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Wii U Sales Rank On Amazon UK Jumps 875 Percent After Xbox One Reveal


It appears as though consumers in the U.K. weren’t pleased with Microsoft’s Xbox One press conference on Tuesday. Before the company revealed its next-generation console, the Wii U console’s sales rank was at #390 on Amazon UK. Shortly after the Xbox One conference, the Wii U console’s sales rank apparently jumped by a whopping 875 percent, elevating its rank to #40 on the online retailer.

Thanks, sosukebzr.

415 thoughts on “Wii U Sales Rank On Amazon UK Jumps 875 Percent After Xbox One Reveal”

          1. I’m starting to think this generation will be PS4 in first, followed closely by Wii U, then at a very distant last place the Xbox One. The PS4/Wii U situation could be similar to the PS360 this gen. Where it’s so close it doesn’t even matter.

            1. it won’t be that close, just because of the stronger architecture. xbox360 and ps3 were close up just because most interesting games were released on both in about the same quality – that won’t happen here, WiiU is not strong enough for that. that being said, i think it will still do better than XboxOne, because.. maaaan, that was bad…

                1. oh yeah, and until the wii u, the last Nintendo I bought was a 64. so I was a Microsoft fanboy for years. ive always stood behind sony. but after doing research, the only thing keeping Nintendo back is peoples preconceived ideas based on the wii. u cant go by the shardware specs on the wii u. Nintendo custom designed everything. it don’t run like a tri core 2 gig ram device. they’ve got it modified vastly. but I don’t know anything at all. im just an idiot that has never strayed from Nintendo. oh wait….I hated the wii…..and the gc……and playstation was better than 64 in most every way. but im a die hard Nintendo fan huh?

              1. how do people keep getting that the wii u isn’t strong? from EA? geeze dude. do some fucking research. its heavily custom designed. Microsoft has to pay sony for the blue ray laser in every single system. half of the 8 gigs the ps4 has isn’t even for games or graphics. the wii u processor is underclocked to not stress the tri core. the custom built patented high speed optical drive can read faster than the ps4’s. the wii u operates like a 4 gig ram. Nintendo is just sitting back going “eh, they’ll figure it out.” I bet they cant wait for the 3rd parties to come crawling back so they slam the door in their face and laugh.

                1. put it like this. wii u is like a custom built alienware built to specs while the ps4 is just strong parts from dell put together. yeah, it should be stouter. but u don’t know what they’ve done inside the tower. nothing in the ps4 or nextbox(yeah, I like that name, they shuda went with that) is custom. its just put shipped in. and put together.

                  1. Just because something uses custom parts, doesn’t mean that it’s better. You should clearly do some research yourself instead convincing yourself that Nintendo is what it was back in the day. As a big Nintendo fan, I wish I could say Nintendo has a good spot in the console race, but from the way it looks now I really don’t think I can say that with much honesty. We’ll just have to see how it pans out.

            2. Wii U will be 1st. The fact that Nintendo is finally in HD solidifies that. PS4 may get 2nd…if Sony manages not to go bankrupt and disappear from the planet in the near future. Then comes Ouya and Steambox in 3rd and finally with it’s 3 sales the Xbox One in 4th.

              1. Sony first, they are actually making a profit, their new president was the PlayStation division president, Wii second, it is not getting third party support, witch it needs, Microsoft I think Microsoft is trying to shift gaming to pc and people won’t like that

                1. Sony making a profit? As a whole company? FALSE. Wii U not fucking Wii my god that exposed you instantly troll. 3rd party DOESNT EQUAL SUCCESS. 3rd party games ARE BONUSES. Like a shared dish between fast food places. 3rd party Multiplats are like burgers…every fast food place has them but they all arent good, 1st party is like milkshakes some have them some dont. See what I did there Mcdonalds? LOL was actually a happy accident but it fits. Wii won last Gen and it had next to no 3rd party support so please GTFO.

                  1. and yeah im trolling, because some people are too dumb to go look up these operating specs themselves. sorry to those that actually know the full operating specs of what they are talking about.

                1. Oh cause an $800 PS4 that isnt backwords compatible thats just a more powerful PS3 can beat the Wii U which is the 1st time Nintendo has gone HD do thats a FAR bigger deal, BEST CONTROLLER (Gamepad) IS BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE, has Miiverse, a bunch of FRIENDLY PEOPLE in its communty unlike Sony, also Smash Bros, Zelda HD, 3D Mario HD and Retro fucking Studios game ALONE destroys ANYTHING Microsoft or Sony has. No way Unchanged 4, Little Big Planet 3? whatever number its on, God Of War 5 could even compete. Oh wait I GET IT you think PS4 will win because of the fact YOU DONT EVEN HAVE TO PLAY YOUR GAMES ANYMORE? you can buy a game, send it to someone across the world and have them beat it for you and send it back to you they will win right? Right? Bitch please open your eyes. Nintendo will win. Sony winning is about as likely that Reggie never actually exsisted and he has been a CGI this whole time. Now fuck off.

                2. lol. ill take that bet. the gamepad alone makes it more next gen than either of those two. u want media? who don’t own a desktop or laptop for that. almost half of the ps4s 8 gig ram is dedicated to online functions. meaning it wont be twice as strong as the wii u. add to that Nintendo underclocked it and vamped up load times. that 2 gigs runs close to 4. add to that most people these days own an external hard drive. u can just plug it into the wii u and bam. more storage. so I got 1tb storage that I already owned. add the gamepad and the ps4 seems like its already outdated a year before it comes out. but u wouldn’t understand all that. enjoy ur laptop mousepad on ur controller.

              2. u think 3 people will buy a console that has to be online to even work? and paying to play used games after u already paid for the used game once? well. yeah, ill give it maybe 3 sells

            3. Well it depends ps4 conference at E3 will probably be like Xbox one. If Xbox is smart they’ll only focus on games at E3 like Wii u. though the price on that thing (Xbox) will probably be high, if they don’t make some sort of deal with every costumer which still doesn’t sound good.

            4. I think it’s funny you’re making a Wii U/PS4 competition comparison to the PS360 competition, mostly because Wii was off doing it’s own thing and still outsold both PS3 and 360. By 20 million units. If that is the case, Wii U’s sales aren’t going to be nearly as good as the Wii’s.

            5. *Shrugs* I thought the 360 and Wii were Neck and neck last gen with PS3 very close by in the rear. This one I think PS4 and WiiU are neck and neck and the new Xbox isn’t even going to make it to the starting line.

            6. No, it will resemble the generation before this; with the PS4 on top, followed by the Wii U in distant second, then the Xbox One in third.

          2. barely. wii u being underclocked pushes it to compete in graphics, loading, and processing with ps4 specs. but whatever. what would I know. ive just been a hardcore nerd since my mom shot me out of her. how do u think I can take a gold plated ceramic 1 gig processor and make it run on par with a 4 gig from three years ago? why do u think u can sell gold ceramic cpus for 80 bucks on e bay that are 30 years old? people don’t understand the tech as well as they think. lol.

      1. All of those who bought the Wii U after the Xbox One’s reveal are idiots who thought that the PS4 will be the same as the Xbox One.

    1. DAYUMMM! indeed, the morons at neogaf are now done because their beloved secret love the once Xbox Durango is a dud. lol.

    2. Uhh hello! I thought the xbox 1 was very prmising lookin because mother can now control everything on tv with her beautifully serenading voice. She has a great voice and the xbox 1 wil be a pefect christmas gift for mother and maybe rare is working on vivapinata because mother loves vivapinata and so does cousin earl. i hope kinect on x1 can detect people sitting down because mother is a little larger than most and tends to stay in her scooter . but i think ill stick with the xbox 360 slim with kinect sports because its funner thann CoD gosts. wii u sales goin up r good for nintendo

      1. It REALLY does as these are pretty much the two biggest countries where the Xbox 360 is not the last one on the race. AFAIK in most of Europe and Latin America the Wii and the PS3 outsold the Xbox 360.

        Microsoft grabbed Ultimate Team (on Fifa 14) as an exclusive to get a piece of those markets, where soccer fans makes this series sell almost as much as Call of Duty. This should also work for the UK too. But it doesn’t seem to be enough right now, so MS may be actually *losing* these markets even more…

          1. If not, they will be soon I’m sure. I hope they don’t tough. I want them to go the way of THQ. Wish it was them instead of THQ actually.

    1. It does however mean if Wii U sales in the US rise then the Wii U could possibly do better than the Xbox One in sales.

      1. possibly? the wii u hasn’t gotten nearly as much bad press as teh XBone, and that thing has only been known about for a couple days lol.esspecially seeing as nintendo will be releasing pikmin 3, windwaker hd, mario 3du, and mario kart right before the XBone is even launched, microsoft is screwed.

    1. xbox 360-259 is unbelivable.
      you have to pay to play used games (at full price);
      you can’t use your own headset;
      you have to connect at least once every 24 horus… if you are working all day, and after you come at home and find out that your internet down… guess what?;
      The console is ugly and big as a fuck…

    2. No, continue to fuck up. Drop out of the console war and let Sony and Nintendo duke it out mano-a-mano.

        1. Funny thing is that the ex rockstar developer said a company will stop next gen not this incoming one.

            1. nintendo isn’t gonna drop out anytime soon.. not with the kind of cash cushion they have
              if that rockstar employee was honestly thinking that he isn’t really any use at predicting industry developments

        2. Not necessarily. Nintendo destroyed Atari and Sega did they get Lazy? Nitnendo isn’t allowed to get lazy due to 2 factors. Their Seal Of Quality and the fact that NINTENDO HAS PASSION. They make games cause they love making games not for the money.

            1. Nintendo knows money will come cause they are just that damn good. But Money isnt their #1 goal. They know it will always come so they dont need to focus on it, they just focus on making kick ass games THAT SIMPLE.

        3. Actually historically speaking we are at an all time low when it comes to original games, because there are 3 companies. The only generation that did well was the 5th, mainly because of the rise of 3d games.

      1. I think the new xbox is great, blows the others out of the water. That being said I own all systems and will probably get the new ps4 and xbox. I am a true gamer, play all platforms.

        1. Your the true’ist, man!!!!

          Xbox One is garbage but if you insist on buying it…Save yourself some money, you wont need to purchase an xbox live account for multi-player, since you will be the only playing it.

    1. Pachter says the xbox one will win this gen… thats sound like they are confirming that it will he the worst selling.

  1. I don’t know if we should call Microsoft “competition” if they’re actively helping Nintendo lol

  2. ahahahaahhahahahah AHAHAHAAHAHHAAHAHAH *wipes eye* hooo hoooo HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH.

    You want second hand games ? I know I do…. Only with U. Mii , U together . WiiU.

  3. Awwww man this is too funny. I can just visualize about 8000 English people 10 minutes after the One reveal.

    ”Well …. Hmmmmm Hyesss. There’s nothing wrong with my TV or my Dog. I guess I will buy a Wiiu”

      1. Actually, EA said a whole multitude of great things about the Wii U before, but something happened and now they are trying to play the bully. The problem is that the smallest kid on the playground can’t be the bully. EA has nothing going for it.

    1. The wii u is hardly a game sustem just yet. It has as many good games released as the xbox one and ps4, none. Absolutely none.

      1. NSMBU, MH3, B:AC, RE: R, Lego City, AC3, BO2…etc The VC is expensive but there are a few good games on that as well as eshop titles. How do U like dem apples?

      2. I’ll give you four good games for the system now: MH3U, NSMBU, NintendoLand and Lego City Undercover.

  4. … Is this Microsoft’s last console. I don’t usually time travel, but heck:
    5-6 years from now, idk if there’ll be any Xbox. I don’t know what Microsoft’s gonna do if their E3 isn’t absolutely Perfect… or they can price it at $249.99, then even I’ll buy one (ha, I’ll buy… ONE! lol It’s time to go to bed…

  5. Not surprising, The Xbox One is almost irrelevant, not even the games they show @ E3 will be able to save them. They have abandoned both core and casual gamers, im not even sure who their target audience is at this point.

  6. Wow, that was unexpected. Guess all I need is a PS4 and I’m set this gen. Since I have a Wii U already.

  7. Is it weird that I had a surge of delight after reading this? I swear Microsoft doesn’t put the consumer high on it’s priority list, only themselves. After reading about what the Xbox One has to offer, all’s I can say is that the cons outweigh the pros. If I buy a next-gen (from a spec standpoint, I think the Wii U is.), it’ll be the PS4. They haven’t partnered with EA; already a huge plus.

    1. haha nice also did you know at the xbox one reveal….. the applause was fake!!!!!!!!! all was coming from the back where the xbox employees were!!!!!!!

      1. It definitely wasn’t E3 2004 and THAT reveal anyway i still get goosebumps. My second E3 after the disapointing 2003 it had DS and ZELDA AAWWWEESSOOMEEE! why i love NINTENDO its just… about… the… games….

  8. So the Xbox One was so bad it technically helped Nintendo and Sony in many ways. WOW. I won’t be surprised if the Ouya turns out better than this Next generation Tivo.

    1. Where is the commander? D: no… He must have… He must have sacrificed himself to save us all D’:

      1. The Commander is getting his body ready :D

        P.S on an unrelated matter i just cleared ALTTP for the first time tonight :D

          1. “is it good?” it is incredible get it on the eshop for Wii or Wiiu if ye have one its gorgeous, immerseive, clever, challenging, and has an amazing soundtrack.

      2. I’m right here my brethren!

        I was holding a meeting on this wonderful occassion planing our next move to even further spread our righteous path of fun to defeat the Xbots in every way possible!

  9. I can see why! Microsoft fucked their fans over. I have to connect to the internet once every 24 hours to play games? NO THANK YOU! I love Halo, it is the reason why I play video games. But when you force me to do stupid shit like that, don’t expect me to buy your vcr shaped cable box piece of fucking shit! What the hell were they thinking????? This just makes me so fucking angry. I’m simply done with gaming in general because of this. Unless some good news comes, I wil no longer play on consoles or handheds or pc. Because without halo, to me, there is no reason to play any video games. God damnit! Why am I not making the new xbox???!! This shit would have never even popped into my head. The whole console is ajoke. I read about the features, and its like a gamers worst nightmare. Wtf were they smoking??!!

    1. You could try out some Metroid games. They’re completely different from the Halo series, but, in my opinion, Metroid is much better. Give it a thought on other series before you decide to abandon gaming in general for good, I’m sure you’ll find something you like out there. Don’t let a single company that doesn’t respect their customers to move you away from something so fun and pleasant as games.

      1. I don’t soley game on Microsoft and only play Halo. I play games on ps3, 3DS, DS, and many others, but my main game, the games that I always play nearly everyday , are the halo games. The story and art and music has always been beatiful to me, and the multiplayer has always been awesome! Forge mode is something I can’t ever leave behind, firefight is so addicting!So much that I can’t just not buy the inevitably improved Halo 5 with everything 10X better. And not just my gaming will be affected, my art/drawings are inspired by the Halo universe. I post new pic on the 3DS “Colors! 3D gallery” very often. Imagine having to move on from your faborite game series and abandon it for other games you know you will never love as much. That is my delema, and fucking microsoft caused it all. I will probably geta wii. U though. I overreacted. I won’t abandon gaming, I just won’t game as often and with as much enjoyment as I used to.

    2. Halo was never good to begin with, so you’re not really losing out on ANYTHING.
      Move on to Nintendo and Sony.

      1. Its called opinion. And if it wasn’t good to begin with, then it wouldn’t be where it is today. Of course you don’t like it. I wouldnt expect someone who hasn’t followed the series and the community to understand.

      2. Hey now. Bungie is a great developer. They care about their fans and made Halo a great game. ODST AND REACH being my favorite two lol.

      1. Hah! Then I guess you are the one who is missing out since you dnt play it. I play as many games as I can for each console that I have, microsoft,nintendo, and sony, I enjoy all of them. It just so happens that Halo is my favorite. And I can’t go without it, because its the first game I everplayed. And it is still perfect to me to this day.

        1. I wish theyb would just make it a regular onsole. But a wii,nes, and vcr put together? Haha it does sound better than the xbox one!

  10. Its a crap box..looks more like a VCR more than anything..I wouldnt pay 100 bucks for it..maybe 50

    1. Yep… a freakin’ fee for a used Xbox One game. Microsoft have done shot themselves in a foot. BTW, did you see Microsoft’s take on Beyond: Two Souls? LMAO!!!!!!

  11. No surprise. Real gamers don’t have time for Microsoft trickery. Plus, I bet Sony has some of these things too. Anyhow, after Nintendo Wii U E3 direct, I bet that the Wii U climbs even higher.

  12. Nintendo Commander we need to ponder this. Even I Gamer did not see this coming so soon. Two to three weeks before E3, before the major Wii U summer update. Nintendo someone beyond the commander, myself, Miyamoto, Reggie, Shibata and Iwata is watching out for you.

    1. We were as rats chasened to the myriad of caves up high in the mountainous obscurity of the video game waste, but alas our stay there was only a temporary inconvenience and now we shall return from said hell as giants commandeering the steeds known as 3D MARIO, MARIO KART U, SMASH BROS, THE WONDERFUL 101, ZELDA WIND WAKER HD, BAYONNETA 2, PROJECT X, YARN YOSHI, RETRO’s NEW PROJECT And so much more. And as we quell and then sqaush our enemys they shall beg for and recieve pennance but not before they know the name of thy god is……. NINTENDO.

    2. Yes our holy N is watching over us just as it has done for over 100 years…

      Almighty Commander Iwata and the rest of High Command have gained now its power to make sure we become the strongest gaming community on this world!

  13. I’m laughing so hard right now…
    Part of the reason the WIi U wasn’t selling so well was because most gamers were waiting for the other two companies to reveal their consoles. As the latest one was much more of a deception than an actual product, they decided to move to the other two companies, with Nintendo leading the way! XD

    1. Banjo!?! What are you doing here!!! You know what happens when Microsoft finds you out of your cell. Go back before they make you another game!!!

      1. Ah yes our informant “banjo” i believe you all know him as has done well thus far, but his greatest task lies ahead he must for the cause star in yet another NUTS & BOLTS game on the “ONE” and as the fallout from that creative abortion consumes, devours, and ultimately kills our beloved “banjo” we must remember and celebrate the real “banjo” and in fact the real RAREWARE in our hallowed halls of victory. It is a unique sacrifice & burden that a lesser bear would have been crippled under and a lesser fanbase(unlike all of you reading this) would have forgotten about (sony fans dont even know what a bandicoot is anymore) let us all pray for “banjo” as he embarks on his toughest mission yet the “ONE’s” E3 press event Amen.

    2. Is it possible this was EA’s way of supporting Nintendo all along? By leaving it the fuck alone they were not putting any shit on it and instead put their shit on the Xbox which hurt it and helped Nintendo and the Wii U? EA being a double agent?

  14. Maybe this will increase Wii U’s chance of getting 3rd party support. Tsk too bad since the Xbox One had allllll that power too.

  15. i saw this coming from that lame ass reveal of the X VCR BOX lol its not even a true game console like the wii u
    Its a lame ass system that can change channels on your tv when you talk and to check your damn facebook on oh and it oplays call of duty -___- lol Nice ball Drop ! NINTENDO FTW

      1. News flash: Consoles are toys regardless of features.
        Toys are for kids, as a general consensus.
        Having an X-Box doesn’t make you more mature.
        Have fun dealing with reality.

      2. I’m grown up and you know what I like? Video games.
        You know what I don’t watch? TV. There’s nothing on TV that’s good anymore. If the new Xbox came out a decade ago I might’ve liked it.
        You know what I don’t like or watch either? Sports. I don’t have a use to watch grown men running on a field grabbing each other’s balls away from each other to stick it into a sack.
        I like my adventures, my rpgs, my shoot em ups, my fighters, my racing (yeah I know racing is a sport), and yes I even like the FPSs that aren’t like Halo or CoD or Battlefield. Every other FPS to me is great/fine.

      3. Wooooooaaah!, then you think that having an Xbox One will make your dick and balls grow up? Amazing…..

    1. You know, it wasn’t too long ago when everyone on this site was excited for Black Ops 2 on the Wii U…

      1. Then we played it. I sucks. Sent it back to gamefly after 4 hrs. Its nothing more than shoot the people, clear the area, go to next area, shoot the people cut scene, repeat. Throw in a bunch of cussing explosions and people yelling at me. Poking adventure has more going on the COD.

  16. @N-Dub Nation Wow! They are completely hopeless now! It’s impossible they can’t win anymore! It’s over! Microsoft is done! I mean I know they’re money whores but a fee for used games is past greedy! And no I haven’t seen they’re take on Beyond 2 Souls but from hearing your reaction I don’t think I need to! lol

  17. To think the said that the Wii U didn’t have third party support. Ladies and gentlemen, boys, girls, fanboys, sonydrones, xbots, PC orcs, IOS goblins and casuals; I humbly present to you Microsoft. Nintendo’s unknowing third party lol.

      1. Anubis indeed I saw lol. This news is so good, old faithfuls like Captain N, jtz, you, are coming out to post. Somewhere Pachter and Aeolus are feeling the effects of the xbox1 luxative lol.

    1. Macarony64, Neutron and Aeolus have been butt hurt from the time Nintendo shares rose in February for no reason at all. Then PS4 was announced Nintendo stock rose again. Then Aeolus posted that Mark Rein laughing at Wii U that unreal 4 coundn’t run, Aeolus was happy, a day later Mark Rein said the Wii U does run unreal 4. Since then Aeolus got butt hernias.

  18. The reason might be the so many people have wiis so the know the nintendo name and they see that Microsoft has unveiled a new console and then sees in Nintendo has they see that they have already released and buy it off the internet but that’s just a theory

    1. You are sounding like you smoked whatever it is the smoke at microsoft’s xbox division. Tv tv tv tv tv tv tv television television sports sports sports COD ghosts, Kinect 2, tv tv lol.

  19. Hey Macarona 64, let me know when you get a Wii U so I can let you BORROW one of my Wii U games to see how you like it before buying it. Lol.

    1. Any new Wii U owners want to try AC3 on Wii U before you go to Best Buy and purchase one? I have Zombie U too. Try it…’s free. But I want it back.

    2. It will be cheaper paying shiping and handling to get a game from the fartest spot in earth than borrowing a neighbor xbox one game lol

  20. Victory Celebration/return of nintendo!! but the ghost will be atari sega playing wise master ben konobi & finally filling in for vader xbox with iwata playing luke & ps playing leia

  21. Once Xbox dies, Banjo-Kazooie will finally get out of prison!!! Fuck Rare, just hand over those IPs. Conker hang in there buddy.Just a few more years. EA also will be losing a butt load of money if they don’t make games for Wii U. If they make games for the cable box they will be losing money too.

    1. I’d lend them to you but you’d have to pay full price to pay them. Oh no, wait, that’s just on the XBox One! Lol. How about renting them from Blockbuster or somewhere? Oh hang on, you won’t be able to do that either!

  22. And that’s why a game console SHOULD BE a game console first and foremost THEN a multi-tasking somewhat pc entertainment hub, not vice versa. They should’ve done like Sony and shown some more games other than sports and CoD or at least shown some gameplay.

  23. Kinda feels sorry for Microsoft. They thought casuals were the way to success, so they decided to go the Wii route. But since the tablets took over the casual market, they thought they could compete with them with Surface, Glass and X box One. But it looks like tablets still have power over the casuals. This happened to thw Wii at the end of its cycle, but One’s just started it.

  24. Wii U sales jumped up more 283%. There are going to be a lot of top ten Wii U software. And this is just UK. No telling in Japan. So how long do you guys think retailers are going to sell the Wii U less than what Nintendo is selling it?

  25. get a grip sony and ms casual fans

    Xbox one fuck off its a gient version of zune a doomed to fail media hub no one wants

    Only wiiu is next gen if I need to explain that your not a gamer and its clear all gaming true gaming devices havr moved on to a dusl screened future ps4 and xbox are old generation 3ds and wiiu are NEW GENERATION

  26. get a grip sony and ms casual fans

    So were is second screen were is next gen controls were is motion mouse pointer were is unpresitented controller choice were is backward compat

    Wiiu =ds gamecube and wii rolled into one NEXT GEN ALL CONSUMING GAMES SYSTEM

    Xbox one is 360 version 2 JOKE

  27. Looks like Aelous and Neutron the clowns finally hide somwhere like I told them to do… nowhere to be seen here lawl.

  28. What does that mean? Did Amazon sell o lot of Wii U’s. I think this will be replicated if Nintendo makes a lot of awesome games. Considering Xbox One and PS4 are going to lock out used games, many people will buy Nintendo.

        1. Ignoring that borrowing a game and buying a used game are twe different things. Also ignoring some people borrow a game be forming buying it new.

        2. A lot and I mean a lot of people buy used games these days, it’s just a smart thing to do Buy the same game, get the same experience for 40% off, it’s a no brainer.

        3. Or borrow games? Or rent them? And you sign-in to the internet every day, even when the internet is down? And you have no problem with the console (and it’s built-in camera) always being on? And not being able to talk during gaming or watching a TV show in case the voice recognition changes channels on you? You’re alright with that, are you?

    1. Ah yes that oaf pachter the excitable “shock jock” of video game analysis. Take everything he says down on record and recite it back to him verbatim when he is wrong, oh and established video game sites please stop quoting this pond scum in a desperate attempt at generating hits.

  29. Zombie U moved from 306 to 172!!!! Don’t BUY NEED FOR SPEED THOUGH!! EA does not deserve to get rich off NINTENDO!!!!

    1. We all know EA’s gonna crawl back to Nintendo begging for mercy. The Xbox will fail and the PS4 alone wont be enough to make profits off of.

        1. massive member 12""



  30. All I know now is PS4 needs to come up with some slick ass exclusives. Nintendo has lots of games. What will be worse for Sony and Shit box is Nintendo is releasing them when Sony and One does.

      1. Watch that quite awesome video just above your head there “DAN” and realize why i pity you and your moronic plebeian brain.

      2. Actually, I’m a multi platformer (PC/Wii/PS3), it’s just hilarious to get to use a phrase somebody else has commonly been aiming at the Wii-U at every given chance.

    1. If you own an Xbox one and you visit a friend in another state who also has an XBox One, to avoid a fee, you will have to take that big ass ugly cable box with you then back home.