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Nintendo World Store Bringing E3 Exclusive Demos To Fans

nintendo world storeThe Nintendo World Store has an impressive treat for Nintendo fans across North America. Those lucky enough to attend the store, situated in the heart of Manhattan at the Rockefeller Centre, New York, will be able to play exclusive E3 games for five consecutive days. The announcement comes straight from the store’s Twitter account, where Nintendo gamers can immerse themselves in an E3 experience starting from June 11. Here’s what Nintendo World Store said:

“Starting June 11th, the #E3 experience is coming to #Nintendo World! For 5 days, fans will have early access to our newly announced games.”

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55 thoughts on “Nintendo World Store Bringing E3 Exclusive Demos To Fans”

    1. i dont think we even have a nintendo store here in europe. though if Satoru Shibata is awesome mayby we get some demos directly to the wii u (if only pigs could fly)

    2. you have to remémber that these demo’s main purpose is to gather the attention from people who don’t have a wii u or people who see no reason to own one with it’s current library.

  1. But why not simply publish the E3 demos as downloadable demos for all users?

    Hell, we could even help find bugs in the game!

    1. Ganonseviltwinbrother

      I think it has to do with people finding a way to keep the demo till the actual game comes out. I dorm think Nintendo wants that

      1. well just make this demo different then the others. make it like a self destructing message. after 1-2 weeks (there will be a timer instead of 30 tries on start up of course) the game uninstalls and deletes itself from your hard drive. though that may be a hassle its an easy way to get everyone who owns a Wii u happy and people who don’t happy too.

    2. tekken3nostalgia

      You have a good head on your shoulders. The demo could be limited time and non-savable (if that’s even a word) if it means so much to Nintendo that fans have E3 content released.

      1. Ganonseviltwinbrother

        This is also true.
        I would say instead of thirty plays make it around 10 or 15 and after a set amount of time take it off of the eshop and have the app automatically expire or something to that affect.
        Agreeable? I think so
        Going to happen? Probably not

    3. i think it was a couple days ago, but nintendo said it was because e3 demos don’t go through the same quality tests as demos that would be on the eshop, since demos on the eshop are usually pretty reflective of the final product.

  2. Good ting is they are finally promoting the dam thing. It looks like my thoughts were correct They opted not to do a speech at E3, i order to heavily push THEIR OWN promotion and video tour! Aggressive tactics Im seeing, they never shouldve fucked with the Samurai from the Luck o Heaven!

    1. I don’t think it is aggressive as it is simply acknowledging of the times.
      By handling their own promotion, the can reach to their public themselves, convey their very own ideas and expectations personally to their public, instead of relying on self-serving news casting.
      With the diversification of the internet, E3 has become increasingly irrelevant, spending tons of money on it is a waste of resources when it is no longer the only forum from which the companies can reach out to their markets.
      E3 and other game show don’t really serve a true purpose anymore, unlike manga/anime or movie festivals, there really isn’t a reason to go there anymore, there’s no trading or selling, it’s just a bunch of booths with demo games and press conferences, and with the internet, both can be done through demos and webcasts, so there’s really no difference.

    1. They might do! But put them in stores first so people have an incentive to go to the store (marketing buzz)

  3. hurry up nintendo, my wii u is the king of dust collecting. that needs to change, i havnt turned it on in a long time. so if your goal was to be a dust collector machine, you succeeded.

    1. No Monster Hunt ? There’s so many good games on Wiiu when you consider the eshop games and stuff. I know a lot of them are multiplat ports but still…

      I’ve always got something to play on Wiiu.

      1. have monster hunter, but that poison fucking dragon in the ice place put me out of it. stupid bastard get so close but that stupid pussy poisons me and then sits on the celling after i run out of all supplies!!!!! its always about to doe, but no the thing has to fucking poison me when i run out of supplies and hides!!!!!!

    2. you do know there are plenty of games for the system to keep you occupied right? it’s not their fault you refuse to play anything on it. hell, the system launched with 31 games, and there’s monster hunter on it. my wii u has stayed pretty dust free.

      1. pandoras tower is the only thing i got out of that and all wii games can just be played on my wii if i wanted too. ive beaten all gamecube games that i havnt played now… so i got nothing on nintendo but some emulators.

          1. all right i lied, i am excited for one thing. is monolith softs new game. i just hope its as good as xenoblade.

            just listen to this shit and if you played it you will know why this is awesome. this place took me over 2 hours to go through and i was hooked the whole way through. i feel bad for people who were either to sony/microsoftfag to even give this a heads up or to the people who couldnt get a copy.

    3. You should play the rayman app daily. There is something to do EVERYDAY. Whenever i go home from work and go in my house, i kiss my wife and pick up the wii u gamepad before dinner. Play the rayman app and make sure i got gold “sometimes i go for diamond” then eat dinner. Watch a little tv then play some resident evil or zombi u or Injustice. My xbox nor ps3 doesn’t get ANYMORE play time from my wii u is at my house. I can’t wait for more games.

      Get N or get OUT!!!

  4. Nintendo Commander

    This is what High Command was waiting for, to hit the Xbots right on their main base…

    Our glorious power will return to NA again and restore peace as much as possible in the gaming universe…

          1. Nintendo Commander

            I’m very pleased to hear that…

            Together and with the rest of our loyal Nintendo Drones,we will rise to power even in the most heavily fortified Xbot and Sonyan regions!

  5. We need more stores like this across America and Europe.. in many places, just like apple does, to buy everything from there related to nintendo >.<

  6. I don’t understand how this is an impressive treat for Nintendo fans across America. The Nintendo world store is one tiny store tucked away in one city tucked away in a far corner of America.

    1. Nintendo Commander

      With 8 million inhabitants, atleast 500.000 are Pro Nintendo so it’s not a waste…

      And great things comes to those who wait…

      Everything will get better when the Xbox Done…

          1. Sorry about the speeelling. I meant, it will also be at many Bestbuy stores throughout the country.

            1. Yeah me too. Bestbuy will have the same games to play. The reason for the Nintendo store event is there is no Bestbuy event in Manhattan.

              1. No, you’re talking about BestBuy. This article said that the Nintendo World Store had an impressive treat for fans across the nation. Fans across the nation will not be able to enjoy the Nintendo World store event. Only those who live nearby. That’s what I’m talking about.
                And the reason for the Nintendo store event is not because there is no BestBuy event in Manhattan.
                There is no BestBuy event in Manhattan because there’s an event in the Nintendo World Store.

  7. damn you yanks! :/

    why aren’t these events ever coming to europe.. it’s not like europe isn’t a huge market for consoles

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