NO MARIO!

                      1. That’s too bad, but it definitely won’t deter me from getting the game. Though I wish their was another character because I usually like to play these on 4 player co-op with my friends, but if one of them’s invincible, that could be a bit unfortunate (Wrecks the fun out of messing with everybody)

                    2. OMG! Even though I don’t own the Wii U yet, I might still buy this game when it comes out. LOVE THAT GREEN CASE!

                      But….is it the exact same game, only with Luigi and that other weird new character? And what’s the story with Mario not being in it?

                      1. dude its different its just dlc for nsmbu. its going to be harder and has a shorter time limit. every level is new and you have to save mario because bowser is trying to kill him and just wants to fuck peach to make more kids. concluding the brand new levels made for luigis adventure to be the spotlight for his 30 years of being a loser that nobody notices.

                    3. Yellow Toad and Blue Toad were bound to be in this game alongside Luigi.
                      Iwata stated that “Mario” alone would not be making an appearance in this game, so that didn’t necessarily eliminate the idea of the 2 Toads re-appearing. Despite the fact that people still denied this and claimed NSLU would be solely restricted to being a single player game.
                      In all honesty, Nabbit just sounds like a troll picked character.
                      He takes no damage, can’t use power-ups and even shares the exact same attributes with the 3 aforementioned characters. (I.E. Running speed and jumping height. Pretty ironic considering he is based on a rabbit.) Not to mention the fact that he eliminates the whole “challenging” concept.
                      I would assume Nabbit to be a character for the more Novice Leveled players.

                      Although, It still would have been nice to have a Red Toad as an alternate character in place of Mario for Player 4. (Not the original red with the blue vest of course, but the one with the red vest.)
                      That way they could continue with the whole color coordination thing they’ve been using.

                      Purple Toad is also debatable, and could have represented Nabbit’s color.
                      However, Red Toad would seem like a more viable option for the reasons I stated above.

                      Most people may disagree with me and go against the idea of having another Toad in the game, but who else could possibly fit the role?

                      Just my 2 cents for this.

                    4. I think I may have to get the physical version purely because… well, look at it! It’s friggin’ sweet!


                      hi there i be getting the disc version becuase i dont want too get extra storage i still have 23 gb free storage

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