Hanafuda Cards Are Back In Stock On Club Nintendo


The Hanafuda Cards reward are back in stock on Club Nintendo. The reward features recreated Nintendo-themed artwork, and it includes 48 Hanafuda Cards and a protective case. The Hanafuda Cards can be yours for 800 coins. Will you redeem the reward, or are you saving your precious coins for something else?


  1. Can Europe have some stuff please? yes? got 12k stars and nothing worth while is on there >_<

  2. Guys, does anybody knows how can i get Club Nintendo prizes if i’m from south america? any way to get it? at least can i buy those cards?

    1. im just going to comment just so your like ooh somebody answered me, and then your just like oh in a sad way because you thought i could of answered that.

    2. You can only get it if you register a club nintendo account with an address in the US

      1. Interesting. there will be no trouble if i use a courier adress? or they need a home adress?
        And how i get those coins?

    1. I have a set of these, i only got them because they were the only item worth getting.

      They are a bit of Nintendo’s history, thats why i got them.

    2. They are high quality (except for the instruction booklet) and so worth it, especially if you display them.

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