Tales Of Symphonia HD Remake Probably Isn’t Going To Happen


There was a rumour circulating the web a month or so ago that suggested that Namco Bandai were contemplating a HD re-release of Tales of Symphonia and Dawn of the New World. Online gaming publication Joystiq recently caught up with Tales producer Hideo Baba on a recent European tour to promote Tales of Xillia, and he subsequently squashed the rumour. Here’s what Baba had to say about Tales of Symphonia: Perfect Edition.

“So last weekend I went to Madrid, Spain – to expomanga. And I had a signing session with fans. And I was asked by one of the fans about this rumor. So he said, ‘I heard of a rumor that Tales of Symphonia and Dawn of the New World are getting a ‘Perfect Edition’ on PS3, is it true?’ And [my reaction was] ‘What!?’ [Baba laughs]. I didn’t know anything about it so I was very surprised at that rumor.”



    1. PS3 Version why would Baba make for PS3.
      When it was GameCube and Wii Title.
      PS2 Japan Only.

      He even said Nintendo helped with localization in the west.
      Making Tales of Symphonia the best selling Tales game in the West and the First Full 3D Tales game because of the GameCube hardware.

      Then Wii exclusive sequel.

      1. This just in the recent announcement officially shot down your bullsh*t

      1. PS3 has enough RPGs. I have nothing against Sony (aside from them being run by arrogant dicks) but I think they can do without an RPG once in a while.

  1. why do ppl care so much for remakes i dont get it. i want new games not something ive already beaten several times

    1. Because it’s hard to get these old games. And if your wondering why people will buy that HD Wind Waker Remake is because the graphics are being remade into HD and not just HD resolution so the experience will 60% different from when you first played Wind Waker on the Gamecube.

    1. well thats their fault for being graphics pigs, graphics dont make good games good game play makes good games

  2. if you dont play a game because its not high red or hd, your not a gamer your a fascist

    1. I salute you gamer that came before me. Tell these Sonyans, xbots, PC orcs are ios goblins. gaming is gaming when you appreciate marvels like ocarina of time, fire emblem and Kid Icarus.

      1. It is great News because this game in all in pureness belongs to the Wii U in any revised format. Until then, we have X.

        1. I agree.

          If there’s ever a Symphonia remake, it should be on Wii U, considering the original was one of the best GCN games ever.

        2. You’re an absolute disgrace. I hope no tales games ever release for Nintendo platforms ever again just so I can laugh in your face.

  3. To make up for this, let’s get Intelligent Systems for HDify Thousand Year Door. The better Gamecube RPG.

  4. We are currently working on the secret project code named X, it will be superior to any remakes, thank you for your patience…

    Nintendo Commander

    1. Project x will destroy every single xbot or sonyan in its way , and the empire of Nintendo will rise again , and the gamers will be reunited once mooooore

      1. I’m low on energy it seems because the reply button escaped my grasp…

        *Replenishing Energy…*

      2. Our Warriors are flexing their muscles. Nintendo gaining even without our Luiginator gracing the Wii U on his solo maverlousness. Like He-man “we have the power.”

        1. Why is your name without a capital G?…

          It makes you seem insignificant…

          1. It Was to show that at every level greatness in nintendo exists. Should we remind High command that microsoft and its xbots just gave nintendo another platform for their e3 direct :).

            1. I see, it makes sense then…

              I wonder if Supreme Commander Reggie will salute the Xbots in a sarcastic way considering he did it a few times in the past…

              I actually look forward to the Xbots conference because they always have a very hilarous embarrasing show!

  5. As much as I love Symphonia, I’m glad this is just a rumor. I’d rather see new Tales games, especially on the 3DS!

      1. Jaja pero no soy de Mexico. Mis padres son de alla, pero you naci en los Estados.

  6. not that big of a deal, have it for gamecube but it would be nice for it to go on psn. the games would look nice since the game looks dated in that department and also i think quite a few people havnt played it. the game is just getting noticed and popular here.

    1. the day that everyone who suffered the darkness gets honored (laughs) remember the DARKNESS is coming!!!!!!! ahhhahahahah, the sad faces, the few that know the misery of what hides below!!!!!! have a nice memorial day…… the day that honors what the darkness does.

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