Here’s The Trailer For Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z

If there’s ever a time to punch, kick and storm your way through a horde of zombies ninja-style, now’s the time to get excited about it. A new trailer has been launched for Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z – an upcoming third-person combat spin-off title from the Ninja Gaiden franchise – and there’s a lot of emphasis on zombies, so you can pummel their matter across the screen.

Playing as the protagonist Yaiba – who was killed and then brought back to wondrous life to live as a cyborg – you must hunt down those pesky zombies as you simultaneously seek revenge for Ryu, your killer. Currently, platforms have yet to be confirmed but in the meantime you can check out Team Ninja’s website for more information.


      1. Oh no it’s black music! Anything but that huh? Please keep it pure because I can’t accept change. *sarcasm*

        I can list a bunch of issues besides that, for one the AI looked boring, and the resolution of the video in particular wasn’t even HD. Yet you decided to call out the song? Even going as far to label it black music?! If I said “lost me at white music” what would that imply? After all there are many genres within that classification right?

        Same with the term “black music” you’d be better off calling it Hip Hop, or Rap. It has a name, you should at least respect that. As if it’s going to be the only song on the game’s soundtrack. Did you miss out on Afro Samurai because of it’s black music?

        1. I think everyone is entitled to express their feelings in any way they would like, even if they’re an ignorant fuck like him.

        2. lol , fuck that guy and any other ignorant cunts out there , world’s full of them. i’m white and I like ”black music” arguably more than other types… Nas ilmatic is my favorite Album of all time ;)

          1. Hell yeah Nintenward Im on the same page. Its 2013 people if you are still on that ignorant racist shit then in a word-BIIaaatch… (With a “Black Accent”, holding a 40, and a big gun, while at the same time Robbing a Corner store, after commiting a murder, and all that jazz)… Keep that Lame shit away from Nintendo, that belongs on xbox.

  1. I dont think this game is coming to wiiu. This year i spect very few third party games but when people learn about Microsoft and maybe sony anti consumers strategies developers and buyers will have to support the wiiu or not get money or enteraiment.

    1. Then why did they remove its exclusivity from Wii U to bring it to PS3 and 360? No, sir, I don’t think this will come to Wii U.

      1. It was never exclusive to the Wii U.

        But yeah, this one isn’t coming to Wii U (for now), that has already been confirmed.

        1. Actually the razors edge version was exclusive to Wii U, until they decided to bring it to the other consoles to rectify the mistakes of the original ninja gaiden 3.

          1. Yeah I know. I have played every Ninja Gaiden game that has been released in the West.

            Razor’s Edge was a limited exclusive to the Wii U. But still, the comment above said “Ninja Gaiden 3” was a Wii U exclusive. That’s like saying Mass Effect 3 and Batman Arkham City were Wii U exclusive because they had Wii U exclusive features and upgrades in those versions.

            Remember that the core of games were still on other platforms first.

  2. Don’t count on seeing this on the Wii U! If ninja gaiden razors edge had to go to the other 2 systems that doesn’t bode well for this title seeing a Wii U release.

    1. Razors edge was released on the other console for nothing it did not sold better than wiiu. Dude do a Google search you are always playing retardation.

      1. I never said it sold better, i said great which could also be interpreted as “decent”

      2. I didn’t say it sold better, I said that they released it on the other consoles to make up the money lost by not selling as well as anticipated on the Wii U. I know that the Wii u version sold well enough, but not to their full satisfaction.

        1. Well yeah you’re right about that. but judging from the trailer it looks like it wouldn’t be a big loss anyway.

  3. Im goin to get a wiiu and has many games has possible and hide in my home cause the gaming darkness is coming.

  4. after seen the video above , i strongly hope is not coming to wii u …always the same boring formula… we got NJ3RE already and we’ll get bayonetta 2 soon…so we are just fine!

  5. In my opinion this game doesn’t look like anything i would be interested in, and please before all the rabid dogs who are fan boys go ape shit on me, remember its my opinion! maybe after seeing more footage and learning more about the game i may change my perspective, but so far i would much more prefer if team ninja released Ninja gaiden sigma 1 and Ninja gaiden sigma 2 remade or ported from the PS3 versions to the wii u, i own, and love both those games, and to get a touched up, more refined version of both those great action games on wii u in a box set would be awesome, i was so disappointed with ninja gaiden 3, and razors edge, although a decent action game, it was in no way even in the shadow of the first 2 ninja gaiden games, and the sigma remakes! in my opinion even the graphics and frame rate in sigma 1 and 2 were allot better then the third game! and since razors edge sold ok on wii u a boxed version of the first 2 gaiden games would be great for wii-u! make it happen team ninja! to be honest with you for me, ninja gaiden black, and ninja gaiden sigma 1 and 2 were some of the best action adventure hack and slash games i have ever played! what may seem like a button mashing game to people who have not played the sigma games, nothing could be further from the truth!

    Ninja gaiden sigma the hd remake of ninja gaiden black was awesome! and the best in the series for me, the split second timing, and brutal difficulty was never cheap, it was a very skilled base game, and after you mastered it, the feeling of satisfaction you get after owning the game, is indescribable! i am yet to get that buzz and satisfaction from another action game like i did with the sigma 1 and 2! anyone who hasn’t played both games,i urge you play them right now on PS3! you wont be disappointed i promise you!! shame team ninja ruined the franchise with the third game, although a decent game, it was too dumb down, but they did fix allot of the problems in the wii u razors edge version, but still sigma 1 and 2 POWND THE THIRD game! here’s hoping they return to top form!

      1. (repost below)
        Don’t want to sound bossy but…
        Just like with the Tales of Symphonia HD “News”. Please stop posting “news” that doesn’t really matter on this site. I know the game was originally from GC/Wii, but If ToS HD was announced for the PS10 you’d still post it here? Oh brother…
        Yaiba was already announced and confirmed for PS360. Post something related to this game here if there are any announcements of ports and whatnot to Ninty platforms.
        For a while now I’m pretty much losing interest in this site for consistent irrelevancy…and this is even one of my top gaming news site. :|

        1. Sickr didn’t realize platforms support are confirmed. But I agree that we do have a very slow news before the E3 for all gaming news..

  6. In all honesty though, it doesn’t look that great, im NG3 was fun, but this feels like a cash in.

    1. This is the type of comment expected from those who can’t stand Rap/Hip Hop. After all, we are all human with likes and dislikes. I do appreciate you voicing your opinion in a respectable manner.

      If you don’t like it, that’s fine but the fact that it’s there shows the direction that game soundtracks are taking. If they want a certain urban feel, they know which genres of music does that best. So you may need to grab your barf bag soon, because Rap and Hip Hop (no matter how out of place it may seem to you) is here to stay.

      There will be MUCH more… so get used to it, or get that sick sack ready. lol I agree that there are times where urban music literally ruins the moment, but that’s not going to stop developers you know?

      Furthermore, you’re not the only one who plays video games… so at the end of the day, even though you may be vommiting, 10 others are enjoying the music for what it is…

            1. Nintedward mentioned Nas and you mention Eminem. Both of which dared to be different. It could be argued both ways really but at the end of the day they’re both considered GOAT.

              Just know that today’s mainstream rap/hip hop is not what I’m defending, I don’t want to confuse anyone here. I understand this type of music is simply more affordable for developers although it’s nowhere near the best quality. Yet it conyeys the message they’re trying to get across, and that’s take no prisoners.

              Being a fan of Eminem myself, I even noticed the hook/chorus sounding a lot like Eminem when he sings no? Maybe not quite but I thought of him more than any other artist.

  7. Seriously though, if it’s not coming to Nintendo consoles, i fail to see how this is “news”.

  8. “What a load of shiiiiiit”

    Oh Japan xD it’s so funny when you try and be western

  9. Too bad I don’t trust/like Team Ninja. Platinum Games>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Team Ninja.

  10. sources inticate it will be for ps3/360, no wii u but even if that is the case we can pull another operation rainfall and bitch about it not being on wii u and they might pull a pandora’s tower (in a few years it might arrive on wii u if that was the case)

  11. it’s ninja gaiden but westernised. Awesome for casual jock cod culture, rubbish for gamers. Maybe Nintendo will get a better game like it does with the RE franchise.

  12. This game looks gross. It even sounds gross. Why does it have to be so immature and say “balls?” That right there was like nails on a chalk board for me. Also, the art work is interesting, but in this case with all te blood and stuff it only makes it look even MoRE gross. This game simply disgusts me and I’ve seen 2 minutes of it. I hope it doesn’t come to the Wii U 💋

  13. Don’t want to sound bossy but…
    Just like with the Tales of Symphonia HD “News”. Please stop posting “news” that doesn’t really matter on this site. If ToS HD was announced for the PS10 you’d still post it here? Oh brother…
    Yaiba was already announce and confirmed for PS360. Post something related to this game here if there are any announcements of ports and whatnot to Ninty platforms.
    For a while now I’m pretty much losing interest in this site. :|

  14. Not going to lie…to ME this looks terrible. The art style is a Red Steel 2 knock off.

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