Check Out The Shadow Of The Eternals Wii U Walkthrough

Sean and Giancarlo from Precursor Games have posted a walkthrough of the Shadow of the Eternals demo. The video also breaks down the technical aspects of the impressive CryEngine 3. Shadow of the Eternals is part of a Kickstarter campaign which is seeking $1.5 million to create a spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness under the title Shadow of the Eternals, to be released for Wii U and PC.


  1. but it will not do so on the Wii U!
    and there are few who will make games for the Wii U from the start, it will only be bad ports
    PS3, Xbox360

      1. I’m going to have to second that. You lost me at…”but it will not do so on the Wii U!” Perhaps he’s saying but it won’t sell as well when compared to the PC version?

  2. Why did they mention Xbox 360 and PS4? I want it to be console EXCLUSIVE to Wii U!!! I hope they only raise enough money to bring it to the Wii U if that is what it takes. :) Otherwise, the game looks stunning! Art and Graphics are incredible. 💋

    1. Agreed, we have to make sure High Command takes this game and makes it exclusive to our Empire…

  3. If Precursor Games don’t reach the $1.5 million mark, there’s a possibility that Nintendo will fund the independent developers for (Eternal Darkness:) Shadow of the Eternals.

    1. No Tourettes syndrome Tony. This game will not reach the goal and will not be funded by Nintendo. This game all you drones are so hyped up about will not come to Wii U.

    1. I’d be quite disappointed if the new Zelda looks like this.

      This looks fine. Decent enough, particularly from something coming from kickstarter. But it’s hardly amazing.

      That old Wii U Zelda interactive demo thing with the giant spider, looks nicer than this.

      1. It may look better but that was not gameplay and we all know that… It was merely a tech demo to represent what vision Nintendo had for the next iteration at the time.

        This look good enough man, what are you expecting for Zelda? I’d be thrilled to play a Zelda with the quality that you speak of but I’m not getting my hopes up.

        All I know is that I want my next Zelda to be in 1080p… Don’t you?

    2. said this before and I’ll say it again. The Zelda Tec demo of 2011 looked much better than this (in terms of graphics)

  4. Okay, I give up. Nintendo really has create a powerful console.
    I’m sorry for pissing you guys off for so many years.

    1. lol wut blackb0nd admits ? is this your real account or you just messing with us

  5. Usually don’t do this, but aren’t Sony fanboys the dumbest out there. Really your vita has nothing Sony isn’t even trying to save it. What first party does Sony have that can even revive that mess. Great little console but buffoons in key corporate Sony levels. Then there is xbox360 and xbox1 the dumbest non 1st party creative software console ever built. Stupid idiots pay for free online services and have the nerve to come hate on nintendo on a nintendo site non the less. Fools even support Microsoft charging them, how Moronic have some gamers become?

    1. its ashamed that they destroyed rareware. they have no good games, they pay for online and it still gets hacked like psn. you know what they say you get what you payed for…STFU sheep!!!!!! that money isnt going anywhere but for scamming you!!!!

      1. Mmm… same here. I felt that $50 was a good amount, especially since I’d get every chapter, free of charge, as a reward for my donation. That is the amount I have always been happy to pay for a full game so I’m surprised that more people haven’t done the same. It’s such a shame.

    1. Well it still has 24 days to go! That is enough time to pick up steam. Also, they seem too invested in this game to not follow through just because they missed their goal. Sounds like if they miss it, it will just take longer for some of the content to come out.

    1. problem is this version they are showing is running on a pc, 64bit with direct x11,high spec, this is not wii-u footage, just look at the top right corner of the video, the white writing, clearly states its 64bit dx11 high spec, the wii-u is not 64bit, at least i dont think it is, aslo wii-u is not direct x11, it can run direct x10.5 which essentially has most of the same features of dx11,bar maybe a few, but it has tessellation, and the rest, but is not as efficient or optimized i want to see wii-u footage, this may be running on a wii-u dev kit, which is a pc,with similar specs to wii-u, but i doubt it, they have added the wii-u hud overlay to trick nintendo gamers into thinking its wii-u footage, even if it is a wii-u dev kit, no way its running dx11, which the video clearly shows above!

      1. Thanks 4 your paragraph of bullshit. This has been runing on WIIU from the start of the show m e vidz. The guy mention s the PC version still has to be made, and the WIIU is handling the CE3 beautifully. Writing on top of screen is only the effects being used for that section of game. It chenges per scene. Its running on a WIIU dont mislead the truth.

        1. u r high, u show a video which says this is wii-u footage! u cant,hell u can even see the mouse pointer in the video LMAO u r a joke, r u telling me one scene of the engine is running a 64bit dx11 high spec, and the next scene not? r u delusional? watch the video, read the info at the top u retard!

      2. No one knows what the actual graphics card is in the Wii U so there is no defined answer to whether or not the Wii U can run DX11 or if it even does anyway since Nintendo and Sony have traditionally used OpenGL. The last “ASSUMED” GPU that the Wii U has is a E6760 which does support DX 11

        1. the wii U doesn’t use dx 11

          it is capable of rendering dx 11 equivalent effects however according to unity and shin’en

        2. agreed no one knows for sure what wii-u is capable of, but i would take a reputable website like digital foundry tech know how, over some random loser online who knows diddly squat about tech and graphics! TRUTH4thaHATERZ is retarded, digital foundry have said the wii-u is DX10 equivalent, not dx11, anyone who games on all platforms and games on a pc,like me will tell you that the size of the wii-u, and the size of its fan, heat sink and how cool it runs, will tell you that most likely this system can not run dx11 graphics at playable frame rates, hell it would explode and melt, people have to face up to the truth! i bought wii-u at launch for over £350, and bought it knowing it would never be able to touch PS4 and XBOX1 and PC graphically, but will still deliver great games, with great graphics, people need to stop the lies to themselves, the footage above is clearly pc, it says dx11 64bit high spec at the top, for petes sake! u can even see the mouse pointer! LMAO

          1. “will tell you that most likely this system can not run dx11 graphics at playable frame rates, hell it would explode and melt”

            i hope you realise that this comment pretty much disqualifies you as a knowledgeable person regarding IT?
            it all depends on how much these dx 11 functions are used

            don’t know where digital foundry stated that it’s only dx 10 equivalent but unity confirmed last year that they were able to implement dx 11 effects
            just like shin’en who’ve confirmed that their next game will use tesselation which is also a dx 11 feature

            mind you that doesn’t automatically mean it’s dx 11 equivalent, because that means it would have to support ALL dx 11 functionality, some minor details to make it such may be missing, but considering what’s been said i think it’s safe to assume that most dx 11 effects should be implementable on wii U

            1. am not even going to bother wasting my time replying to RETARDS! and idiots who state the bloody obvious! WII U IS NOT DX11, yes is can do dx11 effects like tessellation among other stuff, but it is still not a dx11 compatible system, it is dx10 i believe
              Digital Foundry=

              GPU: The Wii U’s graphics processing unit is a custom AMD 7 series GPU. Clock speed and pipelines were not disclosed, but we do know it supports DirectX 10 and shader 4 type features. We also know that eDRAM is embedded in the GPU custom chip in a similar way to the Wii.


              and so this should shut up all the bedroom retards who think to themselves that they know allot more then these guys, the foremost technical information related website!! yes go on, claim they are biased u knobs!!! thats usually the second card people like u pull!!
              i stated above and understand that no one 100% can know what the wii u is capable of, only Nintendo, kinda makes u wonder why Nintendo are hiding the specs? maybe because they know people will laugh even more!! but since they are to chicken to just announce the system specs, and put all this bull crap to bed, we will have to rely on people who are educated enough to find out these things,more educated then u or me, or the idiots above! i take their info any day instead of retards!!

              1. oh please shut the fuck up this is ridiculous

                you’re calling ME a retard and then you cite an article that is completely outdated

                and you apparently can’t even read or you’d have noticed that i never claimed wii U to be dx 11 equivalent
                what digital foundry said doesn’t contradict my statement in any way whatsoever

                it is however a fact that shin’en plan to implement dx 11 equivalent effects in their next game so yeah it does support dx 11 effects at least partially, which is all i was saying

          2. how do you know dev kits dont use a mouse do you have a dev kit or program games? and in the wii u the gpu n cpu are set up close to be more efficient with out running so hard to over heat

            1. how about a dev kit running the cryengine editor + dx11… the wii U doesn’t *use* directx and it would be absolutely pointless to port the editor to wii U.. especially since the main platform of this game is the PC

  6. So the dx11, will be on pc? And what will the wii u have dx9?dx10?dx11?will this game look as good as it does now on wii u? Or this is pc version? Explain!

    1. Wii U has DX11 equivalent technical specifications. It’s runs a little engine called Unity 4 that has direct X11 and higher resources. Mind satisfied I hope now my friend.

      1. Yes have heard of the unity partnership, also dx11 ” equivalent” features, but was under impression from numerous things i have read to contradict, so was skeptical, also seems these features would be built in machine possibly on gpu ect. but havent seen games yet with my eyes that currently run on my system that use dx11 or engine that utilizes these features for that matter , is nintendo waitn? And or all the games i have 3rd party wise not implementing them, maybe most ports of games are runing on old engines that use dx9/10

    1. Same, Wii U needs some exclusives. Not unimpressive ones either. Wii U needs IMPRESSIVE ones. Like Shadow of the Eternals.


    who wants me to show that wii u can run cry engine 3.
    fund MY game shadow of the eternals or tell nintendo to fund so i can drive ea insane for how they say the wii u cant run shitty frostbite.

    this video has made me famous, from the tonight show, to saterday night live….. ive been the talk!!!!!!! the bitches have been all over the GREAT PIOUS!!!!!! the darkness is coming!!!!!!! ahhhhahahahaahahahah, insanity awaits!!!!!!

    1. Its confirmed Wii u already…just give it up already the Wii u can produce nice graphics

      1. i never said it can’t and i also never claimed it wouldn’t come to the wii U but this video is clearly not rendered on a wii U so why call it a wii U walkthrough Oo

        people will just end up disappointed if it turns out the game doesn’t look quite as good on the wii U

  8. Something tells me if this was being developed for the PS4 no one would have a problem thinking this could be PS4 footage. Just saying.

    1. well.. this was recorded inside of the editor.. i doubt anyone would run the cryengine editor on a ps4 devkit.. there’s nothing you can do with it on there.. if it’s even possible to run it on a PS4

      i do believe however that similar visuals should also be possible on the wii U
      unity has pretty much confirmed that the wii U is capable of dx 11 equivalent effects

      however it clearly states “dx 11” in the topright corner and dx is something the wii U doesn’t use so this cannot be rendered on the wii U

  9. well in any event I hope that they are not trying to trick people to give money for this process of kickstart making this particular game and showing PC footage and getting people to assum/ think this is how the game will look and the Wii U, than ” U” owners get hyped up about how graphically beautiful the game can be and then we get a shitty game version of it they make and take the money and put that best versions on pc, ps4 & Xbox 1 later on

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