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Nintendo UK Detail Luigi’s Lustrous Career In His Very Own Timeline

year of luigi timelineAs 2013 is ‘the year of Luigi’ what better way of celebrating the green-clad plumber’s splendid career than launching a timeline of his best endeavours? Nintendo UK has posted on its official twitter account an image detailing Luigi’s game history, and asked us just why we love this little guy so much. Is your favourite moment from his first appearance in 1983’s Mario Bros., or maybe you love his recent escapades in Luigi’s Mansion 2?Whatever the reason, be sure to join the conversation in the comment section below by telling us your favourite Luigi moment so far.

28 thoughts on “Nintendo UK Detail Luigi’s Lustrous Career In His Very Own Timeline”

      1. Hey, same with me! but i played a few of the games from the 90’s to 2012 (No serously i played since I was like 5, and I was owning back then til SMB Wii in 2009)

  1. To me, his best appearance was in Super Mario 2 USA, because it was the first time Luigi stop been a pallet swap of Mario.

    1. Yup but then became a swap in mario 3 and world. I wonder why they didnt keep him unique after mario 2 usa

    2. He was the best in Mario 2!
      You could totally jump places, bypassing danger with his super jump.

      He was definitely my favorite Mario 2 Character. (I originally liked Princess because she could “fly”, but really, Luigi could just about fly as well)

      1. Also, I tested the WiiU moderators and lost…

        I used scientific notation to spell “Fuck.”
        F = Function sign
        U = coificent of friction
        C = can’t remember… Cent sign?
        K = Some obscure symbol.

        Within 10 min, I was banned for 2 weeks!!! D: I think they were extra hard on me for being sneaky.

        I was pissed and impressed at the same time. X.x

  2. And he then become irelevant to Nintendo until what? 2002 with Luigi´s Mansion, 10 years in the brother’s shadow.

  3. I first liked Luigi in the super mario bros 2.. When my cousins would force me to play as him because they wanted to be mario. I would jump higher an basically float. Stronger taller, even though no one wanted to be Luigi that’s when I started liking him.. Then on smash bros. he was a killer

  4. I just like him since his mechanic changes allow him to be good for people who are good at video games.

  5. It seems that they are missing Mario is Missing and Super Mario Galaxy 2 (I mean they included the first one, so why not the second?) Also, I think a lot of people like Luigi a lot more than Mario

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