Mega Man X Is Coming To Wii U Virtual Console Next Week


Capcom has confirmed that the acclaimed Mega Man X will be coming to the Wii U Virtual Console on Thursday, May 30th in North America. The Super Nintendo classic will include off-TV play for those of you that like to just play using the GamePad. Will you be purchasing Mega Man X for the Wii U Virtual Console next week?

Thanks to everyone that sent this in.



  1. Yes I will. I want capcom to make more megaman so even though I have every game in every permutation I keep throwing my money at mega man.


      1. Those are called HammerJoe’s, they’ll swing their mighty hammer around and then throw it, so you better watch your back.


      2. Lol to everything above. Also, Mega Man X was fuckin amazing when released, and still is amazing. Just like many other SNES titles.


    1. While our machine keeps getting games, others are putting facebook on their VHS. and their wannabe PC. Wii U-3DS-PC only way to go. PC for my masters work :).


  2. Hell no im not getting this. Damn capcom should just make a new mega man game and a new X game. Wtf releasing the same games over and over again


  3. the wii u has been a great collector of dust. its great you get a system that not only has games coming down the road but its also the best dust collector at the moment. only nintendo could have 2 consoles in a row to do that!!!!!!!


    1. Don’t all systems collect dust? I mean C’mon, you people have got to come up with better saying relating to not playing a system.


      1. are you excited for e3!!!!!!! im going to dance with usher on the xbox one conference, then say……….. that was fun dancing and all but get ready for MY game shadow of eternals only on the dust collecting wii u. watch the nintendo direct for games and not dancing with a retard who likes watching tv on a videogame system with no games.


      2. What the hell are you even saying, hun? You speak like some freak on crack! Kisses, love! 💋


      3. Is SoE gonna make it to Wii U cuz when I checked a while back they were still far from their goal in raising funds.


    1. you sound like a hipster to me. :l

      who cares, just play the damn game, you dont need to make a point of Egoraptor liking it.


    1. this is the the best Megaman game you could possibly start with. Great music, sharp graphics for its time. Megaman at it his absolute finest.


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