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Shadow Of The Eternals COO Says A Release ‘Is Unlikely’ If Kickstarter Goal Falls Short

shadow of the eternals screenDespite all of their YouTube videos, despite all of their blog posts and communication with fans, Kickstarter funded Shadow of the Eternals for the Wii U is falling short of its expected success. And the campaign is starting to show its first cracks, as Precursor Games’ COO Shawn Jackson has spoken to fans over Reddit claiming the title may disappear into the shadows if it falls short of the target.

Shadow of the Eternals’ Kickstarter funding looks bleak; the page has raised just short of $115,000, and with only 18 days to go the future sure doesn’t look too bright for the episodic horror game. When asked by a fan over Reddit if the title will still be created if funding isn’t met, or if Precursor Games has any back-up plans, Jackson could only be truthful. Let us know what you think of Jackson’s statement in the comments below.

“Since we do not have any other source of funding, it is unlikely. We will entertain all options to make this game a reality because we believe in this project. However, we can’t be sure a publisher will share our vision for interacting with the community during development or this would work in the traditional model.” – Shawn Jackson, COO at Precursor Games

61 thoughts on “Shadow Of The Eternals COO Says A Release ‘Is Unlikely’ If Kickstarter Goal Falls Short”

  1. Well you could ask a publisher to fund you, pretty sure they would.
    But honestly, this is unsurprising, because of Dyack and Silicon Knights reputation, i doubt most people want to throw their money at them.

      1. I duno, i suspect they might if their goal isn’t reached, my guess is Precursor would actually go to Nintendo and ask, but that risks them being on one system, but at least the game comes out

        1. Honestly, I doubt Nintendo would be interested in funding a game that couldn’t even be successfully crowd-funded. At most, I’d think Nintendo would offer them a chance to do a remake of Eternal Darkness for the Wii U. Then, if the remake actually sold well, maybe–just maybe–Nintendo would ask them to make a sequel/finish this project.

  2. Unless a publisher picks them up, this isn’t happening.

    They have to refund the 115,000 they’ve already collected (they said they would) unless they commit to the game.

    That was a huge goal, I just don’t think it was going to happen.

    I’m going to hook my gamecube up and play Eternal Darkness. I’d just like an HD rehash of that honestly. The game is a work of art.

  3. Get Nintendo to buy the rights of the game and actually help these guys out by publishing them. Its not that hard, though PC gamers will bitch and so will Xbox One (All 1 of them) and PS4 gamers but Nintendo knows how to treat games like this.

    1. I doubt they’ll complain, most of them probably never played Eternal Darkness so dont even know how good it is.

        1. True. Like Bayonetta, a game that sold poorly, yet everyone on the planet bitched about when 2 was announced

    2. Dude…WHO CARES about what future PS4 and Xbox One gamers think? Let them bitch if they want. Even PC gamers wont have the right to complain since most of them aren’t funding this game

  4. Nintendo need games like this, they should definitely start talking to them about this and find out the needs for funding and if it is viable to release on Wii U

    1. Exactly a more mature game like this is just what wii-u needs, imagine the possibilities of the sanity meter using both the game pad and hdtv, also in hd, wow it could be epic, and is a unique game play mechanic, which is just what gamers need more of today, i so hope Nintendo gets exclusivity rights to the game, since they own the copyright to the sanity meter, it makes sense for them to publish and help develop this game, the guys at silicon knights were good, i loved metal gear solid twin snakes, and don’t understand the hate it gets, i play it to this day, just like i played through eternal darkness again recently, i am proud that i own both those games in my collection.

      I have been gagging for a sequel to eternal darkness for a long time, Nintendo would be stupid not to release it, but i hope they drop the whole episodic crap, yeah i know it makes sense since you play loads of different characters in different time periods, but i would prefer a disk release, like the first eternal darkness, with say 15 to 20 chapters, and if it sells well release a eternal darkness 3, its better that way, come on Nintendo fund this game,keep it exclusive to wii-u,we need it!!

    1. Higher goals have been met. I suppose there just aren’t enough people who want the game or not enough people know about the kickstarter project.

  5. I don’t understand why they didn’t do 1 kickstarter per episode.

    They’re planning it as an episodic game. Rather than asking for almost $1.5million upfront. Why not ask for about $125,000 to get the first episode done. Then use any funds left over from the sales of that one to make the second episode, and run another kickstarter for the remainder they need. Or hell just run a kickstarter for the full amount every episode.

    They stand absolutely no chance of reaching their goal now. I doubt they’ll even get up to $200,000. It’s a shame. I wonder if it is purely because people don’t trust Dyack. Or is there really so little interest in the game. Eternal Darkness was fantastic. And far far far worse games get kickstarted.

  6. I know that this is actually a PC game too……

    Nintendo said they would pay or fund games to bring them on their platform (e.g. Bayonetta 2) so come on show us that you are serious about that statement.

    Or “ask not EA” to fund your game. Lol

  7. Imo the Kickstarter goal was way too ambitious. Also…the fact that it is an episodic release and not one game may have put some people off.
    Short of getting funded on Kickstarter, the best option would be to see if Nintendo funds it…they’d lose the right to release it on PC, but a Wii U exclusive release is better than no release at all.

  8. They should have titled it Eternal darkness the return to dark. Then made it exclusive to the Wii U and pitched it to Nintendo. Why would Nintendo pay for a game to be released eventually on other platforms if they get nothing out of it.

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  10. Asking for far too much for a kickstarter. This big of a project should be trying to get the big publishers to back it. Will be sad to see it go, but not surprised.

  11. More than likely Nintendo has already contacted them on the possibility, because one of the head developers said they are working closely with Nintendo on the Wii U version

  12. Nintendo are waiting on a response from us the fans. If 300 000 of us can write in letters like the young disciples did for Pandoras tower, Xenoblade and The last story, then all shall be well. Imagine what would happen if we do that and Nintendo sees. Initiative people that is all that is needed.

  13. there is a chance that nintendo would fund it, but then it would go only on Wii U. And they want it for PC also, and even more consoles if possible

  14. I don’t give a crap about it as a gamer, but if it could earn the Wii U some well-deserved attention and sales it’d be a shame if it falls through. Could just be the pipe dreams of overly idealistic fanboys though.

  15. Fuck Dennis Dyack. I’m so happy this shit is going to fail :)

    Now if the name Dennis Dyack wasn’t associated in ANY way with this game, I would have easily dropped $1K on this to fully support. I don’t really care for Dyack though, he’s ass bad as a sleazy, snake in the grass, used car salesman.

  16. I have a feeling they’re gonna fund it now. They have to! It’s law that you have to fund a video game Kickstarter if you’re in a video game company!

  17. All 30,000 gamers needed to do was donate $50 (the average cost of a full game) and they would have gotten the game made, and all 12 episodes free of charge. I am very disappointed with gamer’s apparent lack of support for independent, creative games. Clearly, unless it has Mario or extreme violence, gamers just aren’t interested. So who exactly should we be blaming for a stultifying lack of creativity in this industry? Because at the moment, the issue seems to be the gamers. Not the devs.

    1. There are too many kickstarters going around right now, and this is one of the most ambituous ones, but it’s also a niche game and the fact that most people don’t want to take the chance of funding something that even if it reaches the goal isn’t set in stone. This is what publishers are for. If publishers passed on this or weren’t approached then there might be something wrong.

      1. Oh, btw, I think is looks great and it would very likely be a buy for me, but until I see a finished product I’m not potentially throwing money away. Games can be misleading, take a look at aliens for instance, probably the worst offender.

  18. hhuuuhhh, nobody wants the great one from the darkness……. (weeps) ahhhhhhh fuck!!!!!!

    im going to kill all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for one my fucking stripper poles got taken down from the darkness because it gets in the waaay. fuck you!!!! the CHOSEN ONE of the darkness needs his bitches!!!!!! now THIS, WHAT, FUCK!!!!!!! im leaving.

        1. Was actually making fun of your mental rant is a tongue in cheek kind of way. The kick starter goal is obscene. Sure the game looks great, but with all that is happening with silicon knights and then dyack jumping ship to start another company to potentially do the same thing is a real possibility. People don’t want to buy into him.

  19. I think Sony and Microsoft fanboys are deliberately making this kickstarter fail because they are seriously butthurt over the exclusivity of Sonic Lost World

      1. Think about it
        Why else is the Kickstarter losing steam?

        Is it
        A. Nobody cared about “Eternal Darkness” (Xbox to blame)
        B. Wii U exclusive (as Gamers mostly idol worship Sony and Microsoft)
        or C. Gamers are too busy being a bunch of hypocrites over Xbox One

        1. That still makes no sense.

          A) HOW is Xbox to blame?
          B) It’s NOT a Wii U exclusive
          C) How does this relate to Xbox One at all?????

          Sounds like a typical Nintendo fanboy defense saying: “It is everyone’s fault that this isn’t being funded except Nintendo fans.”

          When the reality is, there probably are just not enough interested people, or the campaign isn’t getting enough publicity.

          They’re trying to make the game for PC too and a bunch of PC games have reached their goals if there are enough people who know about the project and are interested in the game.

          1. 1. Gamers are too busy with Halo to care
            2. So?
            3. If Gamers are serious about the Xbox One boycott, They shoud’ve made the Wii U sell like crazy in the US by now but no.

            Gamers seem to have forgotten that the game still needs your donations and sadly this will wind up like Life of Pixel namely: DOA ..unless Gamers start to care

              1. Because for years Gamers have been divided, hardly united
                They are now slaves to Sony, Bobby Koctick and Microsoft
                Top that with treating Nintendo like it’s nothing and we have gamers as they are today

  20. I’m not surprised they won’t reach their goal. They’re asking for $1,350,000. That’s ridiculous. There’s no way this game costs that much to make.

  21. Yeah, with all the debauchery that happened with that scandal In the past, I don’t even want to give my money away to support them. I would love to see this game come out it’s just that I am very Wary about how my money will be used if I support them

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