Precursor Games Suspends Shadow Of The Eternals Crowdfunding Campaigns

shadow of the eternals

Precursor Games, the development team behind the spiritual follow-up to the classic Eternal Darkness, have suspended their crowdfunding campaign for the time being. The development studio behind Shadow of the Eternals wrote on its official blog that they have come across a host of a new exciting opportunities that will make the game better than they previously envisioned. Precursor says they will be re-launching the Kickstarter in just a few short weeks with a reveal of these exciting new developments.  Whether Xbox One remains part of their plan remains to be seen.

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      1. Haha xD oh man, im not even dissing the game, or the developers, it would be amazing, but yeah, damn Silicon Knights, you sure didnt make a good name for yourselves.

        1. I’d LOVE to have this game, that’s why I kicked in some cash. But then we weren’t given what we were promised (a Wii U exclusive), which is bad enough, but at this rate they’ll be telling us next that it’ll be released on the BetamaXBox instead and not be coming to the Wii U at all!

          1. I hope it reaches all consoles, even the vita so ill have something that actually works well on the system. Selfish fanboy trash.

    1. then Microsoft publishes it.. Hell knaw, I hope it won’t happen because Precursur was talking about Xbox Uno yesterday.

      1. I would kick in so much money for it to become multiplat (you werent promised an exclusive, just that it would be on wii u and pc)

  1. if there any other Wii U site this one talks more about the other systems and negative news.

    1. Nintendo life has the biggest information pool and over 20 authors. They even have discussions and editor generated nintendo fan articles. Wii U daily has the most editing and troll patrol. Great sites like mynintendonews, then there is nintendo everything, but for banter of the warrior kind right here. You shall find the faithful from this site post on those sites too. But for the nintendo Commander, Nintedward, Gamer, Aeolus and his defeated self, N-Dub, Jamaica, lol, tri-pod, sickr, dragon, ness, neutron, U mad bro, aldarazz, jtz, U-nation etc here is were they live. Walter white though is in rehab at some asylum for his xbox Durango 720 infinity loving self stayed awake two weeks straight down playing nintendo, until xboxdone VCR Betamax was shown and bombed drastically. Let’s send prayers for his quick recovery from insanity.

    2. Nintendolife my friend or genGame or nintendo world report << very active youtube chann

  2. This is going one of two ways, it shall either be funded wholey by nintendo, or xboxone is getting a new game to try and save their VCR. Either way Mario kart U commeth. Whatever is announced won’t be that much of a game changer because it shall come weeks after e3. After then all loyal fans would have settled on buying a Wii U and a PS4. Then a few blinded xbots and those with money or uninformed shall purchase an xbone. Trust not western third parties of this day, they are as fickle as musical talent in the 21st century.

  3. I put $50 into this before the Kickstarter !

    I’m now pissed off :@

    They clearly didn’t plan a dam thing, the gaming media were already pretty negative towards this campaign & now they are having a field day which will put even more people off funding next time.

    As i say i have funded this & i want the game to happen, but now i think i will pull my money out.

    1. most of the people that have funded already want this for the WiiU & then the PC, if its Xbone exclusive they will pull their money out, i know i will, there are lots of worried people in the developer forums, i know because i am one of them !

  4. New exciting opportunities meaning PS4 and XBone. Can’t say i’m surprised. I just thought it would’ve at least been a timed exclusive.

    1. If it was a real successor to Eternal Darkness it would stay exclusive to Nintendo, since Eternal Darkness was Gamecube exclusive.

      1. so you would rather have had bayonetta two not come to the wii u? the first one wasn’t released for a nintendo system.

  5. Whoever supports this horrid funding idea are morons. So you’re giving money for them to make the game then you’re giving them more money to buy the game? They should make the game using their own money. Stupid concept overall

  6. I hate to say this, but it kinda serves Nintendo right not to publish this game as an exclusive in the first place….

    1. if they had wanted to, nintendo could have easily published this game. i wanted them to

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