Ubisoft Gives Watch Dogs Fans Chance To Be Featured In Game

watch_dogsWant to get your name and profile featured in the upcoming Watch Dogs game? Well, Ubisoft are running a competition to allow just that, but you’ll need to be 18 years old and over and have access to a Facebook and Uplay account to get involved.

If you’re a budding fan, you’ll want to enter your details here. Just jot down your name, date of birth, occupation, and three facts about yourself – they can be as cool, off the wall or as creative as you like. From there, Ubisoft will choose 30 competition entries at random to be included as a pedestrian in the game. But you’ll have to wait until November 19, when the game is released for current and next-gen platforms, to find out if you’ve been one of the lucky winners.


  1. Oh lovely, the chance to become a pedestrian so that trolls everywhere, if they ever learned who I was, could take pride and joy in putting countless bullets into my game-engine-rendered hide…..
    I think I’ll pass.XD
    Just, focus on the game itself, Ubisoft. Please.
    This is a neat little thing you’re doing for your community, but focusing on developing and refining the small details of the game, is much more important to the fans who want to see it succeed than being included into the game ourselves..

      1. chances are you’ll never know who the winners are.. unless you’re included yourself

    1. it’s not like implementing this is a huge amount of effort.. they’ll have to implement pedestrians anyway so why not.. gives the crowd a bit more variety aswell
      i bet some of the devs will be in there too

  2. Sounds kool! I will totally enter as a chick named Jynx or Mamma or something. 💋

      1. Come over here at 45 Trescot Ln. Fairvirw, NJ and see for your self, big boi ;) 💋

    1. well i was 37.. somewhere at some point i must have entered that date… probably for my fake facebook account which i don’t even use.. i don’t usually register with correct personal data unless i absolutely have to

  3. So basically we want to sacrifice our personal information to a game where you are a hacker that uses personal information to steal money from bank accounts, read people’s messages, posts and texts, and use them to get information, and basically is able to control/blackmail/kill/take advantage of people with such information.

    Sounds legit. Sign me up.

    1. that’s the point (which is why you are asked to enter 3 personal things about yourself) the irony certainly isn’t lost on me :)

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