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GAME Offers £40 Off Discount On Nintendo 3DS XL Consoles

fire emblem 3ds xlIf you don’t already own a 3DS, or are looking to expand your special edition collections, UK retailer GAME are offering a neat discount to save £40 on select 3DS XL consoles. For a limited time only, you can purchase the red, blue or silver versions, as well as certain exclusive bundles – namely Mario Kart 7 (white), Super Mario 3D Land (white), Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (black) and Fire Emblem: Awakening (blue). To take advantage of this offer simply type in the online voucher code at the checkout – 3DSXLSAVE – to slash £40 off the handheld console. The offer ends on 30 June 2013, so make sure you pick one up while the deal lasts.


  1. Red is out of stock already and can’t find the blue one, don’t fancy the silver one. I really wanna wait till they release an awesome XL since I have a normal (aqua blue) 3DS. I want an XL so I can trade with Pokemon and see what the larger screen is like etc. I really want the Charizard one but not available in the UK. I thought the Eevee one would be great but it doesn’t look so good… c’mon just release the Charizard one over here and take my money!!


    1. According to the tiny print it says it’s just for ‘game.co.uk’ – you would have to check with the online retailer’s website if it is also available in Australia. Hope that helps. :)


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