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Nintendo America Reveals Pikmin 3 Box-Art


Nintendo of America has revealed the official Pikmin 3 box-art. The new box-art was accompanied by a batch of new images showing the Pikmin going about their daily routine. Pikmin 3 is exclusive to Wii U and is due to be released in North America on August 4th, which is a few days after the European launch which takes place on July  26th. What do you think to the Pikmin 3 box-art?

48 thoughts on “Nintendo America Reveals Pikmin 3 Box-Art”

  1. Alright, that’s a decent cover. I wouldn’t call it that great, but it’s not a bad cover. It just doesn’t seem like it’s going to pop out that much when you come across the game in stores. It needed to be a little brighter or maybe throw in some more characters

      1. I don’t mean to sound like I’m trolling, but the cover just doesn’t grab me. There are characters if you count the pikmin, but to the average gamer, it looks like a random forest game. The cover usually would have had enough colors and brightness to last, but lately all of the Wii U games have been having really bright covers that trump this one. I think they just could have made the cover a bit more exciting and eye catching

      2. I agree. People nowadays find anything to bitch and whine about. Even box art, which is beautiful by the way. My goodness.

    1. You mean well I know, but how much more color would that box art need? If you are talking about super Mario bros. U, yes Mario and Luigi always pop out. Its who they are.

      1. I suppose you’re right, Maybe the Mario Bros U cover spoiled me. That’s definitely the best next gen cover so far imo. Well, I’ll still be definitely be buying Pikmin 3!

    2. Honestly, who cares? Why are gamers so obsessed with shit like this? Is it a good game is all that I care about.

      1. The cover is decently important. I agree that we shouldn’t obsess about it, but covers can help sales. Aside from reviews, covers can make a difference. Gameplay is ultimately the most important thing of course

        1. Do you have any studies to show that boxart really influences sales significantly? Sure there’s anecdotal evidence that once in awhile people will buy a game because the boxart looks cool, in that case this is really great boxart, but how significant is it really?

    3. The only thing the box needs to have is the word “Pikmin”. It could be entirely in grayscale and it will still sell hard. That’s a fact.

    1. I think all games have that logo because of Miiverse functionality. Every game has Miiverse, so every game will have the Nintendo Network logo.

      NSMBU and Nintendoland, both have that logo, and they’ve got no online functionality beyond Miiverse.

      1. So new luigi U isnt dlc? and as for nintendoland/ u can see others game ranks and post during gameplay, which is a bit more then normal miiverese intergration

    2. All games that have in-game Miiverse functionality, like NSMBU, Nintendo Land and Lego City. Since you can take pictures in the game, from a first-person view, I guess you can post these on Miiverse without going to the home menu.

  2. “I ‘ve waiting, Anticipating your love.” By the Late great heavy D.

    It starts fellas it starts. Better still let’s game on Dudes and dudettes. That Pikmin Box art alone is worth the purchase price. A game made by Shigeru Miyamoto San What!

  3. So hyped for this game , not only because its pikmin and its long over due , but because it will be first game on Wiiu that pushed the console a bit gamepay and graphics wise.

  4. Wow…reminds of of the old Nintendo Power covers, with clay like characters displayed with real props…….this looks like it will catch a lot of eyes that wander

    1. Tears in my eyes for Nintendo power. Why must they take away the good stuff, if only nonsense like xbox would disappear.

  5. One thing I will say about this cover and the Pikmin covers in general: the art style they use is really nice. I mean, the incorporation of some real-life objects, and the Pikmin looking like clay figurines is a nice touch.

    The only problem with this is it feels a little static, mainly because most characters on the boxart are just posed and looking straight at you, unlike other covers where they were collecting something, or fighting an enemy. And the ones that aren’t doing the simple poses and looking at you aren’t doing much else either.

    Either way, it’s a fine boxart. Can’t wait for this game.

  6. the wii u games are coming finally this and sonic will be the first two games i will get since mario u and nintendo land

  7. those pikmin look like something in a horror movie. that one holding the apple…. “bitch you looking at me!!!!” dont fuck with the pikmin!!!!!!

    1. So is mine, but I don’t have time to play all these games!!! I still have to buy Donkey Kong and Mario and Donkey Kong for the 3DS, and Spider man for my Wii U! And Animal Crossing, Game and Wario and Pikmin 3 are three great games I must have this summer!

  8. Looks good, though this was revealed a while ago. It’s hard to top Wonderful 101’s cover though

    1. I agree that both of these covers look really great, but for me the Super Luigi U cover takes the cake so far. (It could be that it is green)

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  11. Did no one noticed red flowered pikmin do not exist?
    White and purple pikmin have pink flowers.

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