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GungHo’s CEO Wants To ‘Top Nintendo’s Sales’ By Retirement Age

Puzzle-Dragons-LogoThe CEO of GungHo Online Entertainment has admitted in a recent interview that he’d love to be able to equal or, even, top Nintendo’s sales. You may know the company from their highly successful Puzzle & Dragons iOS and Android game, which has recently been announced as coming to the Nintendo 3DS, and has amassed 12 million users worldwide since its release in 2012.

Speaking in Tokyo yesterday, GungHo’s CEO Kazuki Morishita, said the following to Bloomberg: “I want to top Nintendo’s sales by the time I retire. I want to make people think whatever GungHo does is fun.”

He also added that he has the utmost respect for Nintendo and hopes that the 3DS version, when released, will bring in mass sales to reach their grand targets:  “We are targeting children in a bid to increase lifetime customers. We want to sell at least 1 million units just like any other titles we target.”

It’s a big ask, but with Puzzle & Dragons dubbed as the top-grossing game app for smartphones, and with a staggering 14 million downloads since the title’s launch, could we see such a craze for the Nintendo 3DS version too? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

22 thoughts on “GungHo’s CEO Wants To ‘Top Nintendo’s Sales’ By Retirement Age”

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  1. Nintendo Commander

    The arrogance in this Tribe Leader is too much for him to handle…

    Submit yourselves to our empire and we shall reward you if you go against the Xbots…

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  3. oooh fuck you all! with commentaries like these i feel ashamed of being a Nintendo Fan, c’mon every developer dream is to make and sell games like Nintendo, and you all come and say, good luck loser, keep dreaming!, hes not even saying that his games are better or something he is only telling his dream, so shame on you, SHAME ON YOU

  4. Heh, that’s actually a little heart-warming. Well, even if he doesn’t top Nintendo’s sales, I still wish him luck in selling well. He seems to have the passion for his craft.
    Now if only we could get more people like him on development teams in the third party area of the industry.
    Maybe if there were more people like him in the AAA area of that part of the industry, entities like EA wouldn’t have turned into shit.

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