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Digital Foundry: Wii U Version Of Resident Evil Revelations “Visibly Less Refined Than Xbox 360 Or PS3”


Respected tech analysis site Digital Foundry has recently compared performance comparisons between Resident Evil Revelations HD. The publication says that the Wii U version of the game is noticeably less refined than the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 versions of the game. Digital Foundry says that the Wii U version of Resident Evil Revelations contains some small but frequent fluctuations in smoothness adding some noticeable stutter to the overall experience. The site says it is particularly impressive to see just how well the Nintendo 3DS version of Resident Evil: Revelations holds up in comparison to the HD console builds. Here’s the closing snippet from the article.

Overall, Resident Evil: Revelations comes highly recommended for fans of the series wanting a more traditional take on the franchise. The 360 and PS3 versions are worth equal consideration, while the PC game, despite a few hiccups, provides the most fluid and responsive experience available due to running at much higher frame-rates and without needing powerful hardware to do so. Revelations is still well worth buying on the Wii U if you don’t own the other current-gen consoles – it’s still the same excellent game. But the more erratic performance means and less precise controls mean that it isn’t quite as fun to play.

150 thoughts on “Digital Foundry: Wii U Version Of Resident Evil Revelations “Visibly Less Refined Than Xbox 360 Or PS3””

    1. Yep, they are Douchebags over at Digital Foundry.

      Sikr must get paid by them because they are irrelvant nobodys, and they certainly are not respected. We’ll im off to find a new site, good day.

      1. Then why did people like you jizz in their pants and praise them when they called that Sonic Racing game and Need for Speed “definitive version” ?

        1. Cause they’re all hypocritical fanboys on this site. They turn coat as soon as someone or some company doesn’t kiss Nintendo & Wii U’s ass.

          That’s why.

          1. So basically you guys jizz your pants only when somebody kisses Nintendo’s ass? Geez dudes, there’s porn out there.

          1. I have a joke for ya…

            How do you prove you’re oblivious and irrelevant to your target audience?
            You give up!

            Tell them that the WiiU is in the same generation as 360/ps3.
            Assume you know the Wii U’s specs and it’s capabilities when in fact, you don’t have a
            F#(K!#& clue.
            Tell them all about the Gpgpu and it’s cababilities, when you don’t even know what 40% of it is.
            Stress that the Wii U gamepad isn’t as powerful as a tablet computer or a smart phone.

            I guess it’s not much of a joke…..but Digital Foundry sure is…

            Ba doomp boomp chah

            1. Otro que no le haa0sorprendidoa0nada en absoluto esta dmaestrocif3n y dire9 el por que9. Muy bonita pesuta en escena la de Epic Game con esta demo, pero yo no quiero ver una0veddeoa0 Chachi piruli realista al me1s puro estilo Hollywood, yo quiero ver eso en marcha con el motor gre1fico del juego y con mil animaciones por falanje de un dedo.Cuantos juegos hemos visto con unas puestas en escena preciosas y super realistas, y luego cuando empieza el juego se nota un huevo la calidad y lasa0animaciones. Como ya han dicho por aqued, la dmaestrocif3n de Watch Doga0movie9ndosea0con el propio motor gre1fico del juego me dejf3 mucho me1s sorprendido que esta fraccif3n de peledcula de Hollywood en Bluray.

  1. Wow. So they couldn’t put in the effort for the Nintendo version of a previously Nintendo exclusive game. Just wow. Looks like once again it’s up to Nintendo themselves to show us what the system can do.

      1. seems that you still live on that cave
        go look on the specs, then we can talk
        the WiiU is less powerful that the Ps4 and the Xone, just because of the processor number(3 vs 8) but even that way, WiiU has more sheer power on one processor compared to 1 processor on the Ps4, only the amount makes it less powerful

        1. Wii U is less powerful than PS4 & XBOX ONE by more than just the processor. It’s the processor, clock speed, RAM, and GPU. All of those are far weaker in the Wii U. Nice try though.

          1. Xbox One is overall SLIGHTLY better then Wii U but its not like OMG it destroyes Wii U. It wont be very noticeable. PS4 though…at launch it will be similar but by the end of its life span it will be far more powerful.

          2. Wrong, the clock rate is faster on the WiiU due to the structure on the processor
            GPU is sightly lower but is not that low(in scale of 1-10, X-Bone is 8 and WiiU is 7.3)
            Only processor issue is the number of cores, just that
            The ram is not really an issue as it uses it as cache resource, not really for the raw processing

      2. So Need for Speed Most Wanted U, as proven by DF themselves, has several advantages without sacrificing performance compared to the other console versions, but this game simply can’t attempt to do the same? No, you fail to realize that it’s of the console’s fault, it’s the lack of understanding how the console works.

        But then again, I assume you were one of those doom and gloom advocates (or spiritual successor of one) who wouldn’t for a second doubt how “less powerful” the PS3 was to the 360 for some of the multiplats it got, right?

      3. LOL! the Wiiu isn’t powerfull enough to run a 3DS game ? Go fuck yourself mate. It’s called Capcom just didn’t bother to Polish it up as much as they could.

        They Could of get it 1080p 60FPS on Wiiu if they really tried. The Wiiu is about 20 times as powerfull as the 3DS…

        1. It doesnt mean that capcom did not polish the game it just that the polish that capcom did to the wiiu version where ignored by digital foundry like they did with sonic allstar 2 in wich they say the ps3 version was the best just because it had 4 more resolution points.

        2. This ↑↑↑↑ i personally dont get the big deal about this i played this to death and back on the 3DS it is it’s real home 60 hours plus.

        3. This. So much. Capcom’s been really lazy lately and it’s pissing me off. Even Monster Hunter 3U looks atrocious on the console version. =| Not that it was ever about high end graphics, but still. Calling it an HD port of a 3DS game without acually upgrading the textures is just laziness.

          1. Exactly. Word of advice to anyone MH3U and Revelations Wiiu are NOT , I repeat NOT representative of the consoles capabilities. It’s a 3DS game FFS.

            Looks At Pikmin 3 , 720p 60FPS looks 10 times better than this game , lol.

          1. i doubt you can even count up to 20. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 fucking retard. 20 times 3ds is the beast

          1. So are you a fan boy a kid does not know how a gpgpu work.A lazy Developer using 7 years old programing techniques for a old gpu dependent on a fast cpu>now Gpus don’t Need raw cpu power to run games because they split tasks kid to the gpu Kid i own them all because i like pussy beer video games. judge too early kids judge too early. “Wii U is a Shit and you are a blind fanboy” Something a fan boy would say to a fan boy 1 Brand lovers fan boys.

            1. Sorry GPGPU Don’t need a lot of cpu clock speed so keep angers down kids enjoy Video games rather you like sony or not. Sony has started video game consoles because of what they learned from nintendo remember Snes 32 bit CD ROM and snes SONY sound chips. Google the stories behind that kids. Xbox fans were sega fans or not.Remember dreamcast windows ce microsoft worked with sega. Dreamcast 2 scraped now microsoft XBOX original.

      4. Moron Wii U has direct X11 equivalent resources. PS3 and xbox360 have direct X9 and direct X9 equivalence. If you are dumb just shut up, commenting on things that have been explained and are concrete with your fallacies just shows your inbred ways.

      5. DarklordNintendoFan

        It has been proven time and time again that the Wii U is more powerful than the PS3 or 360. It’s just that no games have yet been made to show off that power. Also, not to mention… even if the Wii U wasn’t as powerful as the 360 or PS3, Revelations was originally a 3DS game. There’s no reason for the Wii U version to be inferior to that of the PS3 and 360 versions.

      6. You seriously need to go somewhere with that all BS you’re spewing out. PS4/Xbox? Okay, I’ll give you that… but 360/PS3?! LOL Plus we’ve yet to see what the Wii U is truly capable of. Lets see when Pikmin 3 and others that follow release, If they have framerate issues then and only then may you speak something so absurd!

      7. And yet, Need for Speed: Most Wanted for the Wii U is the closest version to the PC out of all of the console versions released. Ain’t that just strange?

    1. Dont believe them dude. They trolling 4 hits. I bought the game it looks and plays Excellent. Better in fact than the other 2 LAST GEN consoles.

  2. Are they trying to say that Wii U cant handle any hardcore games cause of the Wii U low framrate, or is it just me? I hate how people compares consoles, Its our generation of gaming and were proud of it. I dont see why people always hatin on Nintendo Wii U.

    1. You want a shiity company like EA to buy Nintendo? Yeah that’ll really show that next gen 20 frames per second, and yhat choppy ass animation and horrible color hues and shitty character models! That’ll save Nintendo 4sure!

    1. Yes , I have the game.

      My verdict – Wiiu version looks exactly the same visually as PS360 version with some slight unnoticable advantages over 360 such as compression.

      The Framerate rather than just staying at 30FPS. Bounces between 28-32 :/ Basically , exactly the same. Once again Digital foundry is over exaggerating dick heads.

      Off Tv play and the hilariously entertaining death messages eg: ”AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT” make the Wiiu version the version to get.

      Honestly there is nothing wrong with the Wiiu versions FR at all….

        1. Digital foundry exposed themselves as Wiiu haters with this article. Take it from me now , the Wiiu versions framerate is absolutely fine and you won’t notice any hickups. Fact. The controlls are fine also once you get used to them and set the aim speed to very fast. Nothing wrong with them what so ever.

          On top of that the Off tv play is , as usual great. And trust me the Miiverse integration is fantastic. People leave genuinely funny messages for you!

          But naaah , go ahead and buy it on the shit box 360 :/ lol /s.

            1. Oh I was rhetorically :) . I wasn’t suggesting you actually get the 360 version.

              So what , the Wiiu version is 2 frames per second less consistent :o . Big deal. It’s not noticable at all.

          1. I dont know whats wrong with these DF fagz, but the wiiu version looks way nicer on my Samsung LED than ps3! M y brother and I made a bet, I won/… dont listen to troll media… they get payed for trolling.

      1. how do you know the exact framerate on wii u nintedward. 30fps can be understood but you talked about 28-32. how did you see that?

  3. ….They all play and feel the same, yes even the 3DS version still hold up ,but they all feel the same. I’m starting lose credibility with these guys, I’m even starting to feel that the Wii U specs could be incorrect as well.

  4. so basically my wonderful new console that I love isnt even as powerful as the 360 ps3. great. looks like im gonna have to drop 600 bucks on a ps4 to actually see next gen visuals……..sorry guys but in terms of power the wii u is current gen. i really wish Nintendo would grow some balls and put some bang in their consoles. even after the update it takes way too long to navigate the os. its just slow and kinda weak. friggin bummer…..maybe next gen they will release a console that matches the specs of other devices,until then we get another genertion of weak Nintendo graphics and procesessing power.

    1. go read the specs again
      only thing that makes the WiiU less powerful is the number of cores on the processor, as a single processor holds more than the Ps4/X-One single core
      The only difference is that, even with some power, WiiU only got 3 and the Ps4/X-One got 8
      Read reviews made by partial ppl. The Ps4 is superior, but the WiiU is not the far from there, it can hold on his own compared to the Wii last gen
      Also, the gfx of the WiiU is superior over last gen consoles, it is just the processor core number that handicaps a little bit

      1. yeah i am not a tech head portal but i think the consensus is that the Wiiu is a strange creature technically but it can deliver just look at the foiliage in pikmin 3 its stunning and is just a Wii port 0oO imagine what Zelda, Mario 3D and RETRO’s new game will look like

        P.S heres a thought, the launch games for Wiiu i.e the “first wave” of games were mass effect 3, Assasins creed 3, and follow up to the launch window game like need for speed these games are getting every last drop out of the PS3/360 combo yet yet they are barely scratching the surface of the Wiiu power reserves.

    2. oh for fucks sake …. Are you serious ? Do you have a brain ?

      The Wiiu version is IDENTICAL to PS360 version FFS. IDENTICAL. and there is nothing wrong at all with the framerate. Go and look at the comparison video and the fact that I have it and the framerate is consistently smooth.

      I’m not gunna bother explaining anything to you , you asshole. Isn’t it suprising that the Wiiu verison looks the SAME as the ps3 and 360 version ? that’s because it’s a port of one of those versions. No effort has been made to make the WIiu version look better or different.

      A Resident evil game built from the ground up for the Wiiu would look 20 times as good as this 3DS port…

      1. dude. you should lighten up. time after time games dont run as well on the wiiu. i love it to death but its obviously underpowered. darksiders ran like poo, arkham city runs like poo, if its more powerful than the current gen then these games wouldnt struggle to keep up on wiiu. calling me an asshole because I stated the facts makes you sound like a fanboy.

          1. okay dorks. you dont fucking know me so calling me an asshole in uncalled for. the fact is most ports struggle to keep up on wii u. no? when I boot up a game on my wii u there is a 30 second period where it seems to freeze while its trying to load the game. games struggle to keep up framerate wise and in terms of resolution. jesus. I m a huge fan of Nintendo but im not delusional like you guys. they should have made it more powerful. how can you argue with that fact?

            1. The problem here is that it is fine power wise. It is a fact that it is more powerful then the 360 and the PS3. If you don’t believe me, do some proper technical research of the processors, as in the pipelines/cache/ect, gpu and RAM.
              This game runs the same on each system, there is no difference. The time it takes to load a game is normal, it’s is loading it into the RAM and reading off the disc, this is a normal process with any machine, although there are certainly bugs that need to be worked out, and with each update it is getting better and better.
              Even the st powerful computer will run a game like crap if it hasn’t bee optomized. Look at the original crysis game when it came out for PC on the newest cards at the time. Similar with Fallout 3. They had to update the drivers and patch the game in order for it to run properly on the new hardware.

        1. It’s because the Wiiu has a different architecture to PS3 and 360’s more archaic old school designs . Why is the Xbox one not backwards compatable ? ANSWER THAT ? Because it has a different architecture and the games would run like crap unless they were optimized.

          Some people just don’t have a clue.

          Wiiu = More shaders 350-500 GFLOPS More RAM , More CPU cache memory , More Edram a DSP.

          If you plopped a PS3 code onto PS4 , It would probably struggle. That’s why it’s not backwards compatible.

          1. Damn is Resident revelations even fucking fun to play on Wii U? Its bad enough he is bitching on thinking the Wii U is weak which it isn’t. Also the asshole forgets that it took a while before 360 showed graphics capacity. Oh how haters will forget 360s graphics the first 7 months after launch.

        2. When did Arkham City run like poo? I own the game and recently completed it as well. I haven’t had issues with it.

      2. That’s what I’m seeing as well. They are all the same. Even the PC version which they say is the best is the same. Same textures, same framerate, it’s all the same. I think maybe they were expecting more out of it? To me it’s all in their heads.

        1. @dusklurker

          Your statement about the PC version being identical to the console versions is false. The PC version is not 100% identical to the console versions. The PC version has higher resolution textures, higher-quality anti-aliasing, and runs at a higher frame rate. I should know, I have the game on PS3 and PC.

    3. I’m sorry dude, but there is no such thing has next gen graphics. We have already reached the top of what we can get for graphics. If you really are willing to drop $600, I recommend just building a PC instead.

  5. I have both xbox360 and Wii u versions of the game and tested both..the Wii u textures and shading are are far superior but the controlling on the the Xbox is better…your analysis is definitely anti Nintendo

    1. not only on the RE game, I have tried Assassins Creed 3 on PC, Ps3, and WiiU
      obviously the PC is way better, but the WiiU version is miles away from the Ps3 gfx(ahead)
      People just want nintendo dead as they cant figure out how they sell even if they dont follow their logic
      Their logic btw= More graphics, better game and MUST SELL AT ANY COST

    2. Thank you tom. People rather think and believe negative on Nintendo before good. If you Google Wii U sales skyrocket after Xbox One revealed, you want find many articles about it. Even though that is huge news. The specs and developers shown the Wii U was more powerful than PS3 and people still dumb enough think it is not. Hell haters still say Wii U has no games even though it is right in their face.

  6. Capcom, ea is a shitty company yes but atleast they took the time to make need for speed the definitive version on the Wii u, I mean revelations hd should of been in my opion a Wii u exclusive so then they could have made some kind of connectivity with 3ds like monster hunter3

  7. looks like another bullcrap statement to me. the game is beast on the wiiu and these fucking clowns need to stop calling the wiiu current gen dammit.

    1. Well it is current gen since its the first next gen comsole that is out, while 360 and ps3 are last gen.

      1. Ignoring that PS2 debuted when before GameCube and Xbox yet haters consider the Sony console in that generation.

  8. I didn’t really feel like this game would have been much better on the Wii U. I thoroughly enjoyed multiple playthroughs on my 3ds a year ago, so I didn’t feel the need to rebut it at a higher cost. Sniper elite V2 instead… Thank you. I know it came out last year on the PS360, but I played the hell out of it then and I’m playing the hell out of it now

  9. The Wii U controls do suck, there are dead zones on the analogue stick for aiming. Won’t be buying this unless Capcom patches the Wii U version.

  10. Pitfall near your door

    My brother has this on his Xbox 360, im going to pick it up for my Wii U to just check the difference…i played the demo and it seems pretty fine but the controls ill say are kinda something ill have to get used too.

          1. Dude…YOU WERE JUST ARGUING ABOUT THE WII U’S SPECS AND WHY IT WAS SO SUPERIOR…Jesus, I can’t stand the comments on this fucking site. Jesus.

            1. im never said it was superior, but saying that SHEER power on the other consoles are not really that necessary to give a really good exp on both gameplay and gfx

        1. Errrr, more specs eh? I don’t mean to be rude, but please learn more about your source material. That sentence doesn’t make coherent sense. Just because you see higher numbers does not mean it is better.

      1. I’m still not totally sold on that. The processors in the one and ps4 aren’t very good. Having 8 cores of a not very good processor still doesn’t make it very good. But the one and ps4 specs are nearly identical, kinda dumb really.
        I have said this many times, but this new “generation” of consoles is not going to be a leap in any way for gaming. The changes to most games will be subtle, plus developers are starting to pull back from making the most graphically intensive games and focus more on story and imersion because far too many of the big or semi big ones are going under with too much money spent on grapohic enhancements to a mediocre game.

        1. The difference between the Xone and the PS4 is that the Xone is running like, one kazillion things at a time, so the PS4 would probably get to use the cores more for gaming than the Xone, so I’m pretty sure the PS4 will see an improvement over the Xone.

      1. To protect microsoft from devastation!
        To unite the gamers within our fanclubs!
        to denounce nintendo and sony of hate and missery
        to extend our rich to the stars above!

        1. Kaz…IWATA !! Team gaming is making games at the speed of light! Surrender now microshit or prepare to die!

      2. Ignoring that PS4 has to match Nintendo’s exclusives on a quality level more than graphically. That’s one reason why Nintendo has been in the game other than just innovation.

  11. I saw an Xbox 360 comparison to PS3 to Wii U… and honestly. They looke the exact same. The Wii U had slightly better lighting effects and brighter colors. So I have no idea what Digital Foundry is talking about. They are right about the 3DS being te definitive version though. 💋

      1. Cuz everyone deserves Mamma Jynx’ kisses, hun. I just think about that everytime I write a comment! Extra Kisses for you!!! 💋💋💋

  12. It’s console comfort. These devs have been working with the PS3 and 360 for years, they know the ins and outs of them, this is their first attempt with the Wii U. Also, I’m not sure about how much time they had to actually put all this together, seems like it wasn’t that long ago that we first heard this was coming to these three consoles. When you look at it logically it all makes sense.

  13. Nintendo hate is going to increase to try and save the xbox1. Count on that. Microsoft has the backing of pop music clowns. Quantity over quality is their motto remember that. Really offscreen play, 875% jump in sales at amazon UK. Poor Microsoft and their fanboys are envious.

  14. “…The site says it is particularly impressive to see just how well the Nintendo 3DS version of Resident Evil: Revelations holds up in comparison to the HD console builds.”

    What did you expect? Did they think Cashcom would put a lot of effort into a port ?

  15. Let’s see a game pushing the Wii U to its limits, and then see how the 360/PS3 handle a port of that. That would undoubtedly shut the mouths of its critics.

    1. Sadly, we wont see a game like that, since Nintendo exclusives wont be leaving the console, and we will always get the short end of the porting stick.

        1. Don\t think that game will take Wii U to its limits.
          But yes, we can see how well they fare in porting from Wii U to last gen twins in 6 months.

    2. We won’t see a game that pushes the Wii U to it’s limits for another 5 years. By that time the PS3 and 360 will be all done.

  16. DarklordNintendoFan

    Other current gen consoles? Huh… didn’t realize the PS4 and XBox One were out already.

  17. I’d think they didnt bother, because they figured most of the Nintendo fans already has it on 3ds, and wont sell as well on the Wii U.
    Though I havent had any problems with the game.

  18. Basically they are saying that it was not optimized. *shrugs* What else is new.

    People better get used to that because developers are getting lazier by the day and with the PS4 and XBOX One being so powerful there is going to be even LESS desire to optimize games.

  19. So my nintendo news specialises in degrading the Wii-u…. Gay station 360 both pale in comparison to the wii u controller… is capcom joining the hate club?

    1. reporting something that digital foundry said = degrading wiiu? stop being such a fanboy

      and why are you comparing the 7 month old wii u gamepad with the 7 year old ps3 and xb360 controllers,is that seriously your best?

      back on subject though, the biggest shame is that there are going to be games on ps4 and xbone that wiiu will probably not even be able to run.

  20. GAMESTOP USED GAME SALES ARE THE REASON FOR LAZY PROGRAMMERS!!!!! Capcom joining ships 5million. 2million are sold. Gamers beat the game 2million take the game back to gamestop. Gamestop hides the new copies and pushes USED COPIES on the public. Ive been refused a new copy of Xenoblade for the wii :/i like to support game companies. Not leaches like Gamestop. So we get lazy game publishers cause the 2million are recycled used

  21. I’m not surprised at this. Wii U has a significantly different setup than the xbox 360 and ps3, designed for excellent performance with low power usage and top-of-the-line efficiency. That’s why exclusive games made specifically for the system, even shortly after launch, look so great, but ports designed for past consoles look messy and play and run sloppily.

    Ask any knowledgeable game developers who have worked on multiple types of platforms over the years, and they’ll tell you that there’s a lot more to a console’s hardware abilities than straight-up numbers.

  22. They do really bad to flame wii U with ports from a handheld.. Because wii U version is the handheld edition with some improvements.. Its logical that the 360 version is better because 360 is a desktop console… They shouldnt do that.

  23. For all of you saying that Nintendo should have made the Wii U more powerful, you’re right, but if they did make it more powerful the system would have costed alot more money. The Wii U is more powerful than PS3 and 360 but these develpers don’t know how to work with the more advanced GPU yet so they only port stuff. Games like “X”, Bayonetta 2, the new Zelda Wii U, or Retro Studios’s game(most likely Metroid Prime 4) will show the Wii U’s true power and maybe just maybe these developers will “wake up”. All of what said has been true since the Wii U’s launch.

  24. This is BS as I have both the PS3 and WiiU version and although the WiiU version has some aiming hiccups, the graphics are better (higher res textures), the touchscreen puzzles are more accurately recreated, the hudless screen is a boon and the Miiverse features far outweigh a slight deadzone in the aiming.

    Digital foundry can eat a bag of dicks if they’re not gonna report both sides of the coin.

  25. Capcom should have made this the better version since it was originally on a Nintendo console.

  26. Its a port from the 3DS. Every version of the game besides the 3DS version sucks. Should have stayed a 3DS exclusive.

  27. ‘in the end it doesn’t even matter’ if the wii u ver. has some slight hiccups as im used to it and every game is not always perfect. and im rockin’ both the 3ds and the wii u version

  28. Ignoring the fact that the controls of the Wii U and 3DS are so similar Nintendo should have called the Wii U the Nintendo HDS, thus making the Wii U version the closest to the original version available

  29. It’s funny, I thought the console who wins the war is essentially the console which is right for you. We have a choice in console, with different experiences, however there is no need for a “mine is better than yours” as it should be “mine is good for me” respect individuality…

  30. The difference between the ps3 and Wii U is that the Wii U has two different modes of the game one with the controller and the other one plays with the gamepad that has a completely different interface than the rest of the consoles.

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