Wii U System Update Released


Today, Nintendo released another Wii U System Update. Once you download and install the new update, your System Software Version will be 3.0.1 U. According to Nintendo, the update brings “Further improvements to overall system stability and software compatibility.” The newly released update is not as big as last month’s update, which brought a number of improvements, including faster load times when switching between applications, and a standby function to download and install software while the Wii U is powered off. If you’re unsure of how to perform a System Update, click here.


    1. Uhh hello! I downloaded this update and oh my jesus theyre is a large increase in the number of mili secs that it take to boot up and switch software and mother said netflix isn’t crashing no more wich is grate because mother and i love watchin doctor who on wii u2 together for hours !!!

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    2. Take notes, Nintendo have released this firm-ware a day before microsoft unveils their Xbox720 or infinity. It starts :).

        1. Jelly Bean you do know am excited about the PS4. Something tells me owning a Wii U, 3DS and PS4 shall be worth any gamers hearts fulfilment in entertainment. The Wii U we know shall have marvels and so also shall the PS4 with the Last Gaurdian.

            1. Since I have a Wii U, 3DS, PSP for Monster hunter freedom unite, PS2, N64, SNES, Xbox360, I am waiting for a Vita western price cut and am set. Between Lego city undercover, Monster hunter 3 Ultimate, fire emblem and a backload of Wii wonders, Shadow of the Colosus PS2 and swamped with life, work books and even church in there. So yes a Vita is in line someday.

              1. In all honesty, just wait till a little while after the PS4 is released. I reckon they’ll drop it then (and will be able to drop it without losing money).

                Plus Sony are teasing some awesome games for E3, so we’ll see how it all pans out.

                1. think this is smart, don’t get burned like I did on the 80 gig ps3 at release. I have come to the conclusion I am buying no new systems at release anymore. I didn’t buy a wii and that turned out beautifully. the only thing good about buying the ps3 at launch was how long it was before they released the slims and at the time of release bluray players were expensive any way so it wasn’t a horrible decision. feel sorry for any sucker that purchased a wii though. we will have to wait and see.

                  1. Dude, I think the same thing happened to me ._. I got burned buying a PS3 at launch …. The only time Ive ever been happy buying a system at launch is the 3DS (Mainly because of ambassador program! :D )

  1. The sleep download and install feature is great, my main issue with digital content is leaving shit on.

    1. Yes, that’s definitely my favorite feature from last month’s update. And the ability to install games in the background is awesome, too.

      1. You mean as you play a game? That’s awesome if that’s the case.
        Can you still download a game if you’re online in a game? I know my PS3 pauses the download if i go on a game with online features.

        1. Yup! Games and apps from the eShop can be downloaded and installed while other software is being used. Pretty nifty. Before the update, you had to watch the installation bar. ._____.

    2. I’d avoid using using standby modes if I were you, one blackout then all you’re likely to have is a stepping stone for your backyard!

    1. As much as I like DK64, chances are slim. Although the Donkey Kong franchise is Nintendo’s, many things such as the Kremlings I believe is Rare’s. And, Rare is… yeah. The only choice you have right now is to pick up the game on ebay and play it on your N64.

        1. Well DKC is on VC so hmmm. Also King K. Rool being owned by Rare? Yeah I’d say no like guy before me.

    2. Yes! Please bring DK64 and make it so we can play the multiplayer through wifi!!! That would be awesome! 💋

    3. Not before telling konami to give us all the mystical ninjas they can keep the nes ones though.

  2. Maybe its just me but my Wii U still freezes from time to time. I hope it stops soon. I’ve had it since day 1.

      1. Have you (or anyone) noticed the new Nintendo brochures, that are in stores. I saw one on the weekend, and noticed there is no EA games mentioned, not the ones in the Fall, except Need for Speed. And that only mentions it as being made by Criterion.

        1. This is just the reason why this is my first and final time that I’m purchasing a game from Electronic Arts. Since they want to whine and bitch instead of taking advantage of the U hardware, it’s their loss.

          1. I haven’t been purchasing as much EA games. I did the most when I was a kid, back on the C64. They made allot great games like Mail Order Monsters, Pinball Construction Set, Immortal, Zany Golf, and this Jet game. Its really too bad what they have become. I am interested in getting Need for Speed, cause I really liked the Burnout series, but since I don’t play much sports games or military type games EA isn’t for me. But I just found it weird to see a brochure without a mention of EA, it even had Darksiders in it.

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                    1. I’m screwed now! The Administrator and MrRobot coming after me… Shit.

                    2. Quick! Back to your Lab. We’ll go play Persona 4 for a while.

    1. Mine hasnt since I got it back from Nintendo when it broke. Guess they fixed it.

    2. Does it happen with a specific game or application?
      I know with my PS3 it’s always on a game specific basis, but it sometimes freezes when i go into the PSN store.

    3. Maybe youre cd is dirty, then it will freeze.when my son play, it freeze sometimes, but that because he make the cd dirty.

    4. Weird. I’m a day one as well, and haven’t had it freeze in a long time. Maybe this one will help you. Any game in particular?

    5. mine finally stopped, I noticed it was more with specific games then anything but I’ve had to hard unplug this thing quite a few times. Mostly on sonic racing. Been on since day 1 as well.

  3. Cool! Can’t wait to update tomorrow, cuz I’m gojng to bed!! lol! Night and Kisses, people!💋

    1. hey!, it is already downloaded, it went to the Download Managament and it was already there for update! it was awesome and quick and all that

  4. Could we discuss the topic at hand. This is coming a day before the Xbox720 is unveiled. Those that are alert know why this is so. To those that are unnaware, nintendo is doing this because after tomorrow the mystic of the two other home console HD consoles comes to normacy.

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  5. Hey, I need help. Anyone knows if I may have done something wrong? Ok, so I was downloading Super Metroid on my Wii U, and I have v.3.0.1, but when I turned it on, it said it had stopped downloading. But I thought t here was this standby feature that lets you download things even when the system is off? Someone please clarify this for me. (I did activate standby features in settings)

    1. maybe your internet went down in the middle of the process. go to settings and activate it again, just in case and do a internet test. mine is working. also if you want to know when your game is being downloaded after turning the wii u off, just look at the light, if it’s orange it’s downloading, after instaling it turns red.

      1. Thanks for the reply! So, when I turn my Wii U off, the light is red. I made sure to activate it :/ and im currently trying to download super mario world, but it only stops until I turn my wii u back on. Im so confused. I really appreciate your response though.

      2. Thanks for the reply, I really appreciate it! And I followed your steps, and it turns out something was wrong with my internet after all! Haha, thanks for making me check that out! Thankyou. It was really urgent that I had to get this before I wrap it up for a present to my nephew! Now we can play online xD haha. Thanks again

          1. @bsnjos hey ur a nice guy dude, i wish there were more nice guys like u online, this site is full of trolls, just lke the rest of the internet, good day sir!!

            1. well thank you! Don’t mind the trolls, companies like Nintendo, that do things in a different way, and have a different perspective on the meaning of games bring this kind of “hate”, but it also has the most passionate fans and comunity which is the people they care about. just ignore the trolls, they are just begging for attention.

    1. Real HD Remasters, ANOTHER reason not to fuck with Nintendo…. Also, Sonic Exclusives

  6. I doubt this is THE summer update. Remember a similar update a few months before th Spring Update?

  7. What time does the Xbot New Weapon System unveil?…

    We have to observe their movement…

    1. Sir, I’ve heard reports that Microsoft is shitting themselves because they could only afford a tent to reveal the console in.

      1. I find it a bit unlikely although you scored points for attacking the Xbots name…

  8. Check your notifications, mine was in there and when I fired up it just said “data has finished installing”. Easiest updates EVER.

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